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Alistair's wife Mary plays a key role in the management of the consulting business.  In addition to providing support and encouragement, she usually accompanies Alistair on his many trips around the world.  Together, they enjoy their frequent visits to England, Italy, Norway, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico and other places.

Mary is active in their local community in North Texas.  She works as an Environmental Educator for primary students at the Environmental Studies Center of the Richardson Independent School District.  She attends several environmental conferences each year and is a strong advocate of environmental conservation.  Mary also is an active member of the American Association of University Women and is qualified as a Master Naturalist.  

Mary and Alistair's many interests include spending time at their lake house in east Texas and their cottage in Cornwall in England. At both, they enjoy outdoor activities like walking, boating and canoeing. Regardless of where they find themselves during their extensive travels, they find time to walk in the hills, through the jungle or along the coast, and to do some bird-watching, sight-seeing, snow-skiing, flower identification, and photography.