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Welcome to the REBEL : The unofficial webpage of Richland High School Students and Alumni! Richland High School is located in Richland Hills Texas, and is part of B.I.S.D. After letting this page sit for almost 3 yrs I decided it was time for it to take on a new role. The goal of this webpage from this day forward will be to not only list the URL's of webpages maintained by current students and alumni, but to include links to Alumni Sites containing information about Richland High School Alumni. Since I let this page go stale the last three years, all former sites that were listed here are no longer valid. The top section of this page will be dedicated to the said Alumni Sites and the bottom half will be dedicated to student sites. If you are a former or current student with a page you would like added, or have a link to another alumni resource with information about former Richland High School graduates, please email me at the link @ the bottom of this page with the information. (Michael Balderas, Jan. 11th, 2000)

Alumni Resources
Planet Alumni Logo - Planet Alumni is an easy-to-use Internet site, committed to being the most frequently used medium for establishing and maintaining contact among graduating students, former classmates and other alumni of high schools, universities, and Greek organizations. Free to users, the site can also be used to keep up with campus news, learn about alumni association activities, register and pay for class reunion tickets, and buy official school merchandise, all online.
Classmates Logo - As the largest directory of contact information for high school alumni, is the best place, online or otherwise, to track down your former friends. We now have more than 3.6 million registered alumni and are adding more than 13,000 new friends each day.
High School Alumni - Keeping People Together For Years To Come - High School Alumni began after friends at A. C. Flora High School in Columbia, South Carolina, wanted an easy way to keep track of each other after high school graduation. The concept was so effective and well-received that AmeriTrack, Inc. expanded the program to include over 28,000 high schools throughout the United States. Any alumni of an American high school can visit this site and register, update his or her information, or search for an old classmate. Schools also have the ability to update and add students from any computer connected to the Internet.
American Alumni Directory Logo - New! Over 20,000 closed schools have been added. Fully interactive, the American Alumni Directory features Alumni Registration and a Message Board. This resource is completely free and provides a way to contact classmates, stay in touch with friends and keep up with reunions.
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