The SR 300:

Though similar in appearance to the 200 HP mid-wing monoplanes, the SR 300 is an all new airplane with a substantially strengthened airframe and a Lycoming AEIO 540 300 HP powerplant with a three bladed MT propeller.

To accommodate the increase in weight, the wing area was increased to keep the wing loading at a reasonable level and a new airfoil was developed to enhance the aerobatic abilities of the new design.

The SR 300 was featured in an article in Sport Aviation. For those of you who keep old issues, the article appeared in the April 1991 issue. Details of the construction of this airplane can be found there.

This airplane is currently owned and flown by Mr. Lynn Hefley and Mr. Tim Carter. Mr. Hefley regularly competes in the unlimited category and Mr. Carter competes in the advanced category. A second SR 300 airplane is currently under construction by Mr. Hefley and Mr. Carter.

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