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FARM LIFE - A monthly rememberance of life on the farm - much of it based on farming (Soybeans, Wheat, Corn, Hay & Polled Herefords) West of St. Louis.  Past Farm Life episodes also listed.

TRACTORS - TractorStuf. Antique farm tractor links, photos, and how I came to be so keen on old plow pullers. (For many tractor photos including some of steamers, see Antique Tractor Shows here.)

FLYING - Just a few links to good aviation websites.

CHINA - A few photos I took in China in May 1994.

WELDING - A start of a collection of links to welding websites useful to the farmer.


OLD JOBS - A partial list of work experience since my teens. Links are used for show and tell tool. May expand on this later to insert interesting aspects of individual jobs.

FAMILY - Photos I've taken of family and outdoor subjects.

DALLAS,TEXAS - An official city visitor's site. Worth a a look if you plan to visit. It's not bad, but of course only tells the good stuff and not what to avoid.


E-MAIL - Click on this to send me an email message. I appreciate suggestions on ways to improve this site.


Links To Farm-Related Websites

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