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A Sampler For Welders, Would-be Welders and The Curious

Because I needed it on the farm, and it always seemed such a neat skill to have, I got into welding by taking a class in the evenings at a local high school. This opened up many enjoyable hours of learning, fabricating and repairing. Gas welding always seemed more challenging, but stick welding was fast and immensely useful for the farm. If I can arrange it some day when I retire, I would like to buy and learn to use a heliarc welder and a simple brazing setup to do creative things.

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A Few Links To Welding Sites

Some basic welding tips are listed in the webpages of LiquidArc.

One prominent welding and cutting equip. supplier is Harris.

An old reliable name in engine driven and other welders is Miller Electric.

An alternative welding products company is ESAB.

Although I never studied it, welding underwater seems fascinating. An application is described in the site of Subsea Global Solutions.

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