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Baling Wire

Copyright Chuck Bealke, 1998

Because we raised cattle and fed the square bales of hay from a wire-tie baler, we had an abundance of baling wire around the farm.  It is incredibly useful, and when you feed many bales you soon have lots of the stuff hanging about.  If you have used it, you might skip reading this; but if you are not familiar with the species, let me pass on a few characteristics:

Despite all its weaknesses, it's such marvelously useful stuff that it's almost addictive.  It just seems to fit some jobs in the shop perfectly, and I always had some in my tractor tool box for temporary fixes or uses.  We used to have a big bunch of it behind the seat of the cattle truck.  Used a loop of  it as an extra safety backup (every time we hauled) for the already-tight chain that held the tailgate in place.  For me, it would be hard to imagine skinning rabbits or securing tarps without it.  It was also ideal for supporting items to be painted by can or spray gun or to be dipped in a tank for cleaning.  When I left the farm and moved to the city, I sure missed having it ready at hand.  Took a bunch with me, but ran out of it.   The stuff the hardware stores sell for general purpose utility wire is a poor substitute and would be even if they gave it away. 

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