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Boulevard Oaks
is one of Houston's premier inner city neighborhoods, noted for its beauty and grace. Located near Rice University, approximately four miles southwest of Downtown, its boundaries are the Southwest Freeway to the north, Morningside to the west, Bissonnet to the south, and Graustark/Parkway to the east (plus the 5300 blocks of Cherokee and Mandell, the 1700 blocks of Albans, Wroxton, Bolsover and Rice Blvd., and properties facing Ashby). There are more than 1,200 residences, together with some 30 small businesses along Bissonnet and Sunset. See Map. A wide variety of housing is found in the neighborhood ranging from old mansions to bungalows, and a small section of ranch-style homes built after World War II, though many have been recently replaced by larger two-story homes. The advantages of Boulevard Oaks can be summed up under three headings: location, beauty, and neighborhood culture.

Edgemont Board Meeting May 15, 2016
The Board of Directors of Edgemont Civic Association will be meeting at 7:00p.m., Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 1705 North Boulevard.  The subjects of the meeting will be ongoing business including considering and taking Board action with respect to a proposed variance under Section (5) of the Edgemont Deed Restrictions and a proposal to consent to a sign under Section (9) of the Edgemont Deed Restrictions.

BOCA's Most EGGcellent Adventure!

The Hunt Begins

Special thanks to Elaine Mut and daughter Michelle for taking photos at the BOCA Easter Egg Hunt last weekend.  Click here for links and instructions to view & download their wonderful photos.

Many thanks to Bonnie McMillian and family and their wonderful cadre of volunteers and sponsors for bringing us this magical event.  Children age 8 and under scurried to fill baskets with coloredBunny and Friends treat-filled eggs while older kids took turns batting at  brightly colored egg shaped pinatas that proved much tougher shells to crack than your average egg!  Some lucky hunters found prize numbers in their eggs for an additional element of excitement.   The arrival of the most adorable Easter Bunny in town is always a highlight and fans lined up to take a photo with him.   As with all of BOCA’s community events, the volunteers are what made the day great.  In addition to Bonnie, volunteers included Bonnie’s family,  Bruce and Claire Coffman, Sue Lawson and the Lawson Family, Elaine Mut, Michelle Mut, Julie Fette, Jennifer Delange, Joel Szulc and the Szulc family, Ellen Heller and the Heller Family, Sasha Van Ness, Glo Trigg, Pat Baker, the Thomas Family, Sara DeSnyder, Sally Garwood, Andrea Mims, the Krudy family, and TAMU – Corpus Christi Track Team – The Islanders.

BOCA wishes to acknowledge our Underwriters:  Andrew McCain, John Daughterly Realtors, Richard Holt & Mark McMasters, Glo Trigg & George Melton as well as our Sponsors:  Sally Garwood, Sara & Dan DeSnyder, The Coffman Family, Laurie & Pat Rigby, Peggy Hull, Melinda O’Connell, Sheila & Keith Owen, and several anonymous donors.

City of Houston Sidewalk Variance Form

 The city recently changed its standards for sidewalk replacement form 4 ft. wide to 5 ft wide regardless of location and type of street. This new requirement is detrimental to our street trees and alters the character of our neighborhood by creating more paved surfaces.  BOCA encourages all neighbors  who are contemplating a sidewalk replacement and builders building new homes to replace sidewalks with 4 ft wide sidewalks to match the rest of the neighborhood.  The city has a variance procedure that is easy to follow. The application can be found here.  Select “HOA Letter” as your reason for requesting the variance. Please attach our letter to your request. The BOCA  letter can be found here.


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