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Boulevard Oaks Annual Meeting
Tuesday, June 5, 2018
6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.
Poe Elementary School, Cafeteria, 5100 Hazard St.

May/June 2018 Newsletter

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BOCA 4th of July Party Photos

Thanks to neighbor Elaine Mut, official BOCA photographer, for sharing her wonderful pics of the 4th of July event!  They are now available for download here. Or, paste this URL in your browser:
Contact Elaine for larger sizes at emattemut@gmail.com

Thank you, Elaine, for sharing your talent and fun event photos!!!!

BOCA's Most EGGcellent Adventure

Love the BunnySpecial thanks to Elaine Mut and daughter Michelle for taking photos at the BOCA Easter Egg Hunt last weekend. Everyone is free to download any and all using the instructions below the links.




To download photos from smugmug, click on the photo to enlarge it until it is a single phoPinatato on the screen. Then use the icons in the lower right hand corner of the screen (see image below) and click on the nested rectangles (lower right).  Select "Original" size then click the download arrow (second from right) to download to your computer.  If anyone has questions or needs an even larger version (these file sizes were capped at ~5MB)  please email Elaine at emattemut@live.com.  


City of Houston Sidewalk Variance Form

The city recently changed its standards for sidewalk replacement form 4 ft. wide to 5 ft wide regardless of location and type of street. This new requirement is detrimental to our street trees and alters the character of our neighborhood by creating more paved surfaces.  BOCA encourages all neighbors  who are contemplating a sidewalk replacement and builders building new homes to replace sidewalks with 4 ft wide sidewalks to match the rest of the neighborhood.  The city has a variance procedure that is easy to follow. The application can be found here.  Select “HOA Letter” as your reason for requesting the variance. Please attach our letter to your request. The BOCA  letter can be found here.



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