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April 6, 2017
Home Page of "Extraordinary Form" Latin Mass Locations
Compiled by Carl Schwalm, Dallas, TX

After 20 years as its sole webmaster, I have decided to close/discontinue this webpage for the following reasons:
            1. My health has deteriorated and back pains makes it nearly impossible to sit at the computor for any
                length of time,
            2. My backup data base has been partially scrambled and is almost useless at this time.  Re-establishing
                this data would require a very long time.  This data, although not showing up on the internet, but it is
                essential in evaluation of new information prior to revising the website,
            3. It now takes me a couple of hours to evaluate new information for accuracy and whether the Mass at that
                location is in accordance with the directives and authorization of the Holy Father the Pope,
            4. Having reached the age of 86, I deserve the rest and get involved in other interests.

In the early days, very little data was available on the internet, but now most churches have their own website, which can be located by using a couple of keywords (such as : Latin, Traditional, Tridentine, Extraordinary Form, Roman Rite, Mass, City name, State name, etc.) in a search engine of your choice.

Here are five (5) websites that list multiple locations of the Extraordinary Form Mass (however, the latest Mass schedules are often not updated):

As I have previously mentioned (before you move your church membership) be sure that the priest has the authority to perform such religious functions as saying the Mass, Confession, Baptism, First Communion, Confirmation, Weddings, Anointing of the Sick, or Funerals.  A check with the local Diocese may clarify these issues.

As a final warning, always verify the schedule before you travel a long distance.

Finally I wish to thank all those friends who provided basic information and updates during all those years.
This website is not affiliated with any Church, Parish or Diocese.