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Compiled by Carl Schwalm, Dallas, TX
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This website now only concentrates on the Mass locations, times and related information of Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite  ("EF"), which were previously called the Latin, the Traditional or the Tridentine Mass per the 1962 Missal.  (Novus Ordo Mass times at the listed Church are not included.)This websites does not include those Mass locations affiliated with the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI, or independent Priests (because they are not in full union with the Pope).   

This website now has several active web pages (frequent updates as indicated in their upper left corner) covering the following Extraordinary Mass location informations.  These can be accessed by clicking on either (a) underlined text in the above boxes or (b) the underlined blue description text.
Probably the most informative web section of this website is the "Detailed Information USA and Canada".  It provides links to the various States and Provinces.  Upon arriving in these geographic areas the data is sorted by city.  All available details for each Church / Parish /or Mission having the Extraordinary Mass includes the address,  its Mass schedule, Diocese, affiliation, contacts, links to its home page , etc.  If a Mass at a location ceases of moves, this will be indicted for a short period and then the data for this location will be deleted.  Significant changes at a specific Church may be highlighted for a short period to alert the reader. 

An alternate  path to a location can be attained by going to the following web pages. Links from the following web pages to  detailed information is provided.
  • The New Locations in USA and Canada  web page lists those locations that (a) lately started or will start in either the USA or Canada
  • The Summary of Locations USA and Canada  web page has the Church locations sorted by "Metro Zone" (area) to aid those individuals not familiar with the geographical area and/or small towns/villages. 
  • The Special Event(s) USA and Canada  web page list gives news about special events at a present location or a new location in the USA and Canada.  (It does not list additional Masses on Feast Days or Holy Days)
  • The Other Countries web page gives links to EF  Masses in countries other than the USA and Canada.
All web pages at this website are maintained and frequently updated to help those interested in this type of information.  The data is compiled from (a) other dependable websites, (b) specialized listings and (c) correspondence or telephone conversations with many helpful individuals.  This web master evaluates all sources and only lists its the most trustworthy  information

This website is not affiliated with any Church, Parish or Diocese.

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