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Listing of Extraordinary Form Locations -
New Churches Added in USA and Canada

Compiled by Carl Schwalm, Dallas, TX
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USA and Canada
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Regularly scheduled "Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite" Masses in the USA and Canada have started during the last couple of months (or are about to start) at the following locations.
  • The left two columns of the following table give the State and the City/Town
  • The name and a link (for additional details) to each Church is provided in the third column. (Because of the size of the linked web page, it may take several seconds to download this link.)
  • The fourth column gives the affiliation of the celebrant. 
  • The fifth or right column gives the month (if known) that the Extraordinary Mass started.

Possible future locations are listed at the bottom of this webpage

California Prunedale "Queen of Heaven Mausoleum" Diocesan Started some time ago
California Santa Rosa "St. Eugene" Diocesan Started 8/12/2012
Indiana Brazil "Annunciatin of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish" Diocesan Started some time ago
Louisiana Shreveport "St. John Berchman Cathedral, St. Michael Chapel" Diocesan Started 2012
Montana Great Falls "Corpus Christi Parish" Diocesan Started July 14,2012
Ohio Coldwater "St. Mary Church" Diocesan October
Ohio Russia "St. Remy Church" Diocesan May
Ohio Trenton "Holy Name of Jesus" Diocesan October
Texas Corpus Christi "St. Theresa Psarish" Diocesan Started August 5, 2012
West Virginia Stonewood "Our Lady of Perpetual Help Church" Diocesan Started some time ago
Wisconsin East Farmington "Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary" Diocesan November
Ontario Scarborough "St. Lawrence Martyr Parish" Diocesan Started 2010

Negotiations to establish Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite Masses are in progress at the following locations. Pray for a successful completion of these negotiations.  No Mass time has been established.  ( If after a reasonable time no decision is reached, then the Church / Parish will be deleted from the following list)
None at this time

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