Daniel Jacobson's Home Page

Daniel's Home Page

By : Daniel Jacobson

From: Irving, Texas USA

Greetings from Irving, Texas...Home of the Super Bowl XXX Champions...The Dallas Cowboys

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The Internet is far more eccentric than essential,
but then so is television.
That doesn't make cyberspace a bad medium,
but it doesn't make it a compelling one either.
The internet is slow, superficial, chaotic,
nerdy, hostile and largely a waste of time.
You just gotta try it.*

A little bit about myself, I work for a Consulting Company called Comforce. I am a contract programmer here in the Dallas Area. My speciality is coding in the 4GL language NATURAL (21 years) accessing a database called ADABAS. The acronym stands for Adaptable Database which was developed by a company called Software AG in Germany. I program on mainframe computers, but I am taking classes in the evening at North Lake College in Irving, TX to try and keep my working knowledge of PC's current. I am currently on assignment working for Southwest Airlines is Dallas. You can also find me in the comp.mail.eudora.ms-windows Newsgroup answering questions about Eudora, my favorite E-Mail Program.

I have created a webpage that consists of an alphabetized index of my bookmarks that I can use quite easily and keep them all in one central location since I have several Browsers on my System. Also, maybe someone will find something interesting. If you do find my bookmark page useful, please drop me line or if you would like to see something added let me know. I will be updating it often, so check back once in a while. :-)

Daniel's Bookmarks All my hotlists combined!

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You can E-Mail me at: [daniel12@iadfw.net]

This page last updated December 22, 2006.
* See Popular Science June 1995