Mention small scale live steam locomotives and ASTER is one of the first manufacturers mentioned! Built in Japan to the highest standards, these 1:32 are beautiful. ASTER limits each run of locomotives, and many ASTER locomotives are scarce. Available in Japanese, American, British, French and German prototypes. We offer competitive pricing and excellent after-sale service. Call us before ordering any ASTER locomotive! WE ARE NOW TAKING ORDERS FOR THE USRA MIKADO FROM ASTER. Call for pricing and availability. A separate catalogue is available.


Brian Jones builds server smoothers for radio-controlled locomotives and electronic speed controllers. He also builds beautiful brass British Railway coach stock and a variety of battery-powered diesel-outline and steam-outline locomotives.

A photo of pair of his J-52 class locomotives is immediately below, the prototypes being first built in the late 1800's for the Great Northern Railway which became part of the London & North Eastern Railway. Only 4 in the series were built over a span of 13 years.


We offer beautiful buildings in 1:32 from SANDFORD MODELS. These are done in resin and come ready for painting. Included in the range is a signal tower and a church (see photos below), a two-stall engine house, and other buildings. Coming in 1999 are some terrific small row houses, walls and portals. Sandford also offers body kits for British diesels with full locomotive kits due in 1999. Write or call for more details.

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