We are a dealer for the wonderful line of Roundhouse locomotives. These locomotives are well designed, rugged and easy to operate. The are admired and sought after by beginners and experienced live-steam operators alike. From the Billy and Jack to the SR&RL #24, each locomotive is built to Roundhouse's exacting standards.We offer outstanding prices and great service on ROUNDHOUSE ENGINEERING products. PRESS HERE to see the internet catalogue of locomotives


JD MODELS are models of industrial locomotives built to 16mm scale. Each battery-powered model is built on a metal chassis with a handcrafted plastic body. Most JD MODELS locomotives can be ordered in your choice of color and with either electronic speed controller built-in or with radio-control. An on-board sound system is available on most locomotives. Batteries will last 3-4 hours per charge, and charging is through an on-board charging socket. No removal of batteries is required for charging. These popular locomotives have the power to pull longer-than-prototype trains.

Models available from JD MODELS include

30 h.p. Kerr-Stuart

60 h.p. Kerr-Stuart (prototype photo below)

50 h. p. Modified Hunslet (photo below)

Double Kerr-Stuart

NEW!!! Baguley-Drewry 60 h.p.

The new Baguley-Drewry locomotive from JD MODELS is a dandy. We saw it at Kew Bridge exhibition and were immediately impressed. The Baguley will come with radio-control, on-board sound system, lights and a driver. Place your order now for delivery in mid-1999.

From time to time, JD MODELS offers limited edition locomotives, such as the very popular Huddy Hunslet and the Simplex "Feanor."


Wrightscale offers a variety of locomotives built to 16mm scale for 32mm gauge track. These are perhaps the most finely-detailed live steam models available for 16mm scale. Each is fired with iso-butane and feature fine cast detail, lubricator and pressure gauge.

Included in the Wrightscale range (with photos below) are

Wren--the smallest live steam locomotive available having a Hacksworth valve gear;

Tattoo-- 0-4-2 with open cab and semi-closed version; bigger brother to the Wren class

Porter--available for 32mm or 45mm track gauges and radio-controllable

War Department Baldwin 4-6-0--a real beauty. A picture of three W. D. Baldwins grace our main page. Now available in Glyn Valley dress.

War Department Gas-Mechanical (battery-powered)

War Department freight stock.

We are now taking orders for Wrightscale's Excelsior 0-4-2 for operation on O gauge track (32mm.) Built with the same care and methods of the War Department Baldwin. Features of this locomotive: slip eccentric valve gear; jig-machined cylinders; butane fired; brass plate from CAD plans. Standard Excelsior is $ 1,375.00 which includes shipping. Special livery is $24.00 and full Bagnall livery with lining is $ 80.00. WE ARE ACCEPTING ORDERS NOW.

Wrightscale Tattoo:16mm scale for 32mm track

Wrightscale's Porter

Wrightscale's Baldwin Gas-Mechanical use during World War I


A suggestion: After ordering just the right locomotive, why not have LightLine finish it with the proper lining and decals. Whether simple or fancy, Geoff Munday at LightLine will do a superb job! And the price is suprisingly low. Call, write or e-mail for details and pricing.


Dress you your railway with buildings and tunnel portals from WELSHPOOL POTTERY. These fully-assembled resin buildings come either painted or unpainted. We know a model painter who can finish these buildings to your specifications for a modest fee.

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