Love being your Pastor....

Wasn't Easter Sunday just marvelous? Our goal was to have 500 in our morning worship services, and we missed our goal by just a few people. We believe 480-485 were present when attendance in both services as well as the nursery babies is counted.

I am so proud of our young people. We had 84 of them go on their annual Easter retreat. They were in charge of our Easter evening service and they did a fantastic job singing and sharing testimonies. I've never heard as many positive words about our young people than those that were shared by the adult sponsors that went on the Easter youth retreat. Let me say "thank you" to the adults that went as sponsors. Results like those we saw at this retreat would not be possible without your investment in the lives of our young people. Bobby Cox is doing a super job leading our young people and it is evident God is blessing his ministry here in Howe.

It is great being in our new building. We have many folks who spent a lot of time getting the new building ready for Sunday. Billy Joe Wheeler headed up a group who put up bulletin boards, most of the children and preschool workers helped set up their new rooms and Chad Smith spent many hours taking care of Rhonda's "honey do" list. Thanks to all who helped get the building ready for Easter Sunday.

I am hearing wonderful things about our prayer groups. Your prayer efforts are the reason for all that God is doing in our midst. Our prayer ministry is the greatest ministry we can have as a church. Because of prayer, souls are saved, lives are changed, families are strengthened and hearts are mended. That's what ministry is all about; keep it up!

Love Being Your Pastor,

Bro. Roger

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