'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates'


image Now you can invest in the future of America by investing in my future. You can 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates.' 

img<RIGHTWhen you do your part to 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates' you insure the future of America for your self and your children. Your contribution enables me to invest in stocks, bonds and other securities that cause growth and development in the business sector, which in turn creates jobs, increasing the tax base thereby lowering the national debt. Your non-TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution could be responsible for eliminating the national debt. 

imgNow, I realize that a lot of people use sex, nudity, Pornography, lewd, crude, and lascivious means to lure you to their web-sites. However, you will not see any naked women or naked men engaging in deviant sexual practices on this page. Just good old Republican greed with a little bit of Democratic' share the wealth' (with me) mentality thrown in for good measure. 

imgWhen you 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates' you are also helping the global community by allowing me to travel to foreign countries and exotic locations. Thereby boosting the economy of the struggling nations that I visit. 

imgHow can your contribution make a difference? Simple. If just one person sends me $56,000,000,001 it's done I'm "Richer than Bill Gates." Or if  56 people send me $1,000,000,000; I could probably come up with the other dollar and hey I'm 'Richer than Bill Gates.' I think you can see how this can work, even if it takes 56.000,000,001 people sending $1.00. 'I'm Richer Than Bill Gates.' 

imgTogether we can make this happen. If everyone does his or her part we can 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates.' 

imgNow, I don't expect you to 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates' just for the warm feeling that comes from helping a fellow human being, the United States of America, and the global community. That's why I have put together the following incentive plan. 

imgContribute at the $56,000,000,001 level and you become My Friend For Life: with the appropriate plaques and letters of recognition. 

imgContribute at the $1,000,000,000 level and you become My New Best Friend. 

IMGContribute between $1,000,000 and $999.999.999 and we can Pal Around when you come into town. 

imgAnd that's not all... anyone who makes a non-TAX DEDUCTIBLE contribution of any kind and who gives me their e-mail address will get a special thank you which will include a file that when opened and properly executed can provide you and your family with many hours of wholesome entertainment and amaze your easily amused friends. 

imgCash, Checks, gold bullion, bearer bonds, loose jewels, or anything of value easily converted will be accepted. All contributions are non-TAX DEDUCTIBLE. No guarantee is stated or implied that I will actually ever be 'Richer Than Bill Gates.' All contributions become the non-returnable property of Jim Denison. This document is a parody and not to be taken seriously: Unless, you intend to contribute to the 'Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates Fund.' In which case; I will take you seriously, even if nobody else will. Checks and all other contributions should be made payable to: 

Jim Denison
PMB  #114
3767 Forest Ln. #124
Dallas, Texas 75244 

Kudos to "KYLE" and "SHAWN" for being the first Good Americans to contribute to the fund.

* Figures based on the September 21, 2011 edition of Forbes Magazine Online

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Thank You for contributing to the Make Me Richer Than Bill Gates Fund
Last revised: May 27, 2004

You can reach me by e-mail at: gandolf@airmail.net

SEPT. 16, 1997 


A fascinating look at Bills Rise to Fame Power and Riches as CEO of Microsoft.
The people who have tried to compete in his high tech high stakes world.
And the man YOU can make richer than Bill Gates... Me*

*see page 211 "The Plot to Get BILL GATES" available at bookstores everywhere

MARCH 5, 1998


FEBRUARY 28, 1998

OCT.1, 1997 

National Public Radio's

To The Best of Our Knowledge
from Wisconsin Public Radio
APRIL 12,1998