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Battle Diary of the Wild Geese (First 34 Battles)

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Regiment d'Dillon, Duc du Cope Commanding
The French have allowed the Irish "Wild Geese" Regiment a chance to come to the Colonies and fight more British. 
  Minor Loss to AR Charles at the Cowpens:
My foe came on in true British fashion .. no quarter.  
Looks like I lost this with officers alone, although poor use of my cavalry didn't help either. (accepted termination bid in turn nine)  
NOTE: I was able to save Major Jackson from the 23rd Reg't of Foot's infamous gallows by exchanging him for Lt Col Tarleton who fell off his horse right at my feet.
  Major Win against Phil Natta at the Cowpens:
I was able to reverse my fortunes in this second attempt at the Cowpens.  We played this one to completion, and I found Phil to be both quick with his turns and a game fighter.  We may have turned off too many of the options in this one as his troops seemed to route quickly and revive slowly while mine were much quicker to return to the line.  I also was able to keep from losing any officers in this one.  A definite improvement from the first time around.
  Major Win against Larry Davis at Germantown:
Shear numbers were the undoing of this fine officer of the 64th Regiment of foot.  I hit him early with a "great" rush of Yankee grit and then just held on till General Washington brought up the boys.  I must confess that I had a devil of a time at "the bridge" though.  This scenario is "monumental" in scope and took a long time to play.  I can not recall longer replays in all my years of battle.  I saw one bte file get as large as 750K
  Promoted to Corporal 05/13/00
  Major Loss to Jonathan Paul at the Camden:
This one was rough on the Continentals.  Damned Militia would not stay and fight.  Had to deal with an enormous number of routed troops from the second turn on.  As many as 18/19 per turn.  Try as I might to recoup them and return them to the line I eventually could not maintain and was flanked. 
  Promoted to Sergeant 06/01/00
  Draw due to Withdrawal of Jack Hipkins at Germantown:
Not really sure how to assess this one.  We were playing the modified version of Germantown (b).  His removing of the rifles for the Continentals seemed to sway the kills heavily in the British favor and he had a major victory going on kills alone.  Still my boys were holding up pretty good on two of the three fronts that this game had evolved to and my re-enforcements (regulars) were just coming up.  Jack had scheduling problems so he asked to end the game and since I was losing at the time I could not bring myself to take the normal major victory for said withdrawal.  
  Promoted to General (brvt) - Took command of Army 06/27/00
  Promoted to Ensign 07/09/00
  Draw against Larry Davis in Saratoga Campaign:
Only one actual battle in this campaign.  I won a major victory at Bennington but we ended up with a Draw for the campaign based on unclear end campaign statement.  Looks like I made too many wrong decisions and the computer would not give me a campaign win because I did not destroy their army.  It said the British were allowed to get away but that their objectives were not achieved either.  
  Major Win against Kenny O'Leary at the Cowpens:
This one was won early when Kenny advanced his cavalry and I was able to surround and eliminate them.  He also suffered several officer losses in his initial assault on the high ground.  With his troops disrupted and demoralized by the cavalry loses it quickly turned into a battle of attrition which I was able to win.
  Minor Loss to Kenny O'Leary at the Hubbardton:
After our encounter at Cowpens Kenny was cautious in his attack.  I too was defensive in this one because it was my first time here.  As it turned out (it went the distance) his late re-enforcements combined with high fatigue in my men by the end enabled him to achieve a minor win.
  Major Win against Greg Hanbuch at Bennington:
I have concluded that Bennington (a) is hard for the Brits to win, especially when they come across the bridge.  Greg committed his early forces on my side of the bridge and once I dispatched his men at the redoubt My men moved to prevent him the opportunity to get back across to his side.  By the time his relief column showed up just about all of his early forces were completely destroyed.
  Promoted to Lieutenant 08/31/00
  Major Win against Kenny O'Leary at Germantown (b):
After Hubbardton Kenny came on hard and early in this one, and so did I.  This one was gruesome!  After having been swamped in my previous attempt at this one I tried something different and it worked to perfection.  Before this game was half over I was attempting an encirclement of the British center and for all intents and purposes that was the "ballgame".  Kenny fought on gamely, but as the battle wore on and my re-enforcement just kept coming he was facing overwhelming odds. (if not in least in units) By the latter stages he was facing the same encirclement possibilities on the right and his left had been "locked out" across the river.  After we both have experienced 35 turns of this one I wonder just how things would go if we were to do this one again.  I bet Kenny would do things differently and I would have to come up with "something different" again <g>  All in all, great fun, as Kenny is a fine opponent who is congenial and returns files with the best of them.
  Major July 4th Tourney Win against Ernie Sands
I was able to encircle and isolate The majority of Ernie's troops.  Although he fought gamely and to the bitter end it was mostly a turkey shoot after his men isolated.  Because he was such a good sport and honored his
commitment to play all 60 turns I offered him a "Gentleman's Draw" as part of his surrender terms when it became apparent that the game would not go 60.
  Major Loss against Greg Hanbuch at Brandywine (b):
I made many troop movement mistakes in this one and allowed him across the river.  Then blundered again and stood and fought him.  Should have run away. :)  I learned a lot though, and really enjoyed this game.
  Minor Win against Phil Natta at the Cowpens:
Managed to inflict some damage to his cavalry early and late, but the stand by my extended line troops was the real factor in this win.
  Major Win against Sean Coffey at the Cowpens:
Again, British cavalry losses determined the early outcome of this game.
  Promoted to Captain 10/15/00
  Major Loss against Ernie Sands at Charlotte (a):
What can I say.....I got my head handed to me on this one.  I was able to get some isolations in the early stages or this one would have been over before it started.  I must say Ernie was a true gentleman.  He could have smashed me early but allowed me to stay in the game till the end.
  Major Loss against Greg Hanbuch at Monmouth:
I made many mistakes in this my first attempt at Monmouth.  I will play this one a whole lot differently on my next go round.  Greg did a great job early and late in this one.
  Major Loss against Mark DeMello at Valley Forge:
I started out like gang busters but soon found myself dealing with 30 to 60 routes per turn.  That coupled with the sudden arrival of fresh British troops on my left flank spelt doom for this go 'round.  Mark did a masterful job of forcing the issue at 3 points along my front while forcing me to stay "at home" along a much too lengthened line. All in all this was a fun scenario with a Large scope.
  Promoted to Major 01/01/01
  Minor Win against Philippe Mouledous at Eutaw Springs:
Philippe came right after me in this one.  And since it was my first time I was not sure what to do, but as it turned out I was able to flank his left early and take a objective late to get a major win.  I offered him a minor though since this was his first game in the club.
  Major Win against Greg Hanbuch at Germantown (a):
My boys performed splendidly in this one and I was able to trap the British forward troops in the center.  After that it was the British right that took a beating and so the major win.
  Minor Win against Greg Hanbuch at Eutaw Springs:
Greg was a staunch
adversary (as always) in this one.  The battle took place mostly in the middle of the field and was a classic confrontation.  If I had not stumbled into his hidden troops on his left it would surely have been me who was beaten, but as it was I was able to surround and remove a goodly number of British.  After that he had his hands full contending with my cavalry in his rear and my troops to his front.
  Major Win against Mark DeMello at Brandywine (b)
This was a Saratoga Campaign that lasted only one game.  Having had my head handed to me at Brandywine by Greg Hanbuch a bit back I was much more prepared to defend the fords this time and was able to keep Mark from crossing at any point.  With his surrender the Campaign abruptly ended with a Colonial Victory
footnote:  Campaign ends in a Colonial win after just one game.
  Major Win against Lars Wistedt at Germantown (a)
Came at this one a little differently and Lars was not expecting it.  Also was very very patient and did not push my boys.  They were fresh right up the end.  Lars did not anticipate the water blocking his retreat on the right and though he fought like hell eventually I gained enough casualties to defeat him.  We did play this out to the end and he was an excellent field commander.
  Major Win against Sean Coffey at Saratoga
Gen Arnold took his men hard to the Continental left and ran smack into Sean's Right.  We managed to hold till the entire force was brought up.  Sean was just trying to put a squad down Military road to take the objective late in the game so he was overwhelmed.  Once these men were captured it was a race to see if the continental left could get back to the center to help.  We were able to do it and that was it. Sean fought till the end 
  Major Win against Sean Coffey at the Cowpens:
The colonial managed to get a minor win in the quick and hard "online" game even though Sean was able to get a cavalry unit into our rear and capture both Morgan and both objectives.  The game ended with the colonials retaking one of the objectives and holding off a furious British counter-attack.
  Major Win against James Poli at Green Springs Farm
This was just a "slug-fest" which the Colonial were able to win due to extended formation.  James fought a hard and complete battle, but the militia and light troops for the colonials held on
  Major Loss against Mark DeMellow at Guilford Court House
This was the first battle, and the last, in our Southern Campaign (CG36).  It was the short (b) battle and he whipped me good in the 16 turn affair.  So well in fact that the campaign ended there with a British Victory
SP523 Draw against Sean Coffey at Bloody Tarleton:
The colonials let themselves (me) get caught in a clever little trap.  I really thought I had this game won, but Sean set up a great "bait and trap" situation and I took it hook line and sinker.  This custom scenario was written by a Brit for Brit's <g>, but it can be won and is a whole lot of fun.  We colonials just have to be patient and take our early losses and not go stumbling around in the dark.
SP596 Major Win against Sean Coffey at Germantown (a)
Sean surrendered this one at turn 22.  My Colonials were just too overwhelming for his lobster backs in this one.  My strategy for this one has worked two or three times now.  Gonna have to devise another before the "word" gets around. :)
SP530 Major Win against James Poli at Guilford Court House
We slugged this whole battle out in the woods.  First he would push and my boys would hold.  Then my boys would run and he would advance.  My boys would recover and hold again.  On and on it went like this right up to the very end.
SP664/CG45 Major Win against Sean Coffey at Cheraw Hills CG45
Sean surrendered this one at turn 14 and the campaign ended
SP595 Major Win against Larry Davis at Germantown (LarryDavis)
We had a go at Larry's custom Germantown and the entire game was played in the fog (4hex line of sight).  It was great!  I kinda did him in early by going on past his fixed units and then isolating them. I then concentrated on his center and was able to take the objective away from him.  By the time his reserves were able to come up he could not retake it.  The rest was just a stand off/trade off of men
SMT04 Major Loss against James Poli at "A Score to Settle"
This was part Bill Peter's Mid-Summer Mini Tournament.  The outcome of this was known early but I was determined to last as long as I could.  Eventually James' superior forces prevailed and he advanced to Round Two and I went home :(
SP638 Major Loss against James Poli at Monmouth
James, although very patient, steam-rolled my continentals and this game eventually ended from lack of interest.  Another Major Win for Poli.  I gotta do something about this :)