Jantzi Genealogy

This is a page dedicated to the story of the Jantzi Family. The American Branch immigrated from France in 1832, when the family of Christian Jantzi came to upstate New York. This seems to be a pioneering family that wanders from frontier to frontier. You will find them anywhere from the swamps of Michigan and Florida; to the plains of Texas and Canada; to the snows of New York and Alaska. Even as I write this, I hear told that there is a small forward group of Jantzi spies that are looking over Hawaii. We use this format in the hope that we will be able to further the genealogy studies of the Jantzi clan.

We know that the Jantzi clan was a part of the movement that occured in the Palatinate region of Germany, France and Switzerland. They were a part of the Anabaptist movement in the late 1600 - 1700 hundreds. We find them as part of the Mennonite/Amish tradition in Brandelfingerhof, Lorraine, France. Tradition says that they came from the Zurich region of Switzerland, but we have no written confirmation of that as yet.

During this period of time there was significant movement of peoples in and out of various ares of the Palatinate area. Often this was caused by the changes in the "Lordship" of the region and his particular taxation and landholding views. It was repugnant to them to take up arms against their friends and relatives that were just across the borders. To become opposed to war was a natural outgrowth of the times and their sensitivity to God. That seemed to foster even more moving to avoid persecution for their anabaptist views. Finally, June 4, 1834, the Christian Jantzi family left France to come to Lewis County, New York.

Recently I did a telephone search in Alsace, France and found seven listings of the Jantzi name. One of them is a Bakery. My mind is made up I must visit that part of the world and that Bakery.

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