The History of

Pinecrest Presbyterian Church

Rev. James Boyce
Rev. James H.M. Boyce

Rev. Shipley
Rev. David O. Shipley, Sr.

Rev. Shipley succeeded Rev. Boyce in 1960 after the demise of Rev. Boyce in 1959. Rev. Shipley was very active in community activities and highly respected by the community. The membership of the church continued to grow and continued to be a major leader in the Fifth Ward Area. He helped established University Presbyterian Church in the Third Ward Area. Rev Shipley moved on in 1966 to serve as Pastor of Second Baptist Church, Kansas City, MO and Protestant Chaplain of the Kansas City Police Department until his retirement and death in 2002.


Pastor Insitful
Rev. J.D. Insitful served as pastor of Pinecrest Church from 2004 until 2012.

Pinecrest began as a Presbyterian Mission in 1922, when Rev. James H. M. Boyce moved to Houston with his family. He responded to a request from Dr. A. M. Hardie, Pastor of the Second Presbyterian Church, to begin this type of mission in the black community of Fifth ward. The congregation was then organized as a church and moved into the Gregg Street building in 1925. This would mark the beginning of one of the leaders in the Historic Fifth Ward Area of Houston. The church carried out a ministry to the entire community. The first Boy Scout Troop for Black youth in Houston was organized as well as Vacation Bible School and the Hi-Y Movement. During the depression the church operated a relief center to provide food, clothing, shelter, and medical care for those in need. In 1949, the congregation of 287 members had outgrown the Gregg St. building and land was purchased across from historic Phillis Wheatley High School. By November 1950, the new structure was completed and on March 18, 1951, the Dedication Service of Pine Crest Presbyterian Church was held.

After Rev. Shipley succeeded Rev. Boyce, Rev. Triem succeeded Rev. Shipley and would be instrumental in the church offering mission programs including a food pantry, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, Summer Enrichment Computer Classes, Youth Employment, and Day Camp. Pine Crest would be a charter member of The Metropolitan Organization. A housing rehabilitation project was begun cooperation with Memorial Drive Presbyterian Church. Rev. Triem retired in 1999 and left a legacy of Christian Service. Later, Rev. David L. Northcutt succeeded Rev. Triem as interim minister until 2003.  Pastor Intsiful succeeded Rev. Northcutt in 2004 until 2012 . Rev. Jon C. Guyton succeeded Rev. Intsiful until 2015.


Rev. Triem
Rev. Edward T. Triem

Rev. Triem would succeed Rev. Shipley in 1968 and serve over 31 years and help shape Pine Crest into one of the most active churches in the area. "If we hunger and thirst for righteousness we will never see the complete realization of what we're working for, and success may elude us. Nevertheless, We will be filled."


Rev. David Northcutt
Rev. David L. Northcutt
serves as an interim minister in the Presbytery of New Covenant. He succeeded Rev. Triem in 1999 until 2003.


Pinecrest is a member of the Presbyterian Church, USA. We are amongst the 113 area churches in the New Covenant Presbytery. Regionally, we are apart of the Synod of the Sun, which includes member PC(USA) churches in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas. Historically, many of our members have served on multiple levels.  Rev. Boyce and Mrs. Nellye Joyce Punch both served as a moderator of the Brazos Presbytery, now the New Covenant Presbytery. Rev. Boyce was the first African-American Moderator while Mrs. Punch was the first woman to be a Moderator. Mrs. Jean Young has served as the moderator of Presbyterian Women,  the Moderator of the Racial Ethnic Division of the New Covenant Presbytery and as a Representative for the Women of Color in the Synod of the Sun. Mrs. Ruby Everett has served on many levels throughout the Presbytery, the Synod of the Sun and at the General Assembly.   Some ministries also began at Pinecrest:  The late Rev. Anthony Armstrong, the late Rev. L. A. Bayne, the late Rev. Bridges Edward and Rev. Jon C. Guyton. Our missionary family has included Mrs. Cheryl Maddox and family serving the Presbyterian Church in Zaire. Pinecrest has also sponsored refugees from Ethiopia and Haiti.

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