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The following are some of the highlights of Ringo Starr's online chat on May 1.  Responses not in quotes are paraphrases.

  • When asked to name three people from history he would like to have dinner with, he named five members of his family -- Barbara, Zak, Jason, Lee, Francesca, Gianni, Tatia and Louie.
  • Asked about the chances for the future release of a box set of rarities and unreleased songs, he said that "we have released already two CDs of the best of Ringo and in June or July will be releasing the All Starr Band Anthologies. I don't know the exact dates."
  • Asked if he really wanted to be Santa Claus, he said, "Yes."
  • Ringo's favorite colors are gold, silver, purple, yellow, green, and magenta.
  • Ringo said he is twice a grandfather.
  • Ringo has five dogs and a cat but will not divulge their names.
  • Said he speaks two and a half languages -- English, Liverpool and French (with French the half).
  • Asked about his hobbies, he said he is not a "hobby person" but likes painting and gardening.
  • Said his grandchildren know him as "Grandpa. That's what I am."
  • Asked who influenced his drumming, he said Cozy Cole and Gene Krupa.
  • He said he had no plans to let his hair grow long again because he "loves it short."
  • When asked what goes through his mind before a concert, he said that "most of me wants to go home. There's 15 seconds of madness therre and I have to run on stage. The thoughts are do I remember the songs - are they good."
  • If he had one thing to say to the children of today, it would be "pick up an instrument, play music, love each other, and love me."
  • What has kept him level-headed all these years? He seems to really have it all together. He responded, "I would like to think so, but there have een several years when I was off the wall."
  • Responding to a question about what has inspired him to be so prolific, he said, "I don't know what's happening to me right now. Maybe it's because I'm more relaxed."
  • Asked about retirement, he said, "I retire after every tour."
  • Would he be willing to sing both "Yellow Submarine" and Octopus's Garden" on this tour? "No. I feel one underwater song is enough," he replied.
  • Most of  his music is a reflection of his life experiences.
  • To stay in good health, he works out and "I take vitamins and herbs and I drink lots of water."
  • Asked how he would like to be remembered, he said "as a damn fine drummer."
  • As for any final words for his fans, he said, "Come to the show. It's a lot of fun and great music."

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