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The Second Century 21 live chat took place on June 2, but instead of lasting the full hour, Ringo cut it off after 45 minutes due to last minute schedule changes. It seems the band’s plane had been delayed for four hours in Memphis, thus throwing plans off schedule. Even though the chat was shorter than usual, Ringo seemed in a good mood and answered fans questions with good cheer.

He said that he had no plans to host his own talk show and that although he enjoyed playing Mr. Conductor in 1989, he has no plans to return to the role.

He said he loves the fans because without them he would be playing to himself. He observed that fans were much the same around the world but added, “Give me an American audience. anytime.”

Ringo also revealed that he has a tattoo of a cross surrounded by lotus flowers on his right arm.

When asked about taking photos at All Starr Band shows, Ringo said that the policy is set by the respective venues, but admitted that the All Starrs were on stage “to entertain with music” and not for a “photo opportunity.”

Ringo said he gets his energy from clean living, exercise, and eating lots of fruits and vegetables. When he leaves the stage after “Yellow Submarine,” he has an energizer juice backstage before returning for the rest of the show. To cope with the pressures of touring, Ringo says he tries to get lots of rest, drink lots of water, exercise and eat organic fruits and vegetables.

In regard to MP3’s, Ringo revealed no artist should be ripped off and he felt that was what was happening.

According to Ringo, he has no plans to write an autobiography in the year 2000.

He said that he hates being away from home, but it is part of touring.

Asked what inspired him to do Vertical Man, Ringo quipped, “insanity.”

Ringo said that, besides the drums, he plays some guitar and piano. He said that he was just learning to use the computer by playing with it during “down time” on the tour.

The Third chat of the tour took place on June 14. This one started a bit late, but once again Ringo seemed in good spirits.

He said that he has seven drum kits, of which two are from the sixties. He also revealed that he does not keep up with other drummers, but that Jim Keltner and Crazy Cole are his favorites.

We learned that Figi is Ringo’s favorite place to go to relax and that Lightning Hopkins is his all time favorite blues hero.

Asked how he felt about fans hanging out at the hotels after concerts, Ringo replied, “Many days it gets in the way, especially after the show when you’re sweating and tired and just want to get to your room to chill out.”

He admitted that he would like to make another studio album and also revealed that he was not pleased with the US Magazine interview because he felt the interviewer had let him down by printing the “same old rubbish.”

Ringo said he felt no need to change the format of the All Starr Band since it has worked so well for him and that he has thought of including a female in the All Starrs.

He remembered his mother as being very supportive, but added that she looked upon his drumming as a hobby. His own hobbies include painting, “listening to music, watching movies, and walking the dog.”

He quipped that he would like to be remembered as a human being, “as opposed to a human doing.”

The Fourth, and final, Century 21 Chat took place on June 29. The word of the day was “incompetence.” Ringo used it several times in the course of the evening. In answer to a question about the All Starr Band box set he said, “ Due to the incompetence of David Bishoff (sic), we don’t know when it will be out.” When the subject came up again later in the chat, Ringo replied, “Due to Terry Shand’s incompetence, the record will come out when it comes out.”

Ringo used the “I” word again in regard to Mercury Records. “...We have parted company. Due to their incompetence, they let me go.” On the subject of I Wanna Be Santa Claus, Ringo replied, “Due to Mercury’s incompetence over the Christmas period where they actually gave the Christmas album no support.”

Ringo didn’t let himself off the hook, though. When asked if “Just A Dream” would be released his answer was, “Probably due to my own incompetence it hasn’t been included yet.”.

Asked where he gets his song ideas, Ringo replied that inspiration came from the atmosphere, emotions, and from God. He said he would like to make another studio album with Mark Hudson on “any label other than Mercury.”

On a happier note, Ringo opined that Century 21, the tour sponsor, were “lovely people to work with.

He revealed that he prefers vinyl to CD’s, that Tim Hardin’s “If I Were A Carpenter” always gives him enjoyment, and that his favorite artists are Rembrandt and Van Gogh. <P>

The computer skills were continuing to grow as the tour progressed. Ringo said that he had enjoyed playing card games and with the paint box on the computer and that he liked to send animated greeting cards to his wife. He said that with the new computer from Century 21 he would be checking out unofficial “Ringo sites.”

He asked that fans not send him any mail and joked that he was still answering mail from 1972.

He said he still liked taking pictures and that he loves his digital camera.

In preparation for the tour, Ringo said that he likes to rehearse for two weeks. “It makes me feel secure.”

When asked if he preferred clubs or amphitheaters, Ringo answered that he loves to play wherever there is an audience. He also said that the most memorable part of a tour is the reaction of the audience which he described as a “lovefest every night.” He said too that it’s “very sad” when the tours come to an end because “you’ve formed a relationship with the band.” However, Ringo also said that that he would be happy to get home.

At the end of the chat Ringo thanked the fans how came to the shows and bought the records and “all the fans that think of us occasionally. “


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