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As with past tours, we invited fans to send us comments and reviews of the concerts on this year's tour. Send your comments to gshultz@airmail.net and please include your name.

I have been a RINGO fan since the very first time I saw him way back in 1963.
Anyway one of my life's WANTS was to either meet him or see him before I died.  I came from a very poor family and never had the opportunity to even get close to where he was.  I've been married 22 years and just recently retired out of the Navy. My wife knows all about my affection (no in a queer way) for RINGO and the Beatles.  I cried when john was murdered. When RINGO came to Norfolk my wife bought tickets to the concert at the NORVA downtown. 
What a great present.  He was everything I could have imagined and more.  The show was totally awesome. That band he put together is GREAT!!! Every one of them.  Tell Ringo thanks for me, for the absolutely great entertainment he has provided me over my lifetime.  From the Beatles, the cartoon series I watched as a child, the movies and now the best, the very best show in my life.  What a great man he is.  THANKS RINGO!!! Love you man!!!! You can even have my beer :) God bless you and keep you safe and strong. 
Forever a fan,
~ Nick in Chesapeake Virginia.

I saw Ringo for the first time ever on June 28! He was fab! I didn't want the night to end! Of course, the rest of the band was good, too, but Ringo was the best! (And the reason I went!) The highlight of the night for me, was during "Yellow Submarine" when the crowd was singing, Ringo said "Let me hear you, Jamie!" It made me day, to say the least! (I guess since I post on the ringotour.com forum a lot, he knew I'd be there!) He was great!
~ Jamie *Starkey* of  Colorado

Ringo has done it again -- given us another summer of fun, music, and magic. We were only able to catch one show this year, but that evening was a supernova of excitement  and appreciation due to the gathering of awesome talents on stage before us. Eric Carmen was a perfect addition to the All Starrs.   Mark Rivera was, as always, a pleasure to watch  and hear as he slipped from interment to instrument. Simon Kirke’s drumming and songs fit perfectly and Jack Bruce, again this year  almost stole the show. Make no mistake, though, Ringo was the Starr. On stage he shines. His energy and his joy are palpable.
There have been the naysayers who have griped about the “same old songs.” Hogwash! As far as I’m concerned, the band could play those songs all night.   Ringo and his All Starr Band bring such energy to the performances that the familiar songs brim with life. There is something very satisfying to see the fans of all ages dancing together to these wonderful tunes
Ringo does not have to bring us these summer tours, but this family is thankful that he does. They have become almost a staple of the summer joy over the past eleven years. If this was indeed the last tour, then we are glad we were there for at least one of them.
The on line chats have been a great addition this year. It’s a kick talking to Ringo, even if it is only via computer screen.
Thank you, Ringo, for the tour and the chats and the music and the memories.
~ Ike  

My husband and I just returned from seeing the All Starr Band at Humphrey's in San Diego, a most favorite place to see a concert... I have to say we so enjoyed ourselves tonight, seeing Ringo and the whole gang-they were wonderful, they all sounded incredible and we were sometimes mesmerized...
Nobody wanted it to end and I found myself already planning to see him again next year... Having "grown uup" with Ringo etal, it was really a dream come true to see him up on stage-he is charming, sweet and so talented.  I never did get to see the Beatles, so this was an extra special treat-one more thing.. I grew up with Mark Rivera in Brooklyn and have yet to see a more talented musician-Mark, you are amazing.  I am from your old neighborhood, and remember you and your sister Monica from 45th street, hanging on the corner... You shine on stage and it was great to see you up there-we hadn't seen you since the Billy Joel days.... Anyhow, we loved the show.  Ringo gets better and better, and cuter and cuter... 
~ Eileen in San Diego

On June 14th and 15th I went to the Mountain Winery located in Saratoga, Ca., to see Ringo Starr and the All Starr Band. I just want to say it was great. 
I've seen every All Starr show that comes to Northern California over the years and even though they are good I felt this was the best. Probably because on June 15th before the concert I had the Honor to meet Ringo and the rest of the band thanks to a special invitation from some friends from Century 21. I got my picture taken with all of them and I am looking forward to receiving the photographs. I understand it will take about 6 weeks before we will receive them as they are all to be personally signed by Ringo. Being a Ringo Fan and Beatle fan this is something I will never forget. Thanks Ringo for everything. You made a lot of people with happy through your music. Looking forward to your next tour.. By the way, HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY  on July 7th 2000.
Marsden R. Lordge of San Jose, California

A friend of mine called from Miami back in May to tell me the local radio station was giving away Ringo tickets so I (sarcastically) told her that if she won I'd fly out from Monterey, CA, to see the concert with her.  Long story short...she won, I flew.  We had a great time.  The music was great and the energy was fantastic!!!  I loved it so much that I decided I would take my son to see Ringo once I got back to California.  Fortunately, Ringo just happened to have a concert scheduled just 12 days later in Saratoga, about 65 miles from our house.  My son is 3 1/2 years old and we spent the next 12 days getting ready for the concert.  We listened to Beatles and Ringo records and we watched "Yellow Submarine."  The thing that really made it special was when I showed Tony a picture of Ringo with Thomas the Tank Engine. 
WOW--now he was going to get to listen to music AND meet Mr. Conductor.  We sat down and Tony dictated a letter to Ringo.  We sealed it up in a bright blue envelope and the next day bought a bouquet of colorful carnations and a Thomas the Tank Engine balloon.  Once again fate smiled on us, for in addition to having a fantastic time at the Saratoga concert, Tony ran right up on stage and gave Ringo the balloon, flowers and card!!!!  Again the music was fantastic and Tony and I danced in the aisle like crazy people.  We had such a good time...it's definitely an experience you should share with your kids!!!  Thank you Ringo and the All Starrs for a wonderful night of music and a wonderful experience.  PS--If anyone took a picture of Tony's moment, I would love to have a copy.
Deborah L. Mabey of Monterey, CA

At this point in time seeing Ringo is like seeing a friend or a relative. This was my eight or ninth time (lost count). Saw Ringo at Westbury last night which is an incredible place to see a concert. Every seat is great since the stage revolves around and its a cozy intimate place. 
The amazing thing is how great Ringo looks.With each tour he appears more relaxed and you can tell he is having a great time. I just wish he would do some different tunes since I have been to all the tours. There are so many great songs he can do like "Devil Woman,Goodnight Vienna, Snookeroo, Don't pass me by...just about everything from the classic "Ringo" album...  Maybe on the next tour. 
I was also thinking last night the time is right for a Beatle performance. Look, Ringo is in great shape musically and he is sharp on the drums. Paul is into playing live. The only problem is George since he is so not into performing. I was thinking wouldn't it be great if Paul made a surprise appearance at the show. Why not? 
Everytime I see Ringo I have a warm happy feeling inside and no matter how many times I have seen him I sit there thinking I can't believe I am seeing Ringo. Just being in his presence is an honour. 
Thanks, Rich, for another incredible concert.
~ Jeff from NYC.

 My husband brought me to see Ringo and the band on May 13th in Atlantic City at the Taj.  The concert was excellent.  Every member of the band played each of their own hits.  It was very entertaining.  I had no idea who the other members were by name, but the songs they played were a dead give away.  
~ Robin Shaughnessy  

Just when you think you’ve seen the best All Satrr Band ever, Ringo tours again and tops himself.  We saw the show at the Bluesville Theater on June first and we are still smiling. The sixth incarnation of the All Starr Band is custom made for anyone who loves good music and enjoys having fun.  This year’s line up is spectacular. Eric Carmen is a wonderful addition to the band and veteran All Starrs Mark Rivera, Dave Edmunds, Jack Bruce, and Simon Kirke never fail to delight. The band is tight and obviously enjoying themselves.
Though each all Starr Band member shines in his own right, Ringo is the heart of the show.  He remains the energetic,  gracious, and unpretentious ringmaster. It’s evident that the concert’s distinctive character comes from him.  Whether singing the songs we know and love or hamming it up with the audience, Ringo seems happy and relaxed.  He’s looking and sounding great.  It’s clear that Ringo is enjoying being part of such a talented and supportive ensemble. It’s equally clear that Ringo enjoys doing what he does best, playing and singing for you and me.  Thank you, Ringo.
~ Mary Ann in Texas

I went to the May 13th gig.  I gotta say I was disappointed.  This is the same line-up Ringo has had for the third year.  Even Eric Carmen seemed to me to sing over the top for effect.
I love "RINGO, what's my name!" but it's getting stale.
I heard Ringo was considering going back into the studio for another album.  That would be cool.  Now if the Live Ringo could just match the quality level of the Studio Ringo ... then he'd be cracking!
I did enjoy Ringo's selection of songs, except for the boring "Boys".  He NEVER does O Garden or PASS ME BY. I guess we should be happy he will tour in spite of what happened to George!
~ Tim

We made our annual trip to Ringo's show........Just can't get enough!
Seems he gets better as time goes by.......This was the most enjoyable line-up yet....and Ringo seems to joke and talk with audience members more.......he even when around slapping hands with front row fans..........show was the best ever.....
~ AL

I saw Ringo perform at the Mohegan Sun Casino on May 19th.  This is the third different "All-Star Band" I've seen and this one I enjoyed the most!  Ringo was looking great.  He sounded great and played great!  His banter with the audience is a lot of fun.  It's clear that he and the band are there to have a good time themselves and that good time flows to the audience.  Ringo performed the following songs: It Don't Come Easy, Act Naturally, Boys, I Wanna Be Your Man, Yellow Submarine, Photograph, I'm The Greatest, Love Me Do, Back Off Boogaloo, You're 16, and With A Little Help From My Friends.
Jack Bruce was very impressive with two extended guitar solos (one during Sunshine Of Your Love) which were absolutely fantastic.  He also performed a song solo on the piano which was the only song I found boring.  Eric Carmen played Hungry Eyes, All By Myself, and another one I'm unfamiliar with.  I've never really enjoyed Carmen's music, but he did a wonderful piano solo in the middle of All By Myself.  Dave Edmunds performed I Hear You Knockin and some others I didn't know.  I didn't know any of Simon Kirke's songs.  Mark Rivera played a great sax and a great harmonica (during Love Me Do).
I really enjoyed this show and I hope others get the opportunity to see this band.  Thanks to Ringo for doing these concerts!!!
~ Geoff

I cannot express enough, the joy of seeing Ringo Starr live. I have not missed a show and having 2nd row seats at Pine Knob for his first tour was up there with meeting Paul behind the Palace of Auburn Hills. When my friend said at the All English show with Frampton and Bruce your looking at the world's most famous session drummer and then hearing "Whiter Shade of Pale" live with Ringo on drums it was like the 60's had , just for one moment been re- visited. Couples were slow dancing in the isles and a calm and peace enveloped the concert. Ringo has not only brought himself to us but also a taste of the "Voice" of Rock and Roll's greatest. Thank you Ringo!!!      
~ Peace, Steve

Last night (May 22), I, a 54-year-old loving father of 14- and 30-year-old sons, went to Salem, New Hampshire, at the suggestion of my son, the 30-year-old, and we were entertained by Ringo and his All Starr Band so that the audience which consisted chiefly of middle aged, 30ish and sons and daughters were up in most of the concert singing along. It was a deeeeelight and Ringo did his concert with aplomb, verve and sweetness.
Thank you, Ringo, for the treat. It helps keep my son and I close.  Jack Bruce was phenominal playing old Cream songs and playing them with such sincerity and strength. I am not an aging hippie, which would be fine if I were, but a professional who was delighted. The man puts on a show like he drove a locamotive for the youngsters, with class, sincerity, friendliness and a lot of help form his friends.
Good day to you,
~ Danny  

Only being 17, I am a huge fan of Ringo and the Beatles.  When I heard that he was having a concert in Salem, New Hampshire, my eyes lit up and I did the dance of joy.  I can't even count the number of times I called WZLX trying to win tickets.  However i did not win, but the day that the tickets went on sale i called my dad from my cell phone in anatomy class and told him to order them.  I got two 5th row seats.  It was the most incredible thing i have ever witnessed.  The concert was incredible, ringo was great he was energetic and funny and was every thing i thought he would be.  Jack Bruce was also incredible and is probably the most incredible base guitarist ever.  Simon Kirke was also great to listen to especially for Shooting Star  and Alright Now.  Over all, I would have to say that was the most memorable thing in my life yet.
 ~ Brett       

Ringo Starr is the greatest!
It is a heart warming experience to see and here him live and in person!
I look forward to seeing Ringo Starr again!
8th row seats and a clear view of the show made me happy on the thirteenth of may 2000.

My 10-year-old son and I just returned from a fantastic All Starr show at the State Theater in New Brunswick, New Jersey.  We live only 20 minutes away so were able to arrive early and wait for Ringo to arrive.  He did at around 6:50pm and we spotted him but unfortunately (and understandably) security was high so no chance for an autograph. 
The show itself was just terrific!  It started at 8pm and Ringo immediately accepted a white rose from a fan in the audience and laid it next to his Ludwig drum set. Ringo went right into "It Don't Come Easy" and "Act Naturally."  Next the rest of the band went into rotation doing "Hungry Eyes" (Eric Carmen), " Hear You Knocking" (Dave Edmonds), "Sunshine of My Life" (Jack Bruce) and "Shooting Star" (Simon Kirke).  Ringo then finished the first half with "I Wanna Be Your Man," "Love Me Do" and "Yellow Submarine."
Ringo introduced "Yellow Submarine" by asking the audience to sing along and commented that if anyone did not know the words they probably didn't belong in the theater.  At this point all left the stage except Eric Carmen.  He did a solo  I believe called "Tomorrow." All band members except Ringo then returned for Eric Carmen to do "Please Go All the Way."
Ringo then came back with a new shirt and introduced "I'm the Greatest" as a song written by a friend that he wished could be there.  This was my personal favorite and I'm glad he included it.  This was followed by the "No No Song" and "Back Off Boogaloo," which was my son's favorite. At some point he then introduced the band as well as Mark Rivera's mother in the audience.  This led to some chuckles as they searched the audience for his mom.
Jack Bruce then got everyone clapping to "I Feel Free" and Simon Kirke kept the momentum with "All Right Now" followed by Ringo doing "Boys" while drumming.   Dave  Edmonds then did a second number that I recognized but did not know the name followed by "Wh ite Room" by Jack Bruce which was requested several times.   "White Room" was a highlight and got a big reception from the audience. Eric Carmen then did a beautiful job on "All By Myself" with a nicely done transition between his solo parts and the full band joining in.  Ringo then wrapped it up with "Photograph".  The audience was able to bring them back to do "You're Sixteen" and "With A Little Help From My Friends."
Near the end of the last number my son and I dashed out back to try again for an autograph.  We did not get the autograph but were able to see Ringo with Barbara by his side get into a waiting Chrysler MiniVan at around 10:20pm.  The headlights were pointed at us and we both gave Ringo the peace sign.  He saw us through the windshield while sitting in the center middle seat and flashed a peace sign back to my son.  Of course, my son was wearing the Ringo Starr 2000 souvenir cap and I had on the T-shirt. It made my son's night.  What a terrific person and enjoyable concert! Go see it if you can.
~ Ron & Jeff of Hillsborough, New Jersey  

Last night at Riverport Amphitheatre in St. Louis, I saw my sixth All-Starr Band concert and fourth different All-Starr band, and it was every bit as thrilling as the first time I saw Ringo.  I would have to say that this may have been the best show yet.  There were a few unoccupied seats here and there, but there was a huge crowd on the lawn, and as the show went on, the crowd really got into it!  
From the opening note of "It Don't Come Easy" until the end, the band was tight and every song sounded great.  There have been times when it seems like it takes the band a little while to warm up, but this was not one of those nights.  "It Don't Come Easy" sounded fantastic, and Ringo's voice was particularly strong all night.  Simon Kirke's "Alright Now" and Jack Bruce's "White Room" were real showstoppers.  The crowd gave Dave Edmunds a huge standing ovation for his one-man performance of "Classical Gas" and "Lady Madonna" on guitar.  Eric Carmen was a great addition to the band, and "All By Myself" was masterfully performed.  His long piano solo in the middle of the song was entrancing.  Mark Rivera, of course, was the most versatile musician on stage, playing everything from percussion to keyboards to guitar and an unbelievable saxophone.  
I don't think I've ever seen any band with such great musicianship and obvious talent, and they totally loved playing together.  The band's energy level was out of this world.  Before this show I made the comment that this could be Ringo's last tour, but after watching him play drums on "White Room," I'm more convinced that he'll be the first rocker to tour at the age of 70 and still kick ass.  He shows no signs of slowing down and may, in fact, be getting better with age.  He truly loves to perform, and this All-Starr concept is a brilliant one.  
I always feel disappointed to see the set list and know he's not doing any new songs, but when you see this show, all the old hits sound better than ever, and it's truly a moving experience.  "Photograph," "You're Sixteen," and "With a Little Help From My Friends" were the closing numbers, with Ringo singing, "What would I do if I sang out of tune, would I stand up and walk out on me?"  He was hilarious and entertaining, and I can't wait to see the Chicago show on June 8th.
~ Travis Truitt

Tell Ringo he still has it!!! Saw him in Cleveland Saturday night!!! Ringo is too good to be true!!!!!!!!!!! CIAO baby xxoo!!!! 
~ deb

I just saw Ringo for the third time and it was as always another great show.  I went to the concert this time with my wife and my parents so it made it extra special.  Highlights for me on the All-Starr portion of the show was Jack Bruce.  His playing was excellent and his portion of the show besides Ringo was the best cheered.  Ringo seems to be enjoying himself more every time I see him.  I enjoyed his entire set that he performed.  I would of liked to have heard some Vertical Man stuff besides Love Me Do but it was a great show.
~ Doug Smelser of Pevely, Missouri

This was the best show yet! The entire band was wonderful and I found that I only didn't know one song the entire night, which was amazing to me because I'm only sixteen. I took my two friends with me, one who had seen Ringo with me before and another who had never seen him. Boy, did she get her money worth. 
Right before he played "Back Off Boogaloo" The three of us stood up and screamed at the top of are lungs. Low and Behold he turned right towards us, pointed at us, and yelled back "I see you my darlings;" then add, "Those are people who paid for their seats!" 
I've had a smile  on my face for the past week. Then towards the end of the show we ran down to the stage and he slapped our hand. It was the best show I've see yet. I can't wait to go see The All Star Band again
~Jessica, CT.

I saw Ringo and the band at the Norva theatre in Norfolk, Va. last Friday night, May 26. What a great show. These are guys who have been playing for decades, are obviously well off, and still put on a great show and seem to love it. 
Jack Bruce was awesome on bass. As my friend and I looked down from our balcony by the stage, Dave Edmunds looked up at us before the guitar solo in White Room with a "watch this" look, and just blew away the place with his playing. His acoustic "Classical Gas" and "Lady Madonna" was a highlight of the show. 
I've bought the other All-Starr albums so I hope they recorded this. I'd love to have this one on CD. Can't wait for the next one. Keep playing Ringo!   ~ Steve  

We saw the June fourth show in Atlanta. The venue was wonderful. It's an amphitheater in Chastain Park, and was unlike any I've ever seen. It has very wide spaces between the rows, lots of walking room, and there are tables scattered around. People bring picnic baskets and coolers, and most bring candles, wine and wine glasses as well. After dark, it was lovely with all the candles, like a field of fireflies. Ringo commented on it, saying it is one of his favorite places to perform because it's so pretty to look out and see all the little flames in the audience. 
He was in great form too, looking great, performing great, and good humored, often playing with the audience. I found him to be the most audience friendly performer I've ever seen. My son and daughter in law, Bill and Caroline, went too, and we all had a wonderful time. At one point, Bill and I had gone back to the smoking area behind the seats (we could still see the stage) and he impulsively grabbed my hand and began dancing with me. If the concert had this effect on my son, who's a "suit", it was inspiring, to say the least! ;-) I think he and Caroline gave it an A+, for fun as well as music. Also for Ringo himself. Caroline commented on her surprise at how Ringo didn't put himself above the other performers. She expected him to be the "star" in every sense of the word, and was pleasantly surprised by his demeanor and personality. He even allowed the other drummer to shine, giving him most of the licks.
It occurred to me that one of the great things about Ringo (or the Beatles in general) is that they cross the age lines. There were people of all ages there, from 16 (Ringo sang "Sweet Sixteen" directly to a girl in the third row who was having her 16th birthday) to 66, or more. But the majority of the people had not even been born yet when Ringo was a Beatle. 
One interesting note - Bill said that some critic he read gave the concert a B-, saying that the music was old and hackneyed. Well, I suppose the critics have a right to their opinion, but it seems to me that they too often use the wrong criteria for making their judgments.
Ringo doesn't ever pretend that his All Starrs are 21st Century cutting edge. His show is sheer, honest nostalgia, and it doesn't pretend to be anything else. And if judged for what it is, and if nostalgia is what you expect, a wonderful time will be had by all! The performers are professionals in the truest sense of the word, and the music they perform is classic, tried and proven many times, and still gets people dancing in the aisles, even in the 21st century!
~ Joie of Birmingham, Alabama

I have to say that I have seen some great concerts in my 21 years on this planet.  And while the Billy Joel concert in Atlanta back in December was probably the best one I've seen, last night's Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band concert at Pine Knob was just as great!  This is the third time that I have seen Ringo perform in concert, and it seems like he just keeps getting better and better.  This year's line-up include Ringo, Simon Kirke of Free and Bad Company on drums, Eric Carmen of the Raspberries and then his own solo career on keyboards and guitar (and even played bass a couple of times), Jack Bruce from the 60s band Cream (with Eric Clapton) played bass (and keyboards a couple of times), Dave Edmunds on guitar, and the multi-talented Mark Rivera (from Billy Joel's band) on percussion, guitar, and saxophone.
The show started at 7:45 with the band coming out and playing the beginning of "It Don't Come Easy."  Ringo ran out on stage just as he was to start singing, and did a wonderful job.  He went right into "Act Naturally" from the Beatle years, then afterwards he explained how the all-star band works.
He then took his place behind the drums, and Eric Carmen started off the other "acts" with "Hungry Eyes," which gave me a Dirty Dancing flashback!
The others did some of their songs, including Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" which brought the house down!  I love the sounds of Cream, but hearing them live with the All-Starrs always sound so much better then the recordings!  When it was Ringo's turn, he introduced "Love Me Do" as a song he did "with that other band I was in," and mentioned how he had recorded a version of his album Vertical Man.  Rob and I cheered at the mention of the album, and Ringo looked at us and said, "Thanks you two for buying it!"  A Beatle spoke to me!!!!  My life has been completed!
After "Yellow Submarine," the band went off stage to allow for some solo stuff.  Eric Carmen did "Boat Against the Current," and Dave Edmunds did two awesome guitar solos.  The first was a solo of "Classical Gas," and the other was a very, very cool version of "Lady Madonna."  After this, the others sans Ringo came out and did "Go All the Way" of the Raspberries.  I always loved this song, but didn't realize that this was one of Carmen's until then!  Ringo then came back out wearing a very cool looking white shirt with stars all over it, and started the second set.  After his couple of numbers, the band went around in circles again, finally coming to the end with Ringo singing my favorite song of his (and of all the post-Beatle songs from any of them) "Photograph."
The band left the stage, and after a minute or two, they came back out for an encore.  Ringo did "You're Sixteen," and "With a Little Help From My Friends," then the show was over.
Overall, the sounds was great.  Ringo chatted with the crowd, and made a very goofy face when the Beatles were mentioned in "Shooting Star."  Maybe that was because it mentioned the Beatles, or because I let out another gut-wrenching scream!  He did make a mistake on the second verse of the "No No Song," but just laughed about it.  Mark was getting the crowd to cheer and scream in "I'm the Greatest," and that caused Ringo to laugh.  I think the band sounded like a band, not just a bunch of people playing together.
I also think that they were enjoying themselves, especially Ringo.  It's always fun to see a concert, but it gives me more joy in seeing it when I can actually see the performers enjoying themselves and not acting like they're out there to play just because they have to.  Ringo is saying that this might be his last tour, but if he does anything, you have to see him.
The thrill of seeing great music performed live with an awesome collection of talent is just one of the reasons.  The other reason is how often do you get the chance to see a Beatle in person?
~ Ben Okuly

Must admit had some trepidation prior to Ringo's appearance at the Chicago House of Blues on June 8th.  Will it be postponed or cancelled?  If not, will Ringo be well enough?  And will I be able to stand through the whole thing?  And arent't these the same songs again?  
To address my own fears (and some negative comments others have made):  

1.  Ringo was definately there!  
2.  He was definately well enough.  His voice seemed better and stronger than ever.  Only the playing of all the solo segments and the lack of "I'm the Greatest" hinted that he might be trying to save his voice.  
3.  No problem standing through this night!  A most definate on-your-feet experience.  (Just try to avoid being near what passes for an aisle at HOB, unless you really enjoy being molested by hundreds of strangers.)  
4.  I've notice that every tour the arrangements change for the songs, so it's always a different experience. Not only did "Back Off Boogaloo" sound like thunder (and Mark Rivera, he's become a real showboat since becoming a full-fledged All Starr even takes a guitar solo, and Ringo does a lot of dancing), Dave Edmunds is the most authentic guitarist the All Starrs have had.  Playing lead guitar on the same songs, Peter Frampton essentially sounded like Peter Frampton.  Dave Edmunds was able to quite successfully simulate the styles of George Harrison, Eric Clapton and even Wally Bryson.  
5.  For anyone who cares to complain about high tickets prices, just the idea of Jack Bruce playing bass on "Hungry Eyes" or hearing him attempt the high harmonies on "Go All the Way" is well worth $70.
The only somewhat negative things might be that during "Love Me Do", Ringo is playing his version while the rest of the band seems to be playing the Beatles version...and haven't figured out where to stop yet.  (The rest of the band seemed to stop before Eric Carmen on "Go All the Way" also.  Could be the layoff between concerts.)  Any road, Ringo was really into it, the All Starrs were really into it, as were we all, doing the backing vocals on "It Don't Come Easy"...and we didn't stop...not even to savor the irony of a crowded House of Blues singing "All By Myself".  A great night that I still do not want to end.  For what it was worth, Ringo and the All Starrs are currently the greatest show on earth.
~ Steven B. Topping

I just saw Ringo and the lads at The Pine Knob Music Theater in Michigan. It was my first time seeing him and his band and I'm here to tell ya it was the best concert I've ever seen in my life. Jack Bruce was fantastic; Dave Edmonds did a great job on the Classical Gas song;  Eric Carmen was just fantastic; and Simon Kirk was better than he was with Bad Co.; as for Mark Rivera he was great; and of course Ringo was as great as I thought he would be.  You can't get any better than this show, pencil me in for next years concert.
~Thomas Tauscher of Toledo, Ohio

Ringo spoke to me!!!
During his concert at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga, California on June 14 for his All-Starr 200o concert. As a seventeen year old fan, I received front row for my birthday. I was 2.5 feet away from him and was loving every minute of it. He pointed and sang to me four times. AS the song "photograph cam on I began to sing the words out with all my heart. As I was singing this he looks in my eye's, point's and say's "You know all the words", everyone looked at me as if i was spoken to God. Thank you Ringo for making my lifetime.
~ Brianna of  Los Gatos California

 After seeing Ringo’s sold out performance at the House of Blues in Chicago on June 8, I am convinced that he isn’t getting older and he just keeps getting better!
Having cancelled his two previous shows due to illness, The House of Blues had been besieged with calls from fans worried that Ringo would be forced to cancel that performance as well.   Concert ticket holders were reassured that the show would go on as scheduled.   As the expectant crowd began to chant Ringo’s name, and the band came onstage and struck the chords for the first song, The House of Blues became the House of Joy, with the exuberant crowd loudly clapping and screaming their approval.   Ringo’s smiling run-on to the now classic show opener, “It Don’t Come Easy” was an extremely welcome sight to a very relieved and grateful audience.  Sensing the mood, Ringo pointed at the audience at the song’s conclusion and said, “Oh Chicago, you are soooo lucky!”      
Looking young, healthy and energetic in a long sleeve, soft and loosely fitting tie dye shirt, Ringo’s radiant smile rarely left his face.  His voice was strong and has never sounded better.  His mood was upbeat, warm and funny.  Launching into a rousing version of  “Act Naturally,” Ringo was clearly enjoying himself and the band.  At the same time, the crowd had made it crystal clear from the start, that while they had come to see Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band, they were THERE for Ringo!   This was evident even before the concert started, while fans waited in line to enter the club.  A young man was walking by the line and asked if anyone had an extra ticket to sell.  One fan offered him a ticket for $10 over the original price.  When the man hesitated, the fan said, “Hey man, it’s RINGO!” Enough said.
Ringo enjoyed the audience as much as the enormously enthusiastic crowd enjoyed Ringo.  As the evening flowed on, Ringo never stopped smiling and was very plugged in to funny things that went on, both on the stage and in the audience.   There were numerous exchanges between Ringo and his fans, with Ringo frequently smiling, laughing and commenting with his distinctive warmth and humor.  When at the drums, Ringo pointed and made several laughing comments to Simon Kirke.
Although the crowd was there to see Ringo, it most definitely was not a one man band.  This year’s version of the All Starrs was tight and as much at ease with eachother as with the music.   The positive interactions between Ringo and the band clearly demonstrated the respect and friendship these outstanding musicians shared, and through which  Ringo up front and on drums, along with Jack Bruce on bass, Eric Carmen on keyboard, Simon Kirke on drums, Dave Edmunds on guitar and Mark Rivera on sax and everything else (!), put on an unforgettable show. 
Eric Carmen was given the spotlight first with “Hungry Eyes,” an obvious audience pleaser with nearly everyone in the house singing along, most noticeably whenever the title words came round.  Dave Edmunds followed with the equally popular, “I Hear You Knocking,”  again with the title words loudly sung by the audience.   Jack Bruce grabbed the spotlight next with “Sunshine of Your Love,” followed by Simon Kirke’s “Shooting Star,” complete with the now eagerly anticipated Beatles’ reference and audience approval.
At the kit, Ringo belted out, “I Wanna Be Your Man,” sung with joyful abandon,  followed by his refreshing version of “Love Me Do” from Ringo’s outstanding 1998, “Vertical Man” CD.  Coming down front again, Ringo did a verbal lead-in that left no doubt in anyone’s mind that his next song would be “Yellow Submarine,”  one of Ringo’s irrepressible classics, audiences love better every time he sings it.  Of course audience participation is essential and on this and every other song performed by Ringo, the audience -- a mixture of fans in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, gleefully sang and danced along with Ringo and supplied the hand gestures that are as integral a part of the song as the words themselves.  When Ringo sings “Yellow Submarine,” we all get to be kids again.
The solo section of the evening was next, with Jack Bruce on keyboard, performing a stirring rendition of “Theme For An Imaginary Western.”  With the house lights down and Bruce the lone figure on stage, the mood was hush and intense.   Eric Carmen followed on keyboard with his popular, “Go All the Way.”
Although Ringo was to have sung, “I’m the Greatest,” next, this song was omitted, probably to give his still recovering voice a needed break.  In its place, Eric Carmen, alone in the spotlight, sang a lengthy slow song that few in the audience recognized.  Polite at first, the mood soon became restless as the song was an unknown and not particularly appreciated by the crowd.  The mood quickly changed however as Dave Edmunds stepped up next, and alone on stage,  did a brilliant solo guitar rendering of the instrumental, “Classical Gas,” followed by a gorgeous guitar only version of, “Lady Madonna,” with the audience eagerly supplying the words.      Ringo bounded back on stage in a black vest studded with silver stars.
Throwing towels into the audience, Ringo playfully grabbed one of the band members - I think it was Jack Bruce, and threatened to throw him to the audience as well!  Reminding the crowd that the next song was the reason he was there performing, he launched into the, “No No Song,” loudly accompanied by the crowd -- even those standing around the bar!  “Back Off Boogaloo” was next, and this raw, real and brash rendition simply ripped up the stage and was far and away, the best performance I’ve ever heard Ringo do of this song.  Starting at the center stage mike, Ringo finished the song at the drums --  the compelling rhythm demanding the master drummer to be at his kit.   All through the evening, whether Ringo was at his drums or singing up front, he was a joy to watch and a joy to hear.
I need to mention the multi-talented Mark Rivera, whose smooth transition through several instruments all during the show, and smashing saxophone solo added depth and polish to the already lustrous performances by everyone in the band.
Jack Bruce was up next with “I Feel Free”, followed by Simon Kirke’s “All Right Now.”   Both songs were well loved by the crowd.   Ringo stayed at the kit and after announcing, “The first song I ever recorded,”  gave a hard driving rendition of “Boys”, gleefully and skillfully accompanied by a formidable mid-song guitar jam by Bruce and Edmunds, and an appreciative audience totally immersed in the irresistible beat.   Keeping the tempo strong, Dave Edmunds was clearly enjoying himself as his, “I Knew the Bride” kept the crowd moving and clapping.
It was clearly one of the best-loved songs of the night.   Not to be outdone, Jack Bruce was at his brilliant best, singing “White Room,” with bass guitar work that sizzled throughout.   Bruce can really work an audience and his,  “no effort is too great” attitude wrung the last drop out of the song and then hung both it and the audience up to dry.  Eric Carmen played off that mood and plunged the crowd into silence, with an intense rendition of, “All By Myself,” with a haunting keyboard accompaniment.
Eagerly anticipated by a roar from the crowd, Ringo ended the show with an especially strong performance of, “Photograph,” which lightened the mood, and allowed the audience to sing along with, and openly embrace one of Ringo’s most beloved songs and the man that sang it.   The band then left the stage, carried by a roaring ovation that grew to deafening proportions, until Ringo and the band returned for the Encore.  Clearly the audience favorite, Ringo called all of the sixteen year olds at heart to attention, as he sang a particularly joyful version of “You’re Sixteen.” 
Unfortunately, even a Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band show must come to an end, and Ringo ended it brilliantly with his classic, “A Little Help From My Friends,” accompanied by every vocal chord in the place, and of course Ringo’s trademark hands over head claps and jumping jacks, anticipated and mirrored by the audience.  Although he normally does them through to the end, near the end of the song Ringo stopped jumping and gave a little smile and a shake of his head --  a brief nod to the fact that he’d been sick and was almost but not quite totally recovered.  The song ended amidst the deafening and heartfelt cheers of an audience in love with a man, his music and his band.
Before leaving the stage, Ringo said that he loved playing Chicago and that Chicago audiences were, “the best" -- in fact he said that we were, “the best -- the best  --  the best!”   Having seen Ringo perform to equally enthusiastic audiences in other cities, I can attest to the fact that Ringo has sometimes referred to other audiences this way as well.  And he’s telling the truth every time.  Because when an audience comes to see Ringo, they know he will give them his best, and they in turn give their best right back to him.   It just can't get any better than that.
Ringo left the stage to a stomping, screaming, wild ovation, out of which also poured sincere applause for Bruce, Kirke, Rivera, Carmen and Edmunds as they took their final bows and left the stage as well.  The crowd’s warm, loud and lengthy gift of praise and appreciation followed the band out into the night -- the final note of a concert that was a gift of love, from Ringo Starr and His All Starr Band.
~ Pam Dupre of Mundelein, Illinois

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