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Fans' Reviews

Send us your reviews of the tour and they'll be posted here,
following the song list.

Song List for This Year's Concerts (from fans)

# Musician Song
1 Ringo Starr Photograph
2 Ringo Starr Act Naturally
3 Greg Lake Court of the Crimson King
4 Roger Hodgson Logical Song
5 Howard Jones No One is To Blame
6 Ian Hunter Cleveland Rocks
7 Sheila E. A Love Bizarre
8 Ringo Starr Boys
9 Roger Hodgson Give A Little Bit
10 Ringo Starr You're 16
11 Ringo Starr Yellow Submarine
12 Greg Lake Karn Evil 9
13 Ringo Starr I'm The Greatest
14 Ringo Starr The No No Song
15 Ringo Starr Back Off Boogaloo
16 Howard Jones Things Can Only Get Better
17 Ian Hunter I Still Love Rock 'n' Roll
18 Sheila E. The Glamorous Life
19 Ringo Starr I Wanna Be Your Man
20 Greg Lake Lucky Man
21 Howard Jones Everlasting Love
22 Roger Hodgson Take The Long Way Home
23 Ian Hunter All The Young Dudes
24 Ringo Starr It Don't Come Easy
E n c o r e
25 Ringo Starr Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go
26 Ringo Starr With A Little Help From My Friends

Fans' Reviews

Sept. 2, 2001 - San Diego, Calif. (San Diego State Uni. Open Air Theatre)
From Ira the K the Fifth Beatle

I have seen Ringo three out of the six times the tour has stopped in San Diego. Each show has been memorable.Greg Lake and Roger Hodgson song selections were strong.Ian Hunter should have played Rock and roll queen or Roll away the stone, with Dudes.Howard Jones and Sheila E. were enjoyable. Mark Rivera is always great cause he comes from Brooklyn, New York.

Aug. 30, 2001 - Universal, California (Universal Amphitheater)
From Brian Schreiber

dear friends: allow me to appologize... even though i've enjoyed the music these artists have produced over the years,when i purchased the tickets i assumed this would be merely a 'novelty' show due to the diverse musical tastes of everyone involved. after picking myself up off the floor duing 'court of the crimson king' , i realized this was not the case!!! THESE GUYS KICK ROYAL BOOTY!!! SEE THEM!!!!

Aug. 27, 2001 - Portland, Oregon (Schnitzer Concert Hall)
From Liz Snyder

Tonight was my 4th All-Star concert and this was the best one yet. The show was at Schnitzer Hall in downtown Portland. The crowd was ready to party from the start. We were on our feet, singing and clapping through most of the songs. The thing I love most about the All-Star Band is that it brings back to life music of groups that have gone their separate ways- music that otherwise would only live on CD's.
What a treat to hear the Logical Song live! The high points of the show (excluding Ringo) were the sets by Roger Hodgson (SuperTramp) and Greg Lake. I saw Emerson Lake & Palmer do "Lucky Man" in Tuscaloosa in the early 70's.
This band did a wonderful job recreating all the classic songs. They really seemed to be enjoying the crowds enthusiasm.
I didn't care much for Ian Hunters' sets.. Why would you try to play "Cleveland Rocks" anywhere but Cleveland?? It just doesn't work. A Portland crowd just wont get up and sing to it. And they didn't. He had to resort to changing it midstream to Mariners Rock and later Oregon Rocks to get any kind of interest from the crowd. He got a better response to "All the Young Dudes" but I never cared for that one either.
The other low point was Howard Jones's sets. The general crowd reactions were.. hmmm... sounds familiar.. Do I know that?" The only song that seemed to work for him was the one that seemed entirely composed of "O O OOO O O OOO" (sorry I couldn't figure the title out from that one..)
Ringo was wonderful as always.. He chatted more than I recall in previous shows. I thought "I'm The Greatest" seemed a bit abbreviated, and Back Off Boogaloo seemed to suffer from lack of volume in the drums. Sheila was playing but didn't seem to give it the bashing it needed. Final word...Worth every bit of the three and a half hours of driving each way.

Aug. 23, 2001 - Saint Paul, Minnesota (Minnesota State Fair)
From Deb in the Twin Cities

I just returned from the concert at the Minnesota State Fair and it was wonderful! The hot weather of the day turned into a comfortable evening and we had two hours + of great entertainment. There was a huge crowd there, and everyone was going back in time with each song. Sheila E. being a hometown girl gave the concert a certain special significance for many. Although in the past I didn't necessarily follow the music from some of Ringo's stars for this tour , it was fun going "Oh, yeah...!" and getting into the song. We all were especially impressed with Mark Rivera's extensive musical ability and his way of getting the crowd to participate. But of course, we had more fun with Ringo. We had front-row seats, and it was one of the best concerts I have been to in a long time!

Aug. 23, 2001 - Saint Paul, Minnesota (Minnesota State Fair)
From Carol Peterson

My husband & I knew that this concert wouldn't be as "great" as the '97, where we were within arm's reach of the stage, and met and spoke with Ringo before the show... and even though my tickets were screwed up and we were (at top ticket $$) in the nosebleed section, it was a good concert. Not as personal as we would have liked (and I don't think Ringo cared for it either - he could barely see the audience), but very, very good music. His personality toned down quite a bit, he stuck to making short intros. The only disappointment for me (besides my seats) was the lack of "enthusiasm" from the audience. Here was a packed/sold out group, watching one of rock 'n roll's legends and they barely got on their feet. Strangely, the last concert was the same. Barely anyone sang to the music, and almost no one got up and danced. I couldn't sit still at either concert, and even my daughter, 7, (who knows him as Mr. Conductor) couldn't stop herself from singing. The two women in front of us, mid-40s, very severe looking, kept giving us "we're annoyed with your enthusiasm" looks - which just made me sing louder. I hope he doesn't take the "toned down" attitude of the Minnesota audiences as a clue and forget to come back. I was also surprised to see people getting up and leaving 4 songs before the encore - what could possibly be more important at 10:30 at night? Even with two sleeping children, and a 4 am wake-up - we weren't leaving our seats. I wasn't a big fan until I met him - and his gentle touch and fantastic humor sold me.

Aug. 21-22, 2001 - St. Louis, Mo., and Rosemont, Ill.
From Travis Truitt

After months of waiting, I "toured" the Midwest with Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band, seeing them in concert in St. Louis and Chicago on August 21st and 22nd. This was his most eclectic band, and possibly his most likable. The All-Starrs seemed to genuinely enjoy each other and enjoy playing more than any other band I've ever seen.
Roger Hodgson was warmly received by both audiences as everyone seemed to love his Supertramp songs. "Give a Little Bit" sounded particularly beautiful, and "Take the Long Way Home" was another huge crowd pleaser.
I personally thought Howard Jones was fantastic, though the crowds didn't seem as into him as I was. I think it is great that Ringo included Jones and Sheila E. in his band, since so many of his fans are younger and are possibly more familiar with their music than that of bands like ELP and Mott the Hoople.
But, regardless of the other band members, the two drummers clearly stole the show. Sheila E. was beautiful, clearly thrilled to be on stage, and amazingly talented. Her drumming was spectacular to listen to and watch. I always talk about what an exciting drummer Ringo is visually, and Sheila E. is the same way. Not only was her drumming out of this world, but her presence kicked Ringo's drumming up to a new level as well. Not usually one to show off, Ringo pounded the skins like the master that he is and with the energy of a twenty year old. At one point the two performed sort of a dual drum solo, and Ringo let Sheila E. shine on her own during and after "A Glamorous Life," and Sheila E. let Ringo shine during his drum fills on "I Wanna Be Your Man." Both crowds seemed stunned at their drumming performances.
Ringo looks better than ever. He's the Beatles tortoise of "tortoise and hare" fame. At the age of 61, he's become the hardest working, best looking, greatest showman of the Beatles. He appears so youthful, energetic, and confident that it would be a shame if he stopped performing.
I think "Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go" was the big highlight for me. The song is a great rocker, and anyone that wasn't familiar with it needs to stop talking about the damn Ed Sullivan Show from forty years ago and realize that Ringo is STILL a relevant rock and roll star (so go buy his new albums)!
In St. Louis I had third row seats and was able to move to the front of the stage for the last three songs, and I actually reached up and patted Ringo's arm as he reached into the crowd. I had Beatle karma flowing through me! And at one point Ringo smiled and pointed at me as I sang and danced. It was thrilling being so close to the stage, plus I got some great pictures.
While my seats at the Rosemont Theatre near Chicago weren't as good, it was cool to be in the crowd while the potential live album/video was being recorded. The crowd in Chicago was on its feet throughout every Ringo song and for most of the entire concert, which was somewhat surprising considering most of the All-Starr concerts I've seen. There was an amazing energy throughout.
These were my eighth and ninth All-Starr Band shows, and they rank up there with the best concerts I've ever seen. Ringo's All-Starr concept is brilliant, and as a performer and showman, he never fails to deliver!

Aug. 22, 2001 - Rosemont, Illinois (Rosemont Theater)
From Jeff of Schaumburg, IL

Last night Ringo and his New All Star band tore up the Rosemont Theater in Chicago! This was my first time seeing a Beatle and I'm still surprised at how great Ringo sounded! All of my favorite Ringo songs were there......."I Wanna Be Your Man", "Boys", and "Back Off Boogaloo" just to name a few. Roger Hodgson of Supertramp sounds as superb as he was in his heyday, and Sheila E. was an excellent percussionist and all-around performer, who got the crowd on their feet. I hope Ringo and the All Starrs come back next year, I'll never forget this concert!

Aug. 22, 2001 - Rosemont, Illinois (Rosemont Theater)
From Cindy Pruitt

I bought tickets for Ringo's All Star revue for the first time this year -- and I will be back. Wow! What an awesome evening! Ringo was very engaging and enigmatic; and he sure can still smack the cans.
The All Star cast was so amazing - a real treat. Sheila E was a huge surprise - I never knew she was such a power drummer. Howard Jones was so cool. Seeing Greg Lake brought back great memories (Court of the Crimson King and Lucky Man). Rodger Hudson singing Supertramp songs -- and my favorite was hearing Ian Hunter - sing All The Young Dudes (one of my all time favorite tunes).
There was camaraderie on stage and it was magic all around. It was wonderful seeing Ringo out there - and in such super form. You know he doesn't do it for the $$. And he still flashes the peace sign at every opportunity. What a great humanitarian. I'm so glad I didn't miss this year's event!
p.s. The unnamed all-around musician on stage with the band was too amazing to describe. I believe his name is Mark Rivera?

Aug. 19, 2001 - Oklahoma City, Okla. (Frontier City)
From Kristi and Catherine of Oklahoma City, Okla.

FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC! What else can we say? Grateful they came to Oklahoma City.
After reading some of the reviews all I can say to you that didn't like particular parts of the show ie. Sheila E. YOU'RE NUTS! Sheila E. was the biggest surprise of all for us. We already knew she was an incredible drummer - but WOW! It appeared that she and Ringo really enjoyed playing together and off of each other. It was a treat getting to see all of this fantastic talent playing on one stage (especially Roger singing my personal favorite Supertramp song - "Long Way Home") Certainly ranked up there with the best shows we've ever seen.
The weather was the usual lovely Oklahoma summertime temperature of around 100 degrees and the band didn't let it faze them in the least. We feel lucky that this great band came to Oklahoma and put on a terrific show. We just would like to say THANK YOU, for a very memorable night.

Aug. 19, 2001 - Tampa, Florida (Frontier City)
From Melinda Newingham

Just saw the All Starr band in OKC last night. It was like seeing 6 concerts in one night. I had so much fun. The music and singing and backups on every song sounded just like the original band. It was the best concert I have seen. I could go on about each person but it would take too long. Excellent, excellent! Ringo is so funny and so much fun. Sheila never stopped smiling the whole time! We had fun, too.

Aug. 18, 2001 - Fort Worth, Texas(Billy Bob's Texas)
From Mary Ann of Texas

Smiles. I looked around Billy Bob's Texas during the concert on August 18 and that's what I saw. Smiles were everywhere -- from the stage and from the audience and even from the staff, a sea of happiness swelling into earsplitting eruptions of joy. Ringo promises a good time, and he and the new All Starr Band certainly deliver. The jammed packed capacity crowd was treated to an unforgettable evening of fantastic music and exuberant merriment.
It's obvious that the members of the 2001 band love what they are doing and that they get a kick out of playing together. Ringo, who looks wonderful and has never sounded better, remarked that he felt blessed to be working with this set of musicians, and during the evening every band member echoed the sentiment. Before launching into "Cleveland Rocks" Ian Hunter observed, "I don't' think I've ever been in a band that's got on so well."
The show , which began at 10:30 PM, ran the entire two and a half hours, but even at one o'clock in the morning the cheering audience wanted more. All Starr Band perennial Mark Rivera, playing everything but the kitchen sink, remains a delight to hear and watch. Ian Hunter, Greg Lake, and Howard Jones were certainly audience pleasers and each one brought the crowd to its feet, but it was Sheila E who won the longest ovations. Ringo, though, was without doubt the star of the show and it was he that people came to see.
Starting out wearing a read shirt decorated with horses, jeans, and a huge silver western belt buckle, Ringo expressed his pleasure at being back in Texas at Billy Bob's. Several times during the night he enthused about how good he felt and what a thrill it was to be playing a club again. There were several "What's my name?" calls which resulted in thunderous responses that seemed to please the drummer. Caught up in the Texas theme and having noticed the horses just outside the stage door, Ringo announced that next time he was going to ride a horse on stage. He then proceeded to gallop across the stage on a pretend steed remarking that since he had the name, why not a horse.
After his "Yellow Submarine" break, Ringo reappeared in a blue tee-shirt and sparkling silver vest, and though remarking about the heat, he remained at his playful best interacting with the crowd and at times bestowing his sweat towels upon various appreciative fans. In response to the numerous signs held aloft by admirers Ringo joked that he felt he was on The Price is Right. When one man held up a tiny child Ringo quipped, "Please don't offer me any more small children."
Before the encore Ringo explained that this was the time when the band usually left the stage and the audience made a lot of noise, but since it was "just too damn hot," the band would just stay on stage. He then informed the crowd that they were to make the noise anyway, and they did just that. After basking in the noisy love fest for an appropriate amount of time, Ringo pretended to walk back on stage and the evening ended with "Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go" and "With a Little Help from My Friends."
Even after the house lights came back on, the besotted crowd cried for more. No one was ready for the music and fun to end. What started out sounding like the oddest assortment of All Starr Band members ever has ended up being one of the all time best.

Aug. 15, 2001 - Tampa, Florida (USF Sundome)
From Mike Imparato of Crystal River, Florida

My wife and I took our two boys ages 6 and 10 to see Ringo in Tampa. The show was great. My boys have been incredible Beatles fans after watching Yellow Submarine two years ago. It was an incredible thrill for them, as well as myself, to see the "real Ringo" . He is entertaining and funny. His band was fabulous.
I saw ELP perform live in 1977 in New York and Greg Lake brought back some awesome memories. The day after the concert, my 6 year old decided to trade in his guitar for a set of drums. Now I have all that pounding going on in my house but I don't mind one bit. Who knows ? One day he could be on stage as well.

Aug. 15, 2001 - Tampa, Florida (USF Sundome)
From Mark

Show was fantastic and Ringo looked and sounded great. I have been to many concerts, and the sound problems people have noted in previous posts are very typical. Fact is, Ringo's sound quality was actually very good. So....if you're going to the concert, don't worry....you are going to enjoy the show and the sound of the music. Toward the end of the show we got up by the stage. I very quickly taught my 10-year-old son how to make the "peace sign" and told him to hold it so Ringo could see it. When Ringo saw it, he gave the peace sign back to my son and waved. That was verrrry nice. Thanks Ringo! It's not just The Beatles music, it's who you are that makes and keeps so many of us fans.

Aug. 15, 2001 - Tampa, Florida (USF Sundome)
From Elio Lopez

I'm a long time Beatles/Ringo fan. The show at the Sundome was absolutely fabulous. Ringo did a great job at getting the audience excited and involved. The band, of course, was cracker jack, but it was Ringo I wanted to see. I always felt he is one of the best drummers out there, though he never got credit for it. As a professional musician I still look for drummers who will give me what Ringo did for the Fabs. When Ringo sat behind the drums it was the first time I'd ever seen him play in person, (The Fabs), never came to Tampa. It was awesome! The way he used his very fast wrists to play, and the rock-steady tempo. Everything from 80's funk-pop to drawn out "Pink Floydish" type styles were done impeccably. A great musician!

Aug. 14, 2001 - Fort Lauderdale, Florida (Broward Park Arts Center)
From Keith Bell of Lake Worth, Florida

The All Starrs hit the stage sans Ringo: Greg Lake, Sheila E, Ian Hunter, Roger Hodgson, Howard Jones and an unknown multi-instrumentalist (sax, flute, guitar and percussion). They broke into "Photograph" and Ringo ran out looking in great, gaunt shape and good voice (at 61!). He really moved beautifully, which was a revelation to me having barely ever seen him off his throne. Tears welled-up everywhere.
The band launched into "The Court of the Crimson King" for their second number. I was stunned. Lake's voice sounded exactly like 1969! Ringo and Sheila E played in powerful union, while Hunter and Hodgson harmonized hugely. The flute solo left its own mark. Fripp would have been proud . . . though Lake couldn't hit high notes in a subsequent version of "Welcome Back My Friends" where the ghost of Carl Palmer lingered over Sheila E's shoulder who was absolutely WICKED the entire evening (on full kit and timbales). They also pulled off "Lucky Man" later in the show. Jones pulled no knives on pseudo-Hammond B3, but played adequately. It seemed a waste of time allowing him to play his own "hits." After Jones tripped hard over a stage monitor and flipped to the ground, Ringo exclaimed he now knew Jones was an acrobat. Time would have been better spent on Octopus' Garden, which I missed. The band could have easily pulled-off that number, harking back to a pristine Zappa performance of "Strawberry Fields" at the Auditorium.
Hodgson's Supertramp hits also sounded great (Logical Song, Take The Long Way Home and another; each were performed at piano) and were warmly received. His talent as guitarist and back-up singer for the rest of the band's hits was evident, especially while playing lead guitar on Hunter's "All The Young Dudes" and "Cleveland Rocks." Hunter also sat at piano for his Hoople hits, picking up electric guitar only once. Otherwise, he strummed acoustic in excellent voice; straining included.
Ringo's solo hits and Beatles material were played with love and awe. "Back Off Bugaloo" and "I Am The Greatest" were phenom (he alluded to playing piano, but never got around to it). His whole theme of peace and love was nearly perfectly executed. Leading by example was his seventh All Starr Band, metaphorically manifesting concepts of peace, love and cooperation.

Aug. 13, 2001 - Atlanta, Georgia (Chastain Park)
From Tom Carlysle

Ringo and His All-Starr band put on a great show in Atlanta. Ringo made mention of "loving" the Chastain Park venue as people bring elaborate spreads of food, complete with candelabras to the shows.
The crowd got into the music right away, despite the threat of rain throughout the evening and Ringo was his usual impish self. He especially noticed young children in the crowd and gave a few young girls hugs and kisses, like you might expect from a favorite uncle.
I will have to agree with previous reviews mentioning the sound quality. I too noticed that the bass drums and bass guitar were too loud. Every time Ringo or Sheila E hit the bass drum, I felt my organs rattling in my chest. The sound guy also missed part of the Greg Lake's vocals on the opening line of Karn Evil 9.
The performers did a great job throughout the evening, though I did notice the guys looked slightly bored during the Sheila E songs. I can't say that I blame them... the legends of rock and roll playing Sheila E tunes?
Thanks to Ringo and band for putting on a great evening of entertainment.

Aug. 11, 2001 - Portsmouth, Virginia (Harbor Center Pavilion)
From Elaine of Upstate NY

Recently I was visiting my daughter and son-in -law in Smithfield Virginia. They knew I was a great Beatles fan for years. It was my life's dream to see them or one in concert. My son-in-law took me to see Ringo. I know that I sound like every other groupie, but you don't know what the feeling was like. I had the honor of seeing one of the greatest musician in history. I mean HISTORY. I kept thinking of ways to make eye contact seeing that I was in the third row, center. It didn't work. I'm still thankful of the opportunity. Bye the way, RINGO looks great. I wish him well.

Aug. 11, 2001 - Portsmouth, Virginia (Harbor Center Pavilion)
From Jeff Root of Fairfax, Virginia

The show started at 8:00. Ringo wore a light blue or light purple T-shirt with the word "Stone." Over the T-shirt, he wore a long-sleeved, dark blue shirt with a pattern of white stars. Later in the show, he wore a silver vest over the T-shirt He joked around as usual. After Mark Rivera's sax solo on "I'm The Greatest", Ringo said "That's why we call him All-Lung. I don't know what that means. I make this up as I go along!" Ringo only played drums on three of his own songs: "Boys", "I Wanna Be Your Man", and the end of "Back Off Boogaloo." For the rest of his songs, he was up front.
Towards the end of "Cleveland Rocks" (the theme song for "The Drew Carrey Show"), Ian Hunter held up a piece of paper and inserted the names of area towns for Cleveland (e.g., Norfolk rocks, Chesapeake rocks).
Greg Lake did "Karn Evil 9" accompanied by just Sheila E. on drums and Howard Jones on keyboards.
Sheila E. really pounded the drums, was constantly smiling, and was a highlight of the show. She was the last to leave the stage as she shook hands with people in the front row.
The Harbor Center NTELOS Pavilion just opened this year. It seats 3500 in the reserved, covered section, and another 3500 on the lawn. The concert didn't quite sell out; $10 lawn seats were still available before the show.
I sat next to a guy who has posted on several boards his disappointment that Ringo sings the same songs tour after tour. I agree that Ringo seems to have a 14-song repertoire from which he chooses 12 songs for each tour ("Honey Don't" and "Love Me Do" were left out this year). I just think it's a treat to see a former Beatle, and Ringo's constantly changing All-Starrs make each tour a different and unique experience.

Aug. 11, 2001 - Portsmouth, Virginia(Harbor Center Pavilion)
From Neal Forrester

I just saw Ringo' s All-Star band last night for the first time. Wow! They were great! I don't know about the other nights, but Sheila E was rock solid all night. The crowd loved the show and could not get enough. Ringo's drumming lacks for nothing! All the members took turns doing their hits and sounded GREAT. Most impressive was Roger Hodson. I was never a Supertramp fan, but he makes you one after hearing him live. Thanks to Ringo for doing these tours, he'll never know how much they mean to fans.

Aug. 11, 2001 - Portsmouth, Virginia(Harbor Center Pavilion)
From Steve Liles of Chesapeake, Virginia

I caught Ringo's show last Saturday night at the Pavilion in Portsmouth, Va. I saw the last edition of the All-Starr Band last year at the Norva in Norfolk, Va. A friend asked me after Saturday's show which was better and I could not choose. Both shows were absolutely fabulous. Neither was better, they were just different. It amazes me how Ringo puts together such a great band of musicians who absolutely nail the music for everybody else's songs. Howard Jones's synthesizer on "Lucky man" was perfect. The Supertramp songs were amazing and Ian Hunter's stage presence was great. Sheila E was amazing and Greg Lake's songs were true to the originals. We lost count of the instruments played by Mark Rivera. What a musician! The most amazing thing was to watch Ringo clapping and dancing and leading the audience in "With a Little Help From Ny Friends". After two hours he still had all that energy and it was really a hot and humid night. He does it because he truly loves the music and as a longtime fan I am so appreciative. I hope this isn't the last band. I'd love to go again. Thanks to Ringo and his All-Starr Band for a great show.

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From Lou of Atlantic City New Jersey

I recently saw Ringo in Atlantic City having seen him in 99 with Rundgren, Brooker, Bruce and Kirk. I simply had to go again. Ringo, as always, is a great show and a great host. He is fun to watch not only because of his Beatle status but his connection with an audience.
I'd like to comment on the performance of the cast. Ringo sounded himself very good as he did "Back Off Boogaloo" and all the others, Boogaloo being one of my favorites having bought the 45 when it came out. Not being a big follower of 80s music, Sheila E was a pleasant surprise as a drummer to me. I didn't care much for her own songs, which were only two of them, but her drumming was very good. Greg Lake was worth seeing even though I wasn't an E.L.P. fan. When they were performing, he sounded great. Howard Jones sounded good on the few hits he had. I didn't even know who he was but remembered his songs as he played them so it was nice to hear them live. As a teenager I was a big Mott the Hoople fan having seen Mott with Ronson blow Aerosmith off the stage in 75. I know at one time Hunter and co. could put a hell of a show on one of the best I've ever seen though Ian sounded a bit worse for wear he was still Ian Hunter and "All the Young Dudes" rocked the audience as the other cast members didn't miss a beat.
But I think the biggest surprise was Rodger Hodgsen. I've always liked Supertramp but only to the extent of buying the Breakfast in America album but when he played his three songs it was awesome to say the least. He sounded better than the recordings. He has an incredible voice and I was very impressed with his keyboard and guitar playing in fact if I didn't like any of the others. It was well worth the money just to see him play and sing. I am considering buying more of his music now. The backup musicians did an excellent job as well ....

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From Therese Laidman

Ringo and his all star band in Atlantic City was a fantastic show. Ringo looked great and everyone just looked as though they were having a great time (which I'm sure they did). I've seen Ringo many times before but this was probably the best show. Don't know if it was the audience, the venue or the artists. I haven't left a concert in so long with that "great concert feeling". All the artists were extremely well received and the sound was excellent. Great, great show - will never forget it!!!

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From Pattie

I attended the show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City on Friday August 10. It was an awesome show, everyone performed really well. My camera was acting up, so if anyone has pictures I would gladly pay the cost of copies and shipping. Hope to hear from you. (pattieleb1@cs.com) RINGO ROCKS!!!!!

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From C. Block

I saw Ringo and the ASB last night at the Tat in AC, NJ. Ringo was fabulous and in great voice. He also seemed to be more spontaneous and less "rehearsed" with his stage patter than in previous years. No change in the song lineup as printed above.
Greg Lake was clearly the best musician in the band and carried them through most tunes. All of the other musicians, as musicians, seemed adequate but not necessarily geared to play the others' style of music. In particular, Jones and E were way out of their league when trying to keep up with Lake on his numbers. Hunter's acoustic guitar was virtually inaudible, but that was probably a good thing. All musicians as vocalists shined, however, at times, sounding better than they did on the original recordings!
But I went to see Ringo and I wasn't disappointed. I took my 4-year-old daughter who enjoyed all of the Ringo tracks that she has heard around my house. She loved him and so did I and we both hope he tours forever. One suggestion: Better sound mix!!!!! It was like a wall of sound with bass and drums at the forefront.

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From Sal Bonagura of Floral Park, NY

Saw Ringo for the second time this week. The show at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City was great, exactly the same as Jones Beach....even the same jokes and comments. We were in the front row center with a digital camera with a zoom and a 35 mm with a good zoom. Downloaded the pics to a site. Willing to share some with Ringo fans......send me your e-mail address to SHELOVESU@aol.com

Aug. 10, 2001 - Atlantic City, New Jersey (Taj Mahal)
From Helene

I had a great time at Ringo's new All Starr band performance on 8/10/01. From ten-o-five pm, till about twelve thirty am, Ringo Starr was wonderful!!!! The other Players gave their best too!! Ringo Starr looks as if he is still in his late forties! He looks wonderful!!!! I was seated in section 102, row 16, seat 13, and my friend sat in seat 14. The view was good! I hope to attend next time Ringo Starr performs!!!!

August 9th, 2001 - Holmdel, New Jersey (Garden State Arts Center)
From Kate

I love Ringo's concerts! I hope that he comes back to the Arts Center soon, and that I hear about it so I can get front row seats. The music was incredible! Whereas the last time I went, I didn't recognize any of the guys besides Ringo, I actually recognized the songs that the guys this time did. It was terrific!! :)
The only point of criticism I can make is this: Ringo, you just put out Vertical Man about a year before! I was at least expecting to hear your version of Love Me Do!! I hope that the next time he tours, we can hear the great ones, like King of Broken Hearts, Puppet, and Weight of the World.
I LOVE YOU, RINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug. 7, 2001 - Gilford, New Hampshire (Meadowbrook Park)
From Charles

Not a big RS fan. Friends dragged me. Concert was fabulous. Hope someone drags you. Please come back to Meadowbrook. GREAT SHOW! Thank you.

Aug. 7, 2001 -Gilford, New Hampshire (Meadowbrook Park)
From Sam

What can I say? The band was fantastic as always, but the audience was awful. Because of this, the band could only run through the set and hope for the best. Even Ian's "Cleveland Rocks" the audience just sat there and where the audience is to respond they just said "yeah". I really felt sorry for Ringo and all the band members as this was a hard crowd to please with anything. Ringo went to give someone drumsticks and the crowd gave a quick, short applause. Sheila did get the people up for her last number but again everyone just stood there. As far as the All Starr's, this night was classic, just wish the audience showed more appreciation.

Aug. 5, 2001 - Manchester, VT (Riley Music Center)
From Tim Tilghman

Wow! Have I been waiting for this All Starr Band tour. This Seventh incarnation of the All Starr Band rivals the Second Band from the 1992 tour, and I was front row center for one of two shows then.
Ringo's 7th All Starr Band was performing at the Riley Rink in Manchester Center, VT in the Hunter Park complex on Sunday, August 3rd. I drove from Maryland to see this show and also caught Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings appearing at the Albany Alive At Five evening festival on August 9th. Both were great shows!
This performance by the All Starr Band was for a charity fund. Front row seats were sold at $1,000 a ticket. Second row seats went for the reasonable price of only $250 a ticket. I scored a reserved seat in the right center section, 12th row for $30, half off the face value!
The Riley Rink acts as both an indoor pavilion with outdoor lawn seating. It was a very intimate setting to see Ringo, but it was also very hot underneath the roof inside.
I snapped off several pictures and even walked up to the front of the aisle to take some pictures during the final numbers. Ringo struck a humorous pose for one shot I took. It's a new camera so I hope they come out as I forgot about the bloody focus wheel!
This All Starr Band delivered 26 numbers altogether, which has to be the longest Ringo concert I have seen. Ringo announced there would be no encores and commenced to play three of his songs that would have made up their encore.
This new lineup rocked the audience and was really refreshing after the `97, `99, and `00 All Starr Tours. I was impressed how well each vocalist performed their individual songs.
Roger Hodgson related a story about the composing history behind "Give A Little Bit" being inspired by John's "All You Need Is Love", and thanked Ringo for this. I last saw Supertramp on their 1983 farewell tour so it was nice to see Roger live again.
Greg Lake was joined by Sheila on drums and Howard on keyboards for a sizzling rendition of "Karn Evil 9" for which I failed to take a picture of during this performance.
One thing I did notice was that Ringo spent much more time behind the skins than he has on previous tours. It might have been because he had his first female in the band - ON DRUMS! Sheila E. only sang two songs, but for her second number she came out to bang on a free standing drum kit and proceeded to tease Ringo with pulling back from striking the skins several times.
She stopped to pose for a picture mid-song with some guy who was standing close to the stage and then invited a young girl up on stage to hold her drumsticks and play to the applause of the audience.
Ringo's best songs for me were "Photograph" which is a great opening number, "You're Sixteen" (being sung by a 61 year old!?!), John's `73 classic "I'm The Greatest", the humorous "The No-No Song", his drumming on "Back Off Boogaloo" and "I Wanna Be Your Man", "It Don't Come Easy", and the Sgt. Pepper classic "With A Little Help From My Friends".
The major disappointment again was NO "Octopus's Garden" and NO "Don't Pass Me By"!! COME ON RINGO!
It was nice to see his interview and performance on the Today Show. Here's hoping Ringo brings another All Starr Band tour out on the road in 2002! Thanks Ringo!
My All Starr Band concerts include: 8 Aug `89 @ MPP in Columbia, Md; 17 June `92 @ MPP in Columbia, Md; 20 June `92 @ Radio City Music Hall in NYC; 17 July `95 @ Wolftrap in Vienna, VA; 28 May `97 @ the Carpenter Center in Newark, De; 14 Feb `99 @ the Xanadu Theatre in Atlantic City; and 13 May `00 @ the Etess Arena again in Atlantic City. The 1992 and 2001 tours are tops; the 1995 and 1997 tours were also top gear; the 1989, 1999 and 2000 tours were good as well!

Aug. 5, 2001 - Manchester, VT (Riley Music Center)
From Donna Fratianni of Springfield, Mass.

My husband and I went to the Aug 2nd show at the Mohegan Sun and it was so good that we decided to go to the concert at Riley Rink in Manchester VT. on Aug 5th . Wow it was spectacular! We had a blast. Thanks for a great time and thanks for putting on a wonderful show both times. It was a blast from the past! Each and every band member gave a wonderful performance. I hope you do it again next year.

Aug. 4, 2001 - Boston, Mass. (Fleet Boston Pavilion)
From Sam

I said (below) that the Mohegan Sun show could not have been better, well....... Boston beat it hands down, first, Ringo said how much he loves to play Boston because everyone loves him, and in Boston he got the most applause and Standing O's. Second in my opinion he was like a child in a toy store in Boston, he acted like a child who just got a new puppy,made a couple of statements that he could not continue with, and forgot a few times which song he was to do next. Example when he was to announced he was going to to "I Want To Be Your Man" he kept saying "I Wanna", I Wanna" several times . He seemed to really enjoy the crowd and played the drums and star tambourine superbly. Even added a short drum solo, which as we all know is not a regular thing for Ringo to do. The rest of the band follows suit and Boston just rocked. I would say to all who have seen the All Starr's in the past and for those who have not seen them.............so far this is the best line up .......don't miss the show!...........

Aug. 4, 2001 - Boston, Mass. (Fleet Boston Pavilion)
From Stephanie

Last night I saw Ringo in concert! And of course he was awesome!!!! This was my second time seeing him (I saw him in concert in 1997). The only thing that I noticed was different, is that his band members played more of their songs this time than before. Did anyone else notice that? All of his band members were great, especially Sheila E. I have never seen a more talented female drummer. I heard that she was Carlos Santana's daughter...is that true? Ian Hunter was great too! He played his Cleveland Rocks song...and he was like Boston Rocks, Yankees Rock, and then everyone said Yankees suck, lol. And of course Ringo was the best! He's sooooooo funny and he dances around sooo much. Someone from the audience handed him a baby too, lol. It was just a great night. I spent $40 on a T-shirt (who could resist!) and a keychain. I needed my mementos. I can't believe it was over so fast! He played for 2 1/2 hours straight, no intermission. It was great!

Aug. 4, 2001 - Boston, Mass. (Fleet Boston Pavilion)
From David Bradley

I was at the same show that Stephanie was at last night in Boston. I'd have to say I've got a much different experience of the show than she described.
First, the sound was horrible. We were 22 rows back, exact center stage. The bass was so incredibly loud that it was vibrating the legs of my jeans! It would appear they have to get a sound guy who is a bit younger and hasn't already lost the low frequencies from his hearing. In other sections of the show, the acoustic guitar that Ian Hunter was playing would cut in and out and sometimes be audible, other times be totally lost in the mix, sometimes you'd see him playing furiously and hear maybe one or two of the strums and the rest of the time it was silent.
Second, I don't think that the other members played any more than on previous tours. Usually they each get 3 songs which is what the band members had last night.
Third, Sheila E should never have been brought on this tour. She is a great drummer for the style of music she plays. However, she sucks as a drummer for the kind of pop and rock that was played last night. When they did the Greg Lake songs, she couldn't handle it. In "The Court Of The Crimson King" was probably the best her drumming got on a Greg Lake performance, and it was very weak. When they did "Karn Evil 9 (first impression part two)" (most people have no clue what song that is and have to be told it's the one that goes, "Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends") she lost her place several times and couldn't keep up with the song. Then again, neither could Howard Jones who had many mistakes in that track (and you could see it on his face - he knew when he screwed up). Her style of music wasn't even close to the style of the rest of the members, and she certainly doesn't have "legend" status like the rest of the members of this year's tour. As for her being the best female drummer you've ever seen.... well, I would suggest that maybe you haven't seen a lot of female drummers then. She blew the simple drum part of Yellow Submarine for pete's sake! Yeah, she got flashy when she came out front, but flash doesn't mean you can carry a beat which she obviously couldn't. Watch an old Carpenter's Variety TV show from the 70s and you'll see Karen Carpenter drum in such a fashion that blows anything Sheila E did last night away.
Fourth, Ian Hunter sucked. You couldn't understand a word he said when he talked, let alone when he sang, it was obvious that he was totally in love with himself, and he had a bad attitude. When Howard Jones had everyone else in the band singing along with him during one of his songs (An Everlasting Love) Ian refused to sing along and wouldn't even step up to the mic. Howard went from person to person singing along with them, when he got to Ian, an argument ensued and Ian reluctantly went up to his mic and started singing along. Ian also felt the need to swear. I'm sorry, there were kids at the show and the swearing was totally unneeded and uncalled for and outright rude. AND, he couldn't wait to get off stage before opening up his booze. He had to start it on stage before the band was off the stage. He could have had a roady standing right off stage with the open bottle to start his drinking, but instead felt it necessary to drink while on the stage.
My biggest complaint of the show, though, was the absolutely horrible sound quality. It sounded like every instrument and every mic was fed through massive compression, and then they were all set at the same exact level to duke it out with each other for who could be heard. The one exception was the bass which was overpowering all other instruments and was a very unpleasant experience through the whole show. Too bad, too, because Greg Lake played so beautifully.
Roger Hodgson was awesome. Except for Karn Evil 9, so was Howard Jones. Ringo, as usual, was terrific. Greg Lake still has all the power and beauty in his voice that he's always been known for. Mark Rivera, well, a more talented "All-Starr session man" never existed. He was incredible as usual, when you could hear him in the mix which wasn't often. Ian Hunter should have stayed home admiring himself in the mirror, it was about all he's good for. Sheila E should never ever ever been invited to be part of this cast of legends. She hasn't got the legend status for a reason. She's nowhere near the level that the rest of the band was in terms of ability and quality of performance. She did, however, have neat fans in her drum kit which kept her hair constantly blowing so she could show off her Farah Fawcett haircut.
Every other Ringo tour that has come through Boston or Southern New Hampshire (one of them didn't) has been awesome in terms of the sound quality. Last night couldn't compare. I think if they had left Sheila E home, and left Ian Hunter home, and turned down the bass a little and taken the compressors off the instruments so we could hear the playing for real, and had a sound man who was awake enough to turn up an instrument when it started being played instead of at the end of it's 4 measure of use, it would have been a great show. As it was, I think that every previous show of the All-Starrs has been far more enjoyable for me.

Aug. 2, 2001 - Uncasville, Conn. (Mohegan Sun)
From Sam

This was the first show I have been to this year at Mohegan Sun and the new Pavilion was much larger than the old Bingo Hall, but with 5th row seats the show could not have been better. I have seen Ringo's All Starr Band at least twice a year for the past 6 years and this line up just blew me away. Ringo seemed relaxed and ready to have a fantastic time. I had heard rumor's that Sheila E really can get Ringo going on the drums, and the duel drum solo's proved what an understatement that was. He was really playing at his peak, more than I have seen any other year. As others have stated in reviews it did seem the other All Starr's were getting the Standing O's and more applause but I think that is because most everyone has seen the All Starr's and know Ringo and his work where the others are fresh faces on this tour........

Aug. 2, 2001 - Uncasville, Connecticut (Uncasville Pavilion)
From Bilbase

I caught the band in the Uncasville Pavilion which is part of the Mohegan Sun Casino at August 2, 2001. The show was much better than I expected, I kept thinking about how this HAD to be the best show on the whole east coast that night. My plan was to create a fun night out for my wife and I noticed every one of the wives and girlfriends there were smiling like Sheila E. If you want to make your significant other happy take them to the All Starr Band. The show is rated G and everyone from teens to your mom will love it!

Aug. 1, 2001 - Wantagh, New York (Jones Beach)
From Eleanore Lotta of Bronx, NY

Just got back from the show tonight at Jones. Ringo was absolutely delightful, but I always knew that! Every one of the musicians played awesomely and I was in sheer heaven. Mark Rivera was inspiring---he played at least 5 instruments--with the same energy at the end of the evening that he had at the beginning. All the best, to you, Ringo and your richly gifted "All-Star Band"!!! Have a great tour.

Aug. 1, 2001 - Wantagh, New York (Jones Beach)
From Keith of Queens, NY

A beautiful summer night at Jones Beach. A fine performance by Ringo and his All-Starr Band. Ringo, truly enjoying himself, was great.
"Boys", "The No-No Song", "Yellow Submarine", "I Wanna Be Your Man", ... all great audience participation songs. Roger Hodgson. Never knew he was such a hot guitar player. Sizzled on "Back Off Boogaloo". Beautiful solo-acoustic performance of "Even in the Quietist Moments". Sheila E. is a magnificent drummer. Ian Hunter is still cool. If this tour comes to a town near you, go see a show.

Aug. 1, 2001 - Wantagh, New York (Jones Beach)
From Gary Baker of New York City, NY

I've always been a big Beatles fan, but had little more than passing knowledge of Ringo's music. But after winning tickets and a prize package that included a handshake with Ringo backstage from WFUV, my local, and exceptionally excellent college station (listen online to the best in Americana, rock & singer/songwriters at www.wfuv.org) I was really excited.
The handshake & photo op (no autographs, please) was little more than a drive-by backstage. Still, I did touch a Beatle. And when the show ended, after almost 2 1/2 hours of nonstop music, I was a definite fan of Ringo and his All Star Band.
Ringo on stage comes across as incredibly relaxed, very low-ego, and the consummate Rock musician. He's almost goofing on his own stardom, and clearly doesn't take the whole fame thing completely seriously. But the show's all about the music, and there's a ton of excellent stuff in the 24-song set. Ringo shines on all his own tunes, particularly the openers Photograph and Act Naturally.
Ringo doesn't hog the limelight by any means. That's perhaps the best part of the show. The band he's put together is truly outstanding -- many are almost-forgotten legends in their own right. Each has fantastic talents, which are beautifully showcased individually. Ringo basically does a few tunes, then the spotlight makes the rounds and each band member gets a chance to shine. I never appreciated Supertramp, for example, but Roger Hodgson's Logical Song and Give a Little Bit were fantastic. He's got a great voice. Greg Lake's numbers gave me flashbacks to my college days, seeing ELP at Cornell in maybe 1979. Sheila E. is an unbelievable drummer as well. Even the almost uncredited guy on sax/flute/harmonica/keyboard/bass who backs up the band (I think he's with Billy Joel's band) truly blows the crowd away. Howard Jones and Ian Hunter also more than pulled their weight -- don't leave early or you'll miss Ian's version of All the Young Dudes, which is very, very cool.
The band's sound when they play together is highly noteworthy. They jam in an incredibly easy, integrated way that many bands that have played together for years have got to envy. This is a tribute to Ringo, for hand-picking these guys, and pulling together the band and the tour as a whole. Their very, very together sound was enhanced by an exceptional sound system -- we were all the way in the back, but could hear every word.
Part of my prize package was a copy of Anthology, the new three CD set. I can't wait till it comes, since I believe it's got stuff from previous All Star Band tours, which also seemed like they had excellent lineups.
If you're a rock and roller of any age, see this show. FYI, a lot of folks in the 30+ range brought their kids along, and the show was definitely family friendly. Just make sure the kids take a nap first, because it's a long and exciting night.

Aug. 1, 2001 - Wantagh, New York (Jones Beach)
From Donna

Just went to Jones Beach last night to see the concert with friends. We all thought it was great. Everyone of the All Starr Band did the songs that they were popular for way back when. It really took us back to the junior high and high school days. Thank you Ringo for once again giving us a great night out!!!!!

Aug. 1, 2001 - Wantagh, New York (Jones Beach)
From Sal Bonagura of Floral Park, NY

This was the sixth time I saw Ringo with the All Starrs. Every show was great and every show was different. EXCEPT FOR RINGO. When is he going to play "Octopus Garden," "What Goes On," "Goodnight," "Don't Pass Me By," "La DE Da," "Goodnight Vienna," "Six O'Clock," etc.
I have 41 digital photos taken from the 9th row with a zoom and I am willing to forward to anyone who send me a letter commenting on the above. to my e-mail address...SHELOVESU@aol.com.

July 29, 2001 - Chester, West Virginia (Mountaineer Racetrack)
From George Stegenga of McDonald, Pa.

My wife and son (age four beatle fan). recently saw Ringo in West Virginia. We had front row seats to witness this amazing stream of talent that Ringo gathered. I was in awe the entire time of the show and thought about it for weeks afterward. This had to be one of the best shows I've seen in a long time.

July 29, 2001 - Chester, West Virginia (Mountaineer Racetrack)
From Mary Ann Merranko of Pittsburgh

Just wanted to let you know that I did get to see Ringo this year at Mountaineer Racetrack in Chester, WV....He was great as I expected....It has been a dream of mine to get to see Ringo since I was a child and now I am happy to say that I finally got to see at least one of the Fab Four.....Ringo's concert was better than I expected.....The mere fact that it was Ringo was enough for me, but to add to that were the other fabulous musicians....It was hard to believe that I was there sitting in the second row taking in all the fantastic music....What a delightful evening.....I thoroughly enjoyed Roger Hodgson....His voice is still as great as ever.....Sheila E is not to be believed....What a drummer she is....and a great voice too....This was truly an evening that I will remember always.....Thank you to Ringo and all the other "All-Starrs" for giving me an incredible evening of entertainment.....Hopefully next year, Ringo will come back to Pittsburgh.....But Mountaineer is not too far and was quite the nice surprise....Just keep the great music coming....A fan in Pittsburgh for over 38 years.

July 28, 2001 - Sterling Heights, MI (Freedom Hill Amphitheater)
From Mike Scianna of Roseville,MI.

I saw Ringo and the All Star Band July 28th at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights,MI. It was a great show and now I can finally say that I saw one of the Beatles. I was only 13 year's old when the Beatles came here in 1964. I didn't have the chance to see them then. But seeing this band play all those old song's brought back many memory's of the "good old day's". Now I'm 52 year's old and I have to say"Rock ON Ringo and the All Starr Band"!!! You were great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 27, 2001 - Montreal, Canada (Molson Centre)
Jean Roy, Val dor qc

Just a few words to say I saw is show in Montreal at the end of June 2001 and it was GREAT! I am 47 years old,a Beatle fan since the Ed Sullivan show way back. This fore me was a happening because since I'm a kid I dreamed of seeing one of them, any one, they are the best band in the world and Ringo is a real showman, very gifted and sincere. Thanks for a show I will always remember.

July 27, 2001 - Montreal, Canada (Molson Centre)
From Kathy Vaillancourt

I cannot think of a word in the English language to describe the feeling that I felt when I saw Ringo Starr on stage just in front of me. I was lucky enough to have 2nd row seats which were soon standing a the stage spots and when he came out I just cried. I finally had a piece of my history in front of me after 37 years. It was the most amazing moment of my life. Ringo was my idol when I was young and to have him actually 6 feet in front of me was a moment I will never forget. The show was a blast! With his distinguished band members, it was like having 4-5 concerts in one. But Ringo took the spotlight for me. It was fabulous. That's all I can say. At 48 years old I feel like I could be a Ringo "Groupie" if given the chance. I think my life changed that night and I am anxious to hear if he will ever return to this city. I hope everyone else who is lucky enough to see him, feels the same way I did. Thanks.

July 27, 2001 - Montreal, Canada (Molson Centre)
From Uncle Bob of Ottawa, Ontario Canada

Rodger Hodgeson: Magical and lyrical
Greg Lake: Powerful and melodic
Sheila E: She s got the groove and the moves
Ian Hunter: Old school rocker
Howard Jones: Eighties Funk
Ringo Starr: The Starr who brings it all together with fun and good times.

All these elements made for a very entertaining and musical event that does not come around very often. Ringo did it all with a little help from his friends. I believe the Band only realized it on July 27th, they are a band and love bringing the music to the people, the FANS, We have been there through all their musical careers...The songs brought back good times memories. The band's response to the almost sold out crowd was so genuine. The guys and gal are out for a summer fling and enjoying every minute of it. All of Ringo's songs were as fresh at the day he recorded them. "Back Off Bugaloo" and "With a Little Help from My Friends" were my personal favorites. My 21-year-old son loved "Yellow Submarine" and even sang along. Go see the show and you will create new moments and relive old happy memories.

July 26, 2001 - Rama, Ontario (Casino Rama)
From Leann Caira of Salmon Arm, British Columbia (Canada)

Unlike other girls my age who have boybands and rappers all over their walls, I have Ringo Starr & The Beatles on mine! So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out I was going to see him. The tickets to his show were an early gift for my fourteenth birthday, and let me tell you, it was the greatest gift I have ever been given! In my opinion, the whole concert was amazing. Howard Jones gave a super performance, and Sheila E...man, can that woman drum! She was AWESOME! But onto the most exciting part of my evening...I don't really know why this happened..maybe because I was the youngest person there, I have no idea! During "Photograph", which is one of my favorite songs...I was just smiling & singing along..being in the 6th row on the floor, I was pretty close to stage, and all of a sudden out of nowhere, Ringo winked at me! I nearly died or something...it was the strangest thing ever. A lot of people's responses to this are "Wow, an old fogey winked at you. Just great." Of course, I don't agree with them. Ringo's so youthful, if you ask me! He looked fabulous! Well anyways, my aunt was beside me, and she said, "Awwww he just thinks you're cute!" Not too sure on that..but one thing I do know is, I will never forget that night...the best of my life! Rock on Ringo!

July 26, 2001 - Rama, Ontario (Casino Rama)
From Dana Leisk Barrie of Ontario

My wife and I thought the concert was great. Ringo looked fantastic. We were really impressed with Roger Hodgson and Sheila E. The sound from this new venue was great. You had perfect sound and site from anywhere in this theatre.
This was the second tome I have seen Ringo and hope to see him again.
Greg Lake also put on a fantastic show. It really was a great concert.

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