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~ : ~ : ~

Grand Rapids, Mich. - Aug. 8

From Mally
   I suppose I'm expected to say something rather than, this concert was a life-changing experience. That might be going a BIT too far, but I've been to a lot of concerts and this was one of the best I've ever had the pleasure of attending.
   This was my first time seeing RS & The ASB indoors. I've been to outdoor venues for this in both Dallas and Detroit.
   I must start off by saying that the indoor venue was so much better! Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that our seats were second row center, or perhaps it had something to do with the fact that I wasn't being eaten alive by mosquitoes or stuck in some kind of freezing cold rain. Regardless, I thought I'd experienced RS & The ASB before, but this was the deal!
   Ringo, himself, was so wonderful. What else can I say about him? Even with my penchant for long and detailed storytelling, there are only so many words one can come up with for fab before they either become redundant or lose their meaning. What I've decided is that Ringo is deserving of his own word. Sadly, I'm suffering a bit of creativity block, and can't make one up at the moment. Some day. Some day.
I learned later that there was a song list posted on the official site, and I'm glad I didn't read it beforehand. Of course, there are the songs that Ringo always does, the standards, and ones which you can usually count on. The only one I was worried about was "Photograph," and Ringo didn't let me down.
I love all of his songs, so it isn't as if I didn't appreciate each one, but other than "Photograph," for the Ringo songs, I most enjoyed "I Wanna Be Your Man." It made me want to do some bad Hard Day's Night dancing, but for the most part I refrained. Anyone who doesn't know what this last sentence is referring to, PLEASE make it your business to see the movie. If you havent, for shame!
   Ringo was happy, looked healthy, and participated in a lot of interaction with the crowd. I cannot possibly stress the importance of this. It was just as important as the way each member of the band appeared to be having fun. They worked well together, they looked glad to be there, and this kept the crowd (at least the crowd around me) on its feet for the entire two hour plus concert.
   As an aside, there's a band I've seen who shall remain nameless that I once thought I liked very well. I went to see them, and their playing was flawless. I'll give them that. However, the only time they addressed the crowd was to wish a happy birthday to one of their crew members. They didn't say "Hi!", they didn't say, "Thank you!", they didn't say, "Screw you!". Nothing. I left extremely disappointed and will NEVER EVER give this group any more of my attention or money for as long as I shall live. A little dramatic?
   Maybe, but so what? A band's fans got them where they are and if they can't even acknowledge the presence of the people who love them enough to come out and see their performance, they can go take a hike. Not that my lack of patronage will hurt them, but it's a matter of principle.
   Moving right along, other than Ringo, I was most looking forward to Paul Carrack and John Waite. I'm a big fan of Ace, Squeeze and the Babys. Among others, Paul did my two favorite songs of his, "How Long" and "Tempted." John Waite did "Isn't It Time" from his Babys days, and I was mighty chuffed! Incidentally, I really liked the coat he had on.
   It was kind of a Tom Petty "You Got Lucky" thing and I wanted to ask if he'd mind handing it over.
   Colin Hay was just darling, Mark Rivera was crescent fresh, and Sheila E. was completely impressive. She kept the band going really well and was instrumental (no pun intended) in keeping up the happy mood of the crowd. I have to give that woman big props, because she had loads of energy, she was right on, and she won me over, even though I was unsure about her presence in the band. Shelia, you are absolutely amazing!
   Ringo left at one point, and the rest of the group did a very moving rendition of "Here Comes The Sun". Yes, I'm George's fangirl. As much as I like these other musicians, I was worried that the song might be destroyed. How wrong was I? It was beautiful, flawless. I don't think that George could've been given a better, more heartfelt tribute. Yeah, I cried. My silent bawling didn't stop until Ringo was done with "Never Without You". Bless your heart, Ringo, for making sure to pay tribute to George in such a lovely way.
   I heard that attendance at the concert was low, and that's too bad. I'm afraid Ringo might not come back now, but I hope with all of my heart that he does. Those who had the brains to show up were simply charmed by the presence of the band members and the absolutely unbelievable way that they all meshed together. Thanks, again, for the wonderful memories!

~ : ~ : ~

Chicago, Ill. - Aug. 12

From Larry Klein
   My wife and saw Ringo at the Rosemont Theatre. This is our 3rd time seeing Ringo. There were 2 disappointing things about the concert:
      1. It was exactly the same set from his 20001 tour (except for Memphis on my Mind).
      2. The fact that he did not play the George tribute song (Never Without Never Without You) was disappointing.
   And the funny fact that John Waite pulled a "Southwest Airline" get away thing... when he said at the beginning that he was happy to be in "Milwaukee"!!!! It would have been nice to hear newer songs and / or different older ones from Ringo.

From Fab 4 LB
   Just saw Ringo and his Allstars at the Rosemont Theater in Chicago...Fantastic show....Shelia E blew the crowd away with her drumming....was great to hear the muisic of both Colin Hay and Paul Carrack...Mark Rivera really played a great sax...
   Ringo was great...I would have liked to hear more music from Ringo Rama and still waiting to hear Octupusses Garden...great show ...great crowd hope he tours again soon!

~ : ~ : ~

Gulfport, Miss. - Aug. 15

From The Johnsons of DeFuniak Springs, Fla.
   We were just in Gulfport, MS and saw Ringo Star and band. It was an excellent show and everyone enjoyed it. Keep up the good work! The Johnsons, DeFuniak Springs, FL

From Rick Long
   We saw Ringo and The All Stars in Gullfport, and were treated to a very warm and fuzzy show where the ever gracious Mr. Starkey very wisely presented a gathering of high caliber pop musicians. Did Ringo intentionally cover the market on hit making tenors from the 70's and 80's to complement his own catalog of solo numbers?
    On the way to the concert, I was thinking about past lineups that I didn't see, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Doctor John, and wondered how tonight's version would sound.
    First of all the sound system in the rectangular hall wiith flat floor and folding chairs, was really good, using the modern flying vertical array speaker setup, the P.A. was clear in the vocal range. The soundman's job was made easier by having distinct voices to mix. Ringo's drumkit sounded great, especially the mounted tom. And Ringo's voice sounded strong and secure. Sheilar E., a fine and energetic drummer played great on everything. I liked Honey Don't.
    The rest of the band members don't need introduction, if you listened to pop radio in the last 25 years, and performed their songs quite well.
    The band sounded well rehearsed and one highlight was "Here Comes the Sun" with nice harmony. I don't know where Mark Rivera came from but he is a great utility man, playing stong sax and doubling on guitar,keys,percussion,harmony,and bass.
   Ringo was spry and thin and seemed to enjoy the band he put together. It was great to see him playing drums with a band.
    Overall it was a great evening. Thanks Ringo!

From Ken Farizo
    Fun, fun, fun. Ringo and the band provided 2 hours of excellent entertainment in Gulfport, MS on August 15. Ringo was in great spirits, excellent voice and demeanor, and just as good drumming. The whole band was on, playing some nice old tunes I recall from older days. Can't wait to see Ringo again. Peace and Love.

From Tina Drain
    One of the main reasons I became a musician was because of Ringo and the music of the Beatles. To see him in Gulfport was a dream come true for me. It was also great to see the others as well.
    Sheila E. I believe is the best female drummer on the planet. It was a birthday present to myself, and I could not have asked for anything better. To see Ringo was the best thing. I also enjoyed the performances by my other favorite artists like Paul Carrack,Colin Hay,et al.
    I can't stop smiling even after two weeks. It was a wonderful idea for the All-Starr experience to happen. I can see Ringo just likes to be a musician and have fun the way it was meant to be, just to share the spotlight with other artists we all know and love. He lives up to his name and to see him and the others play is something that will live with me forever. I want to thank him for coming around so I had a chance to see the wonderful show.
    Thanks to Ringo and all who put the show together.

~ : ~ : ~

St. Petersburg, Fla. - Aug. 16

From D. Wilkinson of Safety Harbor ,Fla.
   Saw the Ringo All-star show in St. Petersburg and all I can say is WOW!! Great musicians in this current line-up. Lots of hits. Just wonderful. You left happy and singing the songs in your head.

~ : ~ : ~

Boca Rotan, Fla. - Aug. 17

From Ginger Cole
   Oh my gosh, as always Ringo is just FABULOUS!
   I never have as much fun at ANY event than when Ringo and his guest show up at our beautiful Amphitheatre.
   He was so great as well as each person that played with him. There were so many young people in the crowd that are just crazy about anything to do with the Beatles now and I think it's wonderful that we will all stay eternally young through the Beatles!
   Tell Ringo we love him!

From Roseann Hutchings of Boca Raton, Fla.
   For the third time, we were able to see Ringo and his All Starr Band down here in South Florida. The show was terrific and we will continue to attend as long as Ringo keeps goin' round! It is fabulous to see him and his renowned band members. However, having seen the Beatles in 1963 in person (my kids think I am a musical history icon), it is especially great for Ringo to keep alive that era of terrific excitement and music.
    A word about Sheila E---I know this is the second time she has toured with Ringo. If there is breath in her to do a third tour, please keep her as a sustaining member of the group. She is a fabulous percussionist. Besides, it's wonderful to see a female member of the band!
    Best wishes to all of the All Stars. Each one is special in his/her own way.

~ : ~ : ~

Fort Myres, Fla. - Aug. 19

From Andrew Kinnecom
   WOW! I would have paid five times as much as I did for the tickets. What a show, what a great gig. Wish I could travel around with you and rock on!

From G-Man
   Great Concert Saw Them At Alico Arena Ft Myers Fla Don't Miss This One . I've Worked And Seen Alot Of Shows This By Far Has Been The Best . Nothing But Great Hits And Energy, Sheila Brought Down The House !!!!!!
   Catch Us At Every Sunday Night From 8-10 95.3 SW Florida

~ : ~ : ~

Tunica, Miss. - Aug. 21

From Ken B.
   Ringo at Tunica was excellent!
   What else could he be?
   The Gecrge tribute was great.
   Mark Rivera is extremely UNDERRATED!
   Gary Burr's appearance at the end of the show was a nice surprise, but why no mention of him?
   Thank you RINGO for finally playing "Dont pass me by" Yes, I am the one who's been screaming it for years!
   RINGO, get back to Tunica ASAP!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks again (A splendid time was/ is guaranted for all)

~ : ~ : ~

Little Rock, Ark. - Aug. 22

From LaurTan
    I attended the concert in Little Rock. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you.

From KPTowerService
    Mr. Ringo. Thanks for enduring the heat in little rock to put on such a fantastic show. Thanks for giving your life to music and therefore making mine better.

~ : ~ : ~

Grand Prairie (Dallas), Texas - Aug. 23

From Steve Dirk
   Just saw him in Dallas - Great show, very enjoyable.

~ : ~ : ~

Amarillo, Texas - Aug. 26

From Hallie Throckmorton and Grace Kaslon of Stinnett, Texas
   This was a great concert. We had tickets for about two months and were really looking forward to it, then our older brother was rushed to the hospital with serious lung problems. We were worried sick but since there really wasn't anything we could do anyway, we went to the concert, even though we weren't in a very festive mood.
    We were so glad we did. We had a wonderful evening. Everyone in the band did such a great job, and it was a bright spot for us in an otherwise dismal time.
    Our brother is on the mend, and he will be okay, but we just wanted to say thanks to Ringo and the All Starr Band, for letting us have a little fun and taking our minds off our troubles for a bit. We loved it.

From Vicki Heck
   WOW!!! I have been a Ringo fan since I was a youngster watching girls go goofy at Beatles concerts having to wait for the record to hear the music they were playing. Ringo played in Amarillo and his joy of rock and roll music is contagious ... even my hard core "country and western" brother who went with me was clapping his hands, singing songs, and belly laughing! Time has been kind to Ringo and all that he has been through has made him not only a disciple of the freedom from drugs but also given him a depth and appreciation of life and continued purpose to share his gift of rhythm, kindness, humor, and most of all ... all that is RINGO!! The WHOLE ALL STARR BAND is a dazzling group of gifted artists ... but then, who else would surround RINGO???

~ : ~ : ~

Seattle, Wash. - Aug. 31

From Annie Reeves
I saw Ringo at Marymoor Park in Redmond, Washington on Sunday. He was fabulous. Very cute, funny and fantastic!!!

~ : ~ : ~

Phoenix, Ariz. - Sept. 5

From Donarae
Went to the Dodge Theater on Sept 5th....It was so incredible-he really is running an all-star show with an all-star band. I went of course to see and hear Ringo and got so much more...oh ya --he held my hand when I reached up to him.



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