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Ringo Starr and His Third All Starr Band CD, released on August 12 exclusively through Blockbuster Music, is a long-awaited delight. Recorded in Tokyo at the Budakon on June, 27, 1995, and produced by Ringo and David Fishof, the CD consists of the twelve songs that comprised the first half of the set list of the tour. Six of the songs are performed by the band members: Mark Farner -- “Locomotion,” Billy Preston - “Nothin’ From Nothin’,” Randy Bachman --“No Sugar Tonight” and “You Aint Seen Nothing Yet,” Felix Cavaliere -- “People Got to Be Free,” and John Entwistle -- “Boris the Spider.” Not singing, but certainly adding to the musical power of the band, are Mark Rivera and Zak Starkey.
The Starr of the show dominates the CD with six songs including “Don’t Go Where the Road Don’t Go,” “I Wanna Be Your Man,” “It Don’t Come Easy,” “Boys,” “You’re Sixteen,” and “Yellow Submarine.”
This CD manages to capture the rockin’ good time fun feel of the ‘95 tour. This is a band who knows its stuff and genuinely enjoys playing together. They play with the energy and joy of a true ALL STARR line up. The hits just keep coming. The musicianship is top-notch. The songs are true crowd pleasers. The band is tight. And Ringo is, as ever, our Ringo -- sounding strong, energetic, more confident than ever before, and as happy to give us as great a time as he seems to be having himself.
-- Mary Ann

Was it worth the two year wait? You bet. This has got to be the best sounding All Starr Band release yet.
-- H. T. Payne

I bought Ringo Starr and His Third All Starr Band on Tuesday, but I did not get to listen to it until Thursday night. Wow! I couldn’t keep my feet still. That band rocks. You should have seen my teenage daughters dancing around the house. Way to go Ringo!
-- Robert Teal

I love the live excitment of Ringo Starr's 1995 tour CD. The songs and the performers are terrific. What a "Starr-studded" line-up! This excellent tour featured John Entwistle, Billy Preston, Mark Farner, Randy Bachman and Felix Cavaliere -- plus the considerable musical talents of Mark Rivera and Zak Starkey. And then there's the best part -- Ringo!
The songs on this CD are classic rock 'n roll, including Locomotion, Nothin' From Nothin', No Sugar Tonight, People Gotta Be Free, Boris the Spider and You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet. Ringo sang an impressive array of songs on this concert tour, and of those songs, many of his best loved classics, such as Yellow Submarine, You're 16, Boys, It Don't Come Easy, I Wanna Be Your Man and Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go, are featured on this CD. (That last song is from Ringo's outstanding 1992 album release, Time Takes Time). My only complaint is that the CD does not include the entire show. Word has it that if sales are strong, a Volume Two, which will include the rest of the show will be released. This was a terrific show and Volume One of the tour CD is a joy to my ears. I hope that a Volume Two is soon to follow.
-- Pam Dupre

Finally a great souvenir of a wonderful show. Why do we only have half of it? Why did we have to wait so long?
-- Emily Henvy

I just bought the new Ringo live CD that's being sold exclusively at
Blockbuster Video/Music! It is absolutely AMAZING!! It blew me away. It is
called "Ringo Starr and his 3rd All Star Band Volume 1". It is only
$5.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It has 12 songs and it was recorded in Budokan
Hall, Japan in 1995.

The quality is FANTASTIC! It blows the other 2 live CD's away! The band is
in great form and everyone sounds really lively. Nice packaging too. Pix
of Ringo and the band all over and even the CD has a picture of Ringo. All
in all, a great CD for only $5.99. I never play the other 2 live Ringo
CD's, but I will definitely play this one because it rocks! I would not miss this
chance to buy the CD. I don't know how many were made, so grab it while
you can! Hopefully, there will be a volume 2 with the rest of the songs!
What are you still reading for? Go to Blockbuster!

This album is the best!! The wait was worth it!!! It rocks!! Though
the album brings back memories of the concert. Well...the Ringo Concert was
my first rock concert. Boy did it rock!! WAY TO GO RINGO!!

This may be the best live CD so far, but if there isn't a Blockbuster Music near you, you'd might as well forget about getting it! I found out the hard way...
Anyway, my only recommendation is that Ringo lose the demeaning "What's my name?" bit pronto! Otherwise, a solid CD.
-- Rock Stamberg

I think this is a fabuluous CD, true to the All Starr Band tradition of fine music.
Although I feel the CD could have been a slight bit longer, I do understand it is of comparative length with his two previous issues and, pending marketability and sales, I understand a volume 2 could be in the works. The sound quality is exceptional and this quality issue is priced beyond belief at a mere $5.95 plus tax. I realize fans have been having trouble securing a copy in certain areas, but around where I live, Bayside, NY, they are in plentiful supply. A must have for all Ringo fans!
-- William J. Coffran

I just got the "Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band Voume 3" CD today!!
I had to come here right away and let everyone know what a tremendous-
ly wonderful masterpiece it is! I put it in the player, cranked up the
volume to the maximum (literally) and relived my favorite moments in
time-the Ringo concert. Of course this is not the same concert that I
went to, but it still gave me that extremely happy feeling I felt
there. This enourmous high of adrenilin that is undescribable. THANK
YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH TO ALL WHO HAD A PART IN PRODUCING THIS CD. I know that whenever I'm having a bad day I can just pop Ringo in my CD player
and my sorrow's will fly away. THANK YOU SO MUCH. AND _PLEASE_ HURRY

-- James CW

Ringo Starr and His Third All-Starr Band, Volume One contains some of
the best music of any of Ringo's live albums. At times, the All-Starr
Band really rocks hard. The highlights of the album in my opinion are
the first three songs. "Don't Go Where the Road Don't Go" is the
exciting rocker which opened the concert and opens the album, with the
music coming to a stop at one point and Ringo and the band singing the
chorus of the song backed by just a drumbeat. The album also features
probably the best version of the Lennon-McCartney song "I Wanna Be Your
Man" ever, even better than the original Beatles' version, and
especially better than that of the Rolling Stones. Ringo also sounds
great on "It Don't Come Easy" and "Boys." As far as the rest of the
album, Randy Bachman's songs "No Sugar Tonight" and "You Ain't Seen
Nothing Yet" have the band rocking hard and sounding great. The guitar
work from Bachman and Mark Farner is great throughout the album, and the
rhythm section of bassist John Entwhistle and drummers Zak Starkey and
his famous dad is also in fine form. I could have lived without
"Locomotion" and "Boris the Spider," but all in all this album is a
great example of the great rock and roll memories revived by Ringo Starr
and his many talented friends.
-- Travis Truitt of TUSCOLA, ILLINOIS

Well, Ringo still can't sing any better than he did, but that's not the
issue,is it? The new release is fun, and the band seems to genuinely be
having a good time. Although most of the material by all of the artists
represented is 25+ years old, they still seem to perform it with
relish. Ringo is in good spirits, and his enthusiasm more or less makes
up for his lack of a musical voice (something not exactly required for
rock'n'roll anyway). The exceptional low price on the disc makes it
worth having for the sheer whack of hearing these longtime rockers "do
their thing." Recommended for Ringo fans, oldies fans, and
rock'n'rollers who think that only "alternative" has any guts. The
"All-Starr Band" members perform from the heart, not the pocketbook, and
it shows. "A splendid time is guaranteed for all."
Jon A. Hand, Associate Professor of Music
Central Florida Community College
Ocala, Florida 34474

Ringo Starr's CD gets a Four Starr Rating here. Just happened to be in
Blockbuster Video and by chance, saw the new CD and got it. Although all the
All-Starr Bands have been excellent, I seem to think the 3rd was the most
fun. The songs seems to be more fun rock 'n roll. Felix was great, Randy in
particular was just red hot! All were terrific.

- Bob K
Salinas, CA

This has to be Ringo's finest!!! I saw the third ALLSTARR band during the summer of 1995 in person. What a show!!! I always dreamed of seeing a Beatle in person and there he was! The band was fantastic, Felix Cavileri, Billy Preston, John Entwhistle, Randy Bachman and the surprising Zak Starkey; what a tremendous drummer. The Third All-Starr band CD is like watching them in person all over again. Thanks Ringo - the show and CD were great!

- Patty Setford

Not only is this a sentimental favorite of mine (since this tour was my first
opportunity to catch Ringo in concert), but is the best All-Starr disc so
far.  (Although the video for the 4th All-Starrs is better, still.)  And this
was the only tour to start with "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go," a higher
energy opener than "It Don't Come Easy," lacking only the familiarity. 
(Well, not to me.)  "No Sugar Tonight" and "People Got To Be Free" weren't
performed at the show I saw, so I guess that's a bonus.  (Besides, they
played two shows that night.)  A tradeoff for not being able to see Billy
Preston dancing on the CD.  (Matter of fact, the only video clip I've seen
was "Locomotion" on Blockbuster's in-house advertathon.)  Anyhow, it's great,
it's Ringo, it's the All-Starrs, and it'd be a bargain at twice the price. 
Much as I hate wannabe monopolies, you can still find this in the racks at
~ Steven B. Topping


Editor's Note: The Ringo CD is not only available at Blockbuster Music stores (445 locations) but also at all Blockbuster Video Stores (3,200 locations across the country ), according to a Blockbuster spokesperson. Blockbuster also is trying to make the CD available at Blockbusters in select international markets (Canada, UK, Austraila etc).


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