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Editor's Note: The following are comments from fans concerning the possibility of a tour in 1997. Please feel free to add your thoughts by sending me a note .

These are just a few of my suggestions. Hope you find them of interest. Jackson, MS would be an excellent spot for a concert stop. No one ever plays there anymore and everyone in the entire state would flock to see this show. You'd be turning folks away left and right. I would love to see a young cat like Ritchie Kotzen playing guitar in the band. Anthony Jackson or Bill Dickens would make for the coolest bassist ever in your band. And the guy that I (and a hell of alot of other people too) would pay any price to see play with your band is a young drummer by the name of Brian Stephens. Last I heard, he was teaching at a school in Atlanta (the Atlanta Music Institute or Atlanta Institute of Music or something like that) and freelancing around there. I used to go see him play everytime he'd come through with a group. And to say he was always amazing would be an understatement. That guy was SOLID !! - Locked Pocket for days! Would love to see him and Ringo duet on the skins, man. If you had those guys in the band, anybody else would just be icing on the cake.
- Dylan (a loyal fan)

I also feel that Sibley, Iowa would be a good place to stop on tour. This town is worthless. Nothing ever happens here. The county fair is held here and it is just garbage.
No offence to those country lovers out there but I hate it and the only kind of musical guests we get to play are country. We need some real entertainment. There are many teenagers in this town that feel the same way that I do. This would be a good change for our fair(at least for the kids).
-Mike Leathers.

I saw Ringo at Atlantic City last July, and it was the most exciting experience of my life!!! I was 16 and he did "You're Sixteen" (you're beautiful, and your mine.) Well, I wish I was his, but I'll settle for seeing him in concert again. He even pointed at me during "With A Little Help From My Friends" (I almost died.)It was wonderful, even the five hours spent waiting in line. Ringo, if you happen to read this, PLEASE COME TO ATLANTIC CITY AGAIN...and look for the girl with the "I LOVE RINGO" sign, that's me!
Stephanie Stewart

I saw Ringo and All stars at Vienna, VA. July 95. I was in the front row, center behind the pitt seats. The highlight was when I yelled to Ringo during a silent moment and said "We love you Ringo". He acknowledged me by saying "I love you too, especially that deep voice". His concert was great. I hope to see him in 1997.

I saw two of the Ringo tours live in Phoenix, AZ. It would be great if he came here to perform again. I've been a fan since I was four years old. I'm thirty-seven now. I've collected all of the Beatles music and all of the solo material. What I would really like is a back stage pass to meet Ringo. I wish him all the best.
Sincerely, (David Jones)

I saw the first tour in '89 or '90 in Philadelphia and other than the fact the band was amazing and fantastic, Ringo outshined them all, he was the true star and everyone knew it, I couldn't help but cry. Seeing him was exciting enough, because I'm too young to have ever seen The Beatles, but seeing him after all the personal and business crap he has been through, and to see him enjoying himself and his legend was an emotional and overwhelming experience. God Bless Ringo!!
Nik Everett

I would love to see Ringo on tour. I am only 12 and am big fan of his and The Beatles. My cat, Bambi, loves the song " Yellow Submarine;" he sings to it when ever I play it. I hope he comes to Merriweather on his possible tour this year and sings my favorite songs, "Yellow Submarine," "The No No Song" and "It Don't Come Easy."
- Annamarie Damron, my sister, Heather Damron and Bambi

Ringo is god of all things. He has to play this tour. If I had a choice, I'd want him to play in Wisconsin. I would want him to play octupus's garden, or anything he can cook up. Ringo can't make a mistake, I don't think he knows how. Ringo will always be the god of drumming rock 'n' roll.
Tom Weingarten

I saw Ringo at the Starlite Theatre in Latham, New York two years ago and it was great. I would absolutely die to see him with Joe Walsh, Jack Bruce, and Peter Frampton. I also would love to hear him sing Don't Pass Me By, Act Naturally, and What Goes On. I can not wait to see him again.
-- WOBoogie

To see Ringo live has always been my dream! Imagine to see him, Paul McCartney, and George Harrison together.. But I realise thatīs out of the question. I really donīt care about the other members in the band. Ringo is the important person, but I think that his son, Zak, should be there, too! I hope that I will see him singing live one day.
-- Sophia Petersson of Sweden

I really hope that if there is a tour it COMES TO COLUMBUS OHIO OR AT LEAST NEAR HERE and that "Weight of the World" is performed.
Also "You're Sixteen", as I will turn sixteen this november and If (god willing) the tour (if it happens) comes to columbus (hopefully) and i was able to go (i better be) I would possibly die (i hope not, i'd miss the rest of the show.) Love,
Mme Rebecca Huffenberger

Ringo Staar was the base of the Beatles. He was the nicest and friendliest of the four. Keep on touring!!!
Hans Hawrysz
a second generation fan

I saw the All-Starr Band in Sweden in 93, and it was absolutely great. In fact, it was one of the most fun-loving, good-rocking events I've been attending. It would be nice to see him once more. In the meantime it would be a good idea for the man to record a new album. It would a contemporary country/rockabilly album with some newly written songs to perform on the next tour.
Robert Djurhuus Wasa

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