Ringo Starr @ The Bottom Line

Ringo appeared live in NewYork City on May 12 at an establishment called The Bottom Line. The names of the other musicians who joined him were not immediately available. The songs Ringo performed were as follows: "With a Little Help from My Friends," "It Don't Come Easy," "I Was Walkin'," "Don't Pass Me By," "Back Off Boogaloo," "King of Broken Hearts," "Octopus's Garden," "Photograph," "La De Da," "What in the World," "Love Me Do," and a second round of "With a Little Help From My Friends." (Photos courtesy of Mike Kennedy)

Fans Reviews

   I just wanted to send a note with regards to the show Tuesday night at the Bottom Line Cabaret in New York City.  Wow.  The atmosphere was something out of days gone past.  With people milling around the entrance and lines of people trying to get tickets to see Ringo.   I spent the first couple of hours standing across the street just taking it all in, as well as some pictures.  The surprise shouts from passerby's of "Ringo Starr", "No Way, I can't believe it, that's incredible" came every few seconds.  The celebrities were distinguishable to say the least.  As I waited to enter, those I encountered were, Barbara Bach - every bit as beautiful as ever, Joe Walsh - Mr. Casual blending right in with the NYC crowd, Hanson - they came right from their taping of the David Letterman show, and to my pleasure and surprise, Diana Ross - as elegant as ever.  There were more, but I probably didn't recognize them.  I heard that Frampton was there as well as several big writers from the press.

      As I didn't have a ticket, and I enjoyed the hub-bub going on, I waited until all the standing room line was allowed to enter and then my chance came.  From outside I heard "Octopus's Garden" and another song that must be from the new album.  Once inside, songs such as "Photograph", were tight, fun and well performed.  Ringo, as always, seems comfortable in front of a crowd.  He joked continuously, and even mentioned that, "I don't know why, but when I get up here I turn into a 100 year old comedian".  Other songs included the single "La De Da" - fantastic, upbeat, a good choice for the first single; "I'm Yours" - probably my favorite from the selection of new songs, during which he repeatedly pointed to his wife; and "Love Me Do'' - before which he had the crowd applauding the fact that it's his turn to play the song that started it all but that he was not on.

       I am just a middle of the line Beatle fanatic. I collect the music, enjoy the snippits of trivia, and try to see them anytime anyone of them play within 1,000 miles.  Ringo's last album should have done better.  This album sounds even better and I hope that it is well received by the non-beatle fanatics out there.  All I can sayis that last night was something that I never dreamed I would be part of and will always remember, most especially the look on the peoples faces in the restaurant "DOJO" across the street from the Bottom Line.  As Ringo exited the building into the street to his apartment he jumped up and down in front of the windows waving peace signs all the way.  What a Night.....what a night.

       Mike Kennedy
       New York City

  I saw Ringo at the Bottom Line tonight.  He played a 45 or 50 minute set that was unbelievable.  He played "with a little help from my friends", "It don't come easy", "Photograph" and the first time he has ever played "don't pass me by" as well as "Octopuses Garden" and a lot of new material.  His band was incredible.  
~ Dan Davidson

The historic significance of Tuesday's show should not be overlooked.
This was probably Ringo's first club date since The Cavern!
Besides performing "Don't Pass Me By" and "Octopus' Garden"  live for
the first time ever, this was the first concert Ringo gave where he SANG
~ Mike Rapsis 

     I saw the Ringo show at the Bottomline and the the next night's taping of the Storytellers for VH1! Ringo was in great voice. This was by far his best band yet, They did the intricate vocal harmony's of the Fab Four's "Ocotpus's Garden" and "Don't pass me by" (this song had Mark
Hudson playing hamonica for the violin part). It was tremendous seeing a Beatle in such close quarters. The VH1 show, he did the same numbers but told stories (very funny stories) about how the songs came about.
~ Steve Sidoti


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