Ringo & The All Starr Band
THE 1999 TOUR - How Far Did You Go ?

We are devoting this page to a listing of how far people traveled to see Ringo and The All Starr Band perform this year. Let us know approximately how far you traveled, incluidng from what city to which concert. If you don't know the distance, tell us where you live and which concert you attended, and we'll do the calculation.Click here to contact us.




 13 Richard & Debbie Bar  Apopka, Fla..  Orlando
18 miles  Steve Sidoti  Deer Park, NY  Westbury, N Y
 20 miles  Debi & Bob  Jackson Hts, NY  New York City
 21 miles  John Sauer  Long Island, NY  Westbury, NY
 30 miles  Andrew  Simi Valley  Universal City
 39 miles  Lyn Leonard and Martha Bowers.   Salt Lake City  Ogden
 45 miles Marsden R. Lordge  San Jose  Berkeley
 70 miles  Chris McIntyre  Shrewsbury, MA  Uncasville, CT
 83 miles (2 hrs)  Kristen, Kathy, William Palumbo & Debbie Foehr  Redding, CT Uncasville, CT
 94 miles (1.5 hrs)  Ben Ukuly  Findlay, Ohio  Columbus, Ohio
 114 miles  Robert Turnage  Sacramento,CA  Kelseyville, CA
 120 miles (2.25 hrs) Melanie Thomas  Oxford, Ohio  Columbus,Ohio
 140 miles ( 3 hrs)  Nancy M. Cook  Baltimore Atlantic City
 150 miles (3hrs)  Kris and Mike Bryant  Kalamazoo, Mich. Auburn Hills
 155 miles  Veronica  Little Rock, Ark.  Tunica, Miss.
 175 miles (3 hrs) Bill & Sherry Molner  Forty Fort, PA  Atlantic City
175 miles (3.5 hrs)  Shelly, Michal, Zita, Patti  Rock Tavern, NY  Atlantic City
 180 miles  Dean,Phillie, Dave  Washington, DC Atlantic City
 197 miles  Jeff Root  Fairfax, VA Atlantic City
 210 (4 hrs)  Michael Fameree/
John Fameree
 Green Bay, Wis.  Chicago, Ill.
 213 miles  Travis, Megan, Jason, and Jim  Tuscola, Ill  Merrillville, Ind.
 226 miles  Liane  San Francisco  Reno
  237 miles (6 hrs)  Tim Gilleand, Jason, Adam, Marcy, and Lori  South Bend, Indiana  Columbus, Ohio
 250 miles  Mark & Vicki Osten  Windsor, Calif.  Reno, Nev.
 252 miles  Michael Gold  St. Petersburg, Fla.  Fort Lauderdale
 289 miles  Dan & Paula Wesson    Stowe, VT   Uncasville, CT
 320 miles (6 hrs)  Bob, Bob & Lisa    Utica, NY  Atlantic City
 360 miles *  Sandra Otte  Indianapolis, Ind.  Columbus, Ohio
 446 miles Dawn and Michael Giangregorio  Kingsport, Tenn.  Columbus, Ohio
 479 miles  Gary & Mary Ann  Dallas  Tunica
 649 miles  Nancy Bird  Chalmette, La.  Orlando
 1,175 miles Mark and Judy Sharp  Maysville, Okla.  Las Vegas
 1,186 miles  Allie Sahlen &
Sara Buchbinder
 Buffalo, N.Y.  Orlando
 1,300 Dan & Paula Wesson  Stowe, VT.  Orlando
 1,671 miles  Jim & Joni Fisher.  St. Paul, MN  Las Vegas
 1,750 miles  Shelly & Pattie.  Rock Tavern, NY  Fort Lauderdale
 5,000 miles  Alon Sanie  Tel Aviv, Israel  Westbury, NY

* The actual distance from Indianapolis to Columbus is 169 miles, but Sandra took a long detour to pick up friends.

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