This is a partial list of other World Wide Web sites posted by fans of The Beatles and fans of those who have played with the All Starr Bands. The commercial sites follow the fans' sites. If you think you have -- or have found -- a cool site that you would like added to this list, send me a note at

Beatles-Related Homepages



Abbeyrd's Beatles Page Contains extensive information, links and a discography of The Beatles, The Byrds, and The Beach Boys
Ape Culture Includes a "What Beatle Are You" test and interesting articles on Ringo and George
Alto Celebs Photo collection
Apple Scruff's 
Beatlyrics Homepage
Includes lyrics to Beatles' songs, information on Beatles tours, etc.
Beaten Path The Beaten Path project is what its creators imagine a new Beatles album would be, were the four lads to reunite and record a retrospective of their own music over the seven year period 1964 to 1970.
Beatle Brunch Radio  National radio show dedicated to the Beatles...27 markets and growing!
Beatlefans.Com The site's "goal is to give you, the Beatles fan, what you want-all in one place. So we've taken your ideas and comments and created one web site that has it all."
Beatle Fans Unite Fan club site that includes news, etc.
Beatlelinks.Net A large list of links, this site" is striving to be the final destination of every Beatlemaniac on the Internet."
BeatleZone Includes comments on Beatles, pictures, etc.
Beatles 4Ever A Spanish language Beatles site.
Beatles 64 Offers up-to-date news and information, tourist information, and an online gift shop.
Beatles and Beyond Internet radio program, etc.
Beatles Cards Page An e-cards page for Beatles fans.
Beatles Central A collection of midis, album information, guitar information.
Beatles Classic Rock A Brazilian site that includes bio information, discographies, photos, and a guest book.
Beatles Club Germany's oldest and greatest Beatles Club site.
Beatles Discography An attempt to list the recordings of the Beatles in chronological order by their recording dates. 
Beatles Fans Unite Homepage of the Beatles Fans Unite international fan club.
Beatles in Portugal A Portuguese site dedicated to the Beatles
Beatles Index A series of links to other Beatles sites and Beatles-related info.
Beatles Ireland  Includes pictures, news, reports, etc.
Beatles London News and Information Service Contains the latest news, details of the London Beatles Walks, a list of current Beatles Fanclubs, links to other sites and  Richard Porter's latest book, The Official Abbey Road Cafe Guide to the Beatles London.
The Beatles Lyrics Archive Includes lyrics to practically every Beatles song ever recorded.
The Beatles On Abbey Road Includes a survey, news, photos, trivia quiz, other information and links.
The Beatles Page Consists of links to pages and pages of Photos of The Beatles, John Lennon and Sir Paul McCartney.
Beatles Posters Guide A tribute site featuring portraits of Beatles by posters, mainly conceptual artworks in ther later period.
The Beatles Reference Library A comprehensive collection of information on The Beatles and various discussions related to their careers.
Beatles Stamps Page Raphael Vandenberghe's site devoted to stamps of Beatles. Also includes personal photos of Paul and Ringo.
Beatles Sweden The site is dedicated to all people in Sweden (and of course outside Sweden as well) that enjoy the Beatles era.
The Beatles Time Capsule A collection of links and commentary that are interesting.
BeatlesNumber9 News, bios, and midis.
The Belgian Beatles Society The society promote the Beatles culture in Belgium to anyone and everyone who has a passion for high quality popular music.
Beatles Ultimate Experience Full-length Beatles Intervews spanning their entire career, over 200 rare and classic photos, Beatle animations, and Beatles e-mail greeting cards.
Bill Covington Bill's brief brush with The Beatles and fame.
Bungalow Bill's Beatles Page  Includes mostly Beatles songs and songs by individual Beatles.
Classic Rock Mining Co. You must do a keyword search to find The Beatles links.
Devildrop's Beatles Site  General Beatles site.
Dirty Mac's Homepage A collection of pictures, information, discographies and numerous links.
Drummer World Pictures and sounds of Ringo Starr and other famous drummers.
The Funny Beatles A photo gallery of funny pics
George Harrision
Tribute Page
A tribute to George Harrison
Hakan's Music Page Includes album covers,sounds, information, and links to other Beatles sites.
Hari's On Tour (Express) Site devoted to George Harrison
The Internet Beatles Album Beatles-related photographs and information
Jed's Beatles Home Page Includes a poll, bios, links, and other interesting stuff.
Jose and Claudia's Page From Mexico, an interesting collection of pictures and some unrelated stuff that fun.
Kerry's Beatles & Paul McCartney Site Includes pictures, bios, games, etc.
London Beatles Walks Site dedicated to walking tours of Beatles' London haunts.
Matt's Beatles Page Includes an album and song of the month, some pictures and biographies on each of The Beatles
MCRTNYFAN's Beatles Homepage Beatles/Paul McCartney pictures, articles, wavs. Also web pages on Mitch Weissman.
Meet The Beatles  Includes history, albums, pictures, interviews, a banner swap, midis, etc.
Leyendes del Rock Mexican artist Hector Monroy's work includes renderings of The Beatles
Mike's Beatles Page  Includes pictures, lyrics, links and chat.
The Obvious Moose
Beatles Page
A collection of photographs, sounds, and other Beatles-related stuff.
Octopus's Website The first French website about Ringo Starr
Ottawa Beatles Site  Includes discography, timeline, news, links, etc.
Paul McCartney Photo Page An interesting collection of pictures that includes some shots of Ringo.
Pepperland A well-done page with various pictures, observations, reviews, and advice on collecting.
Pop Topix Provides links to Beatles-related sites.
Real Greeting Card Standard greeting e-card site. Go to the bottom of the homepage and do a search for "Beatles."
Ringo and Rita Published poet Michael Benedikt's poem about Ringo Starr and English actress Rita Tushingham
Ringo's Mini Steve Smith has restored the Mini Cooper S once owned by Ringo and makes all the details available for your enjoyment.
Rock On Tour Includes commentary on one of Ringo's concerts.
Rocky Racoon's
Road House
A collection of photos, lyrics, bio page, memorabilia, links, Lennon discography and a great tribute to John Lennon.
Schlameil's Beatles Page Includes photos, lyrics and other items related to Beatles music.
Shawn Perry's Vintage Rock This links to the Ringo Starr portion of the page.
The Spanish Beatles Page A well-done page, this is the only Spanish Beatles page in the world. It includes reviews, commentary, photos, trivia, etc.
Stuck Inside A Cloud Dedicated to George Harrision
Troni's Beatles Page Based in Germany, this is "an area free from JAVA, JAVA applets, cookies, frames, tables and graphic overload. Only Beatles, more Beatles and Beatles to the very end."
Tomorrow Never Knows This Brazilian-based page is bi-lingual (English and Spanish) and includes news, information on Paul's latest efforts, lyrics, and links to other Beatles sites.
Ultimate Beatles Midi Page Includes almost every Beatles song.
The Unofficial Beatles Lyrics Archive Lyrics to all the Beatles songs and the songs of Ringo, John, George, and Paul.
The Unofficial Beatles Page An interesting assortment of Beatles-related sites, movie reviews, quotes, trivia, the Paul-is-dead theory, and other information.
Walls and Bridges A site focused on John Lennon that includes photographs, lists of books, records, songs, etc.
World's Best Skiffle Links As you may recall, Ringo started out playing in a skiffle band. This site is devoted to that type of music.

All Starr Band-Related Links

Utlimate Timmy Fanz A place for all of those Tim Cappello fans out there to congregate and learn more about the man behind the music.

Beatles-Related Commercial Sites

Alan Lowell's Beatles Page Sells and buys records and record sleeves.
Beatle City  Site contains information about the Beatles, as well as selling Beatles-related clothing, cards, pictures, postcards, etc. Requires Flash; you'll need a Pentium III to see.
Beatle City A different site from the previous listing, this site offers tours of Liverpool and Merseyside.
The Beatle Pilgrimage Tour Offers tours of Beatles' sites in England.
Beatlefest They sell just about everything you can imagine being commercialized about The Beatles
Beatles Collectibles Steve Freedman: Dealer, Collector Appraiser of Beatles Memorabilia and Collectibles. Buy, sell and trade.
BeatleCollectors Collectibles, records, memorabilia
Beatles Memorabilia  Links to price guides and memorabilia.
Beatles Undercover Beatles Undercover, a book by Kristofer K. Engelhardt, explores the origins and evolution of The Beatles' contributions to other artists' music along with a brief biographical sketch of these artists.
Cohen Technology Sells DVDs, videos, CDs and records
Drummin' Men  Specializes in CD's and Videos featuring Drummers and Percussionists. 
Fabcoolstuff Sells Beatles gifts and souvenirs.
The Mathew Street 
Beatles Store
 Based in Liverpool, the store is a portal for shops that sell a variety of Beatles items, including T-shirts, belt buckles, figurines and coffee mugs.
Megaworld Offering the Ringo and his All Starr Band 3 CD Set, The Anthology So Far
The Music Machine A mail order company that carries a number of Beatles-related merchandise as well as items related to other groups.
Once A Man
Twice A Child
Promotes a book that speculates on whether John Lennon's death was prophecized 13 years earlier.
Pacific Products You will need to do a keyword search to find the Ringo plates and figurine (The so-called holder looks like he's being linched).
Roy Young Homepage Narrative and photographs of Beatles from Roy Young, who says he performed with the Beatles at the Star-Club, Hamburg, Germany in 1962.
T Shirt Now Sells T-shirts and caps; finding The Beatles is not easy unless you "SEARCH" for it.
Tracks Specialists in music memorabilia and merchandise.
White Rabbit CDs Specializes in music from 1965 to 1975