Ringo Rama Debutes March 25


Ringo's new record album, Ringo Rama from Koch Records, debuted on March 25 and includes guest performances by Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Eagles bassist and former All-Starr Band member Timothy B. Schmit, Shawn Colvin, and Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour. A copy of the news release is available here. Stories and reviews from fans follow:

Fans' Stories

From Ron and Victoria Biegel of Hillsborough, N.J.

My daughter Victoria and I saw Ringo Starr and Mark Hudson tonight (March 25, 2003) at the FYE record store in NYC.

We purchased his new CD Ringo Rama and he autographed it. We arrived at the record store about 2:45 p. m. The "300 guaranteed" autographs were already long gone so we waited in the line with the hope that he would take some additional people. Oddly the store didn't seem very optimistic this would happen and we almost left. Glad we didn't!

Ringo arrived in a black Chevy Suburban with dark glass that came cruising down along 51st street unknown to any of us in the line. He must have enjoyed seeing the long line. The Chevy stopped at the corner of 51st and Avenue of the Americas. My friend John was also with us and he saw Ringo get out of the car and quickly enter FYE while Victoria and I held his place in line a half a block away.

The line began to trickle in at 7 p.m. and we were happy to get near the front of the store by about 8:15 p.m. Having purchased the CD in advance we were all set with the insert out and ready. I also had my original "Meet the Beatles" LP purchased in 1964 with me on the outside chance he might also sign it. No way. The store personnel made it clear it was for the new CD only. I couldn't even get the LP on the table.

When our turn came we had about 15 seconds to say hello and I asked if he would be playing in NJ. I think Mark Hudson replied yes to the question and Ringo added in that they all would be at the Garden Arts Center ( PNC Arts Center, Homdel, NJ). I said "great" and told him I'd see them there. He also took note of my daughters T-shirt showing a nice picture of Ringo making the peace sign. This came from the last PNC center concert two years ago.

The autograph we did get looks almost identical to the album cover signature except it is in in blue and he wrote "03" next to "Ringo". Overall a thrill for me and a great experience for my daughter to see a real Beatle up close. I certainly plan to see him in concert at the PNC center with my daughter on August 3rd. By the way, we listened to the new CD on the way home and love it. On first listening my immediate favorites are "Eye to Eye" and Never Without You". "Instant Amnesia" seems very interesting too.



Fans' Reviews

From Steve (Aug. 26, 2003)

I just had to write and say how much I have enjoyed Ringo Rama since first hearing it from a friend. I love all the songs - I think this CD has some of Ringo's best drumming - I especially love his cymbal work as well. I would dearly love to see Ringo in concert but alas I don't think Ringo would come to Australia - If he did I would sleep out all night to get the tickets like I did for the Macca tour when he toured Australia in 93.

Anyway, my best track on Rama is Write one for me with Willie Nelson - I just play it over and over again.

Keep on rockin Ringo.


From Tim Jackson (May 20, 2003)

I, like all of the other visitors to your site, am a big fan of Ringo solo and with any combination of the All Starr Bands. After listening to Ringo Rama a few times I decided that the one song that really has the clear potential of being a radio "hit" is the duet with Willie Nelson, WRITE ONE FOR ME. I went into some online music and voice chat rooms on the Internet and played it for folks from all over the world and the reaction was the same each time--They loved it!! If anyone from Koch or Ringo's camp checks into this site -- take note -- you have a hit on your hands if you play it WRITE (GET IT). For those of you who mentioned other tracks as your favs, go back and listen to Ringo and Willie having a lot of fun and ponder the thought that the combined age of the two singers is 132 years! YEAH YEAH YEAH...Thanks. (I have seen every Ringo tour since he started them including the one and only appearance of Bruce Springsteen at the Garden State Arts Center in 1989--notable because that is the only time Bruce has ever played there. It made me forget that it was pouring rain that day.)


From Sebastian Valenzuela (May 18, 2003)

I'm just writing to express my love of this new album Ringo Rama I hope to see Ringo in September here in L.A. The album is great, the song writing is great. I love the duet with Willie Nelson. This album is going to be a classic. Well, that's it. PEACE AND LOVE.


From Ed Foy Wisconsin (May 8, 2003)

As a long time Ringo fan, ( hell I'm 49 years old) I bought Ringo O Rama. I enjoyed the DVD very much. I also enjoy the new tunes. They are very catchy . I would offer a suggestion. WRITE ONE FOR ME should be released as a single with a focus on the country charts ( yes I know that's not where Ringo is known , but it just seems to fit). Thank you.


From Steven B. Topping (April 22, 2003)

By now, Ringo and Mark Hudson have figured out the difference between what works and what works best. "Ringo Rama" is the result. For the most part, backing vocals and guest appearances don't take center stage, only Ringo does. Without looking at the credits, I wouldn't know that Eric Clapton, David Gilmour and Shawn Colvin are on the album...not because what they do isn't good; it's because it is not the main focus of the song. Willie Nelson does stand out though, and well he should.

There's not a bad song on the album, it's even hard to separate the tracks into the great ones and good ones. But there's something for everyone, and he does it better than ever. Rockers, catchy pop tunes, ballads (never thought to be Ringo's forte, but people forget two of his top 10 hits were ballads), it's all great.

If I were forced to pick one track, I'd probably go with "I Really Love Her" just for being 100 percent pure Ringo. My only complaint is that Ringo has made so many great albums by now that I have to start categorizing my favourites...top Ringo studio albums, top Ringo live albums, etc.


From Al (April 15, 2003)

I hate to say it, but Ringo has done it again. He's been consistently putting out GREAT CD's that have tunes that get played over and over while Paul's CD's end up on the shelf after a couple of plays. NO BOREDOM with RINGO!!!


From Dave Bolin of Houston, Texas (April 7, 2003)

I have to say that Ringo Rama is the BEST ROCK CD in about ten years for me (Since Bruce, Baker & Moore in '93) It is a pleasure to see Ringo stretch out and do new things. The tunes are great the band is incredible Gilmour! Clapton! WILLIE !!! Folks this is a must have (even if it gets you in trouble with your dad!!) Remember Peace and Love Best Regards.


From Jeff Hausner of Owensboro, KY (3/27/2003)

Ringo is redeveloping his own musical strength on every new album since Time takes Time. One this great album you have to be patient and listen all the way through a song because some of the bridges are so different and incredible. Many people will buy the Ringo Rama album for his guest musicians, but Ringo is the real Starr!!! Keep up the great work Ringo.


From Bob Tassone (3/27/2003)

Unfortunately, this ones not as good as "Vertical Man" or "Time Takes Time." The songs are not as strong and the production is way overdone and badly mixed.

Ringo's voice is mixed way back in some of the songs and Mark Hudson's backing vocal arrangements are irritating. This is particularly true on the Willie Nelson track. Eric Clapton's guest appearance is bland.

The George tribute song is nice, but not a "must have" song.

Ringo also violates his own principles on the drums, as in "never over playing." His drum work dominates many of the tracks, and, although I like his drumming, the weakness of the song writing comes through over the crashing snare drum strokes.

The best song on the album: Right now I'd say "Missouri Love Company." It is actually cleverly written. Sadly, it is the exception, not the rule. On the last track, Ringo plays everything, but the song is unfinished and is not really a serious effort. It could have been the best song on the album if he had worked on it.

Sorry to be disappoint.


From Celeste (3/26/2003)

The song Ringo wrote for George..is just beautiful!!!!! so heart felt...and personal...Thank You Ringo for sharing your feelings with us......we feel the same way about George....you just put it into words for us...... Bravo!!!!!!





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