Ringo and The Beatles' Anthology

Ringo comes across as the band's sage. -- T.V. Guide

The best anecdotist, believe it or not, is Ringo. -- People

Ringo is still the ideal, unflappable pub mate. -- Time

"It was better when there was three of us than when Ringo said, "Oh, I've done my bit," and left me and George to do it. Me and George, as artists, had a bit more tension." -- Paul McCartney in Q Magazine

"We were four guys who really loved each other. We were stuck with each other and that wasn't a bad thing. It was a lifesaver. There were four of us and there were four brothers. We were the Four Musketeers. And everybody saved everybody else at some point." -- Ringo in T.V. Guide.

"We all went through a lot of rubbish with each other, suing each other, not being friends, not liking each other. To see back, we did have a lot of fun. We were very close. So it was very therapeutic in a way. What's even better was that George, Paul, and I got back together over the past couple of years to become friends and buddies again. It would have been nicer if John had of been there, but of course, he's gone." -- Ringo in The Beatles on E!

"Ringo said, it might be very joyous -- that's Ringo's word -- this ancient Ringo language, it might be very joyous. And in fact it was quite a pleasant experience." -- Paul McCartney in Beatlefan

"It was great. It was a lot of fun. The emotional part, of course, was 'cause we had John coming out of the speakers when we were during the track "Free as a Bird." We had to get over that, and then we had a lot of fun.
It's sort of taken us three or four years to put our piece together so we'd been meeting up here and there and gradually it got more and more and we spent more and more time with each other, so it was a lot of fun. We had a lot of reminisces and a lot of laughs." -- Ringo on Good Morning America

"It's always been a little messy, always the hint of continuing tension. We sort of brought it around and tied it up again in a very good was. Once we get together, hanging out and being friends again, there's not much trouble at all. We laugh a lot.
The one thing that struck me was that the only people who don't look at me as if I'm a Beatle are Paul and George. And I don't look at them like that either. It's very refreshing." -- Ringo in The Times Union

"We are the only ones who know each other. We know what it was like. They are the only two that don't look at me like I'm a Beatle. They look at me like I'm a Ringo and I look at him like he's a Paul or he's a George." -- Ringo in Q Magazine

"In the beginning it was pretty emotional because we were all --the three of us were there and John's voice was there but he wasn't there himself. So we had to get over that. First time I heard the track it was very emotional and then we got into the studio and there we are. You've heard the story. We felt John had gone out for a cup of tea, and we carried on without him, which used to happen. One of us wouldn't be there. We worked very hard, so did Jeff, to pull it together." -- Ringo in The Beatles on E!

"It's still a sadness for all of us because, you know, the three of us got pretty close again there, and still there's that empty hole, you know, that's John." -- Ringo in Q Magazine

"It's ("Free As a Bird") great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm on it. It's an amazing Beatle track. I listened and I thought, "It sounds just like them." I'd taken myself away from it for so long that it was like listening to it as an outsider. It's brilliant. I think you could say they made it in 1967." -- Ringo in Q Magazine

"At the playback I said, "It sounds just like them," 'cause it was. It does. It sounds like we hadn't stopped. It sounds like we didn't stop at all. No years in between." -- Ringo on The Beatles on E!

"There was a real nice moment when we were doing "Real Love" and I was trying to learn the piano bit, and Ringo sat down on the drums, jamming along. It was like none of us had ever been away." -- Paul McCartney in Q Magazine

On touring -- "I don't think so. That's a whole new deal if we put it together. It's very difficult to go out as the Beatles -- John isn't around. We could go out as Ringo, George, and Paul. That would be the only way we could go out. But we didn't even really get in to talking about that. And I know everyone gets excited because we've been offered billions of dollars, but it's not really a question of doing if for the money." -- Ringo on Good Morning America

On the reunion coming about as a result of being scrapped for cash: "That's not strictly true. I'm sitting here in Monte Carlo. You know, they write anything they like. They don't have a lot of facts. Our records have always sold. Every year we're selling a couple of million records anyway." -- Ringo on Good Morning America

"The songs are what's important and, of course, how we played on them, but it's down to the writers." -- Ringo on Good Morning America

"That's the legacy the Beatles left. Not all the madness. It's the music. It was always that. The music is the Beatles." -- Ringo in The Beatles on E!

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