Scouse A Delight
By Mary Ann Shultz

Scouse the Mouse, although not a Ringo album in the strict sense, is none the less a delightful addition to anyone’s collection of Ringo’s musical endeavors. The album, released on December 9, 1977, features Ringo on eight of the fifteen tracks as well as dialog.

Scouse the Mouse is a children’s story centered around a Liverpudlian mouse named Scouse. Scouse, voiced by Ringo, starts his life in a pet shop from which he longs to be rescued. Eventually Scouse is bought by a family and, while living with them, Scouse learns to speak Human from watching television. Scouse confides to his mouse friend, Bonce, that he feels destined to be a star in America. One night Scouse’s cage is left open and he escapes. As luck would have it, Scouse is befriended by a family of entertainers who recognize his unique talents and include him as part of their act. While on a cruise ship, Scouse falls for the flattery of a group of cats who are more interested in how he will taste than in his singing. To escape the cats, Scouse jumps overboard. In due time he is rescued by a friendly seagull who takes him to New York where Scouse fulfills his ambition of performing at Carnegie Hall.

The album was produced by Hugh Murphy, recorded at Berwick Street Studios in London, and released on Polydor. Donald Pleasance narrated; Adam Faith voiced the part of Bonce; Barbara Dickson played Molly Jolly; Ben Chatterley was Olly Jolly; Lucy Pleasance was Holly Jolly, and Rick Jones appeared as Louie the Gull. Ringo does an admirable job as Scouse sounding happier and in better voice on this album than he did on Ringo the 4th released that September. Plans for an animated adaptation of the story fell through due to a strike at ITV. The book, written by Donald Pleasance and illustrated by Gerry Potterton, were released only in the United Kingdom.

Ringo sings on, “Living in a Pet Shop,” “Souse’s Dream,” “Running Free,” “Boat Ride,” “Scouse the Mouse,” “I know a Place,” “S. O. S.,” and “A Mouse Like Me.” “A Mouse Like Me” was later changed to “A Man Like Me” and included on Ringo’s 1978 album Bad Boy. The other seven songs on Scouse the Mouse are: “Sing a Song for the Tragopan” “Snow up Your Nose for Christmas,” “America, A Mouse’s Dream,” “Scousey,” “Passenger,” “Caterwaul,” and “Ask Louey.”

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