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If you loved the Beatles' music, and if you love Ringo, but don't have his 1992 album, TIME TAKES TIME, then you do not own one of Ringo's finest albums! You also do not have one of the finest SOLO albums by any of the former Beatles, and you do not own one of the finest rock albums that has come out in recent years. Yes, no kidding -- it's that good!

If you already have TIME TAKES TIME, please be sure to read the section that occurs later in this article, called, "Some final thoughts..., and some exciting news." If you don't have TIME TAKES TIME, please read on...

Time Magazine, Beatlefan and various well known music publications such as Cashbox Magazine, Goldmine Magazine, Discoveries Magazine and Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album extremely positive reviews.

Discoveries Magazine stated that the album was,

"Critically acclaimed!"

The review went on to say that Rolling Stone Magazine gave the album a rare and richly deserved

"Rave Review"

Goldmine Magazine said,

"TIME TAKES TIME" is both infectious rock and a gentle message about the hard knocks life inevitably has in store, and the foolishness of wasting the time it takes to cry over them."

Time Magazine called the album,

"Ten hit singles on the Bandstand Chart. Ten tunes with instantly memorable hooks."

The April 1993 Discoveries Magazine issue stated,

"Some were calling TIME TAKES TIME Ringo's best album since the 1974 RINGO album."

For those who long for the joyful sounds of Beatle's driven 60's rock, Time Magazine said it best,

"This is music!"

Beatlefan Magazine, in its review of TIME TAKES TIME said,

"Ringo has turned out his best album since the RINGO album, and it was worth the wait."

TIME TAKES TIME is at least the equal of this outstanding album and may even surpass it, splendidly blending joyful rock with straight from the heart lyrics.

Ringo's voice has never sounded better or more confident. This is a strong, focused album and each song possesses that unique and joyful sound that is quintessentially Ringo.

TIME TAKES TIME is not an album with a few good songs, surrounded by mediocre offerings. TIME TAKES TIME is an album of great songs surrounding several songs that could have and should have been Top Ten Hits!

Ringo has said about TIME TAKES TIME:

"I am as proud of this as I am of anything I have ever done."

It is NOT too late

*** to add TIME TAKES TIME to your music collection!!! Keep reading and later on this page, you will find information on how you can order this album. ***

In October of 1988, Ringo changed his life. He got his singing, writing and performing career back on track. In 1989, he put together the first ALL STARR BAND tour, and it was a huge success! In 1992, Ringo went back into the studio and began work on TIME TAKES TIME. Ringo also wrote several of the songs for the album.

In 1992, Ringo took a second ALL STARR BAND tour on the road. Two of the songs from the album were performed on stage: "Weight of the World", for which Ringo made an accompanying video, and "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go." Both songs were enthusiastically embraced by tour audiences. According to Discoveries Magazine, "Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go" almost without exception received a standing ovation, night after night from fans, who eagerly sang the song with Ringo.

TIME TAKES TIME is a finely crafted album. With the help of several talented songwriters, including the rock band Jellyfish, Rick Suchow, Johnny Warman and Diane Warren, and four extremely knowledgeable and gifted producers, Don Was, Jeff Lynne, Phil Ramone and Peter Asher, the album's songs were meticulously chosen and lovingly recorded.

Ringo drums on every track. His drumming is classic Ringo, and he provides the perfect foundation upon which the music rides and shines. Don Was, one of the album's producers, stated in Discoveries Magazine, "Ringo's drums are one of the greatest things you can have on a record. Ringo's feel is so distinctive." Jeff Lynne, another of the album's producers agrees, and adds in the same review, "It was a thrill to work with Ringo. He is one of my favorite drummers." Beatlefan said of Ringo's drumming on the album, "Ringo's strokework, particularly those lovely fills, is as distinctive as ever."

Outstanding keyboard and guitar work by a talented host of players which include Robbie Buchanan, James "Hutch" Hutchingson and Andrew Gold, coupled with rich backing vocals by Jellyfish and Brian Wilson, among others, add resounding depth and richness to every track.

The album has a theme and the songs speak eloquently of Ringo's heart and his spirit. TIME TAKES TIME is a personal album about personal triumph. Ringo, in an interview featured in Goldmine Magazine stated, "All of the songs have something in there for me, even if I didn't write them."

So how come you didn't buy TIME TAKES TIME ???

Actually, several unfortunate situations conspired to prevent the album from properly reaching its audience --

Many of Ringo's fans never got a fair chance to hear the tracks, not because of a lack of promotion -- in fact Private Music did a terrific job promoting TIME TAKES TIME. Rather, it was the lack of air play that prevented fans from experiencing the delightful tracks on this terrific album. In their April 1993 issue, Discoveries Magazine quoted Fred Goodman, Editor-in-Chief of Cashbox Magazine as saying, "There is (in the radio industry), a strong prejudice against older rockers. We had the single, ("Weight of the World"), as the PICK OF THE WEEK, and we thought the album was good!" Unbalanced distribution was another factor. Again, according to Discoveries Magazine, smaller music outlets were not adequately apprised of the album's worth and sales potential, thus many small music stores did not carry the album. Consequently, it was difficult for many to find TIME TAKES TIME in the first few critical weeks following its release.

Do something really nice for yourself --

This is a MUST HAVE album for any Ringo fan and for any Beatle music fan who wants to own one of the finest solo albums ever done !

If you would like to order TIME TAKES TIME ...

The CD is still available by special order from major music outlets or your local music store. Another way to purchase TIME TAKES TIME is to order it from:

* The toll free number is: 1-800 BEATLES
* The album's order number is: 1391

Below is a brief look at the songs, organized by producer:

Don Was produced five of the tracks on TIME TAKES TIME. He did brilliant work on the album that brought out the best in Ringo and the songs. Don Was told Discoveries Magazine, "I am incredibly proud of this album." He also said he considered it an honor to work with Starr.

These are the songs Don Was produced for TIME TAKES TIME:


This is one of two songs released as a single. Ringo performed the song during his 1992 ALL STARR BAND tour, and a video of the song was also produced. This is a strong song with memorable lyrics and a music line that grabs you hard. This song could easily have been a Number One!


This track combines delicious backing harmonies with an easy-going, breezy style and poignant lyrics that deliver a punch.


A song by Jellyfish, this is one of the finest tracks on the album. And it has it all -- outstanding melody, great lyrics and a beat reminiscent of some of the Beatles' best. Rolling Stone Magazine calls it a "lively, vibrant rocker."


Another great track, this song has heartfelt lyrics that make a bold statement. It also features excellent backing vocals and a lengthy fade-away ending.


This is a sweet, memorable, joyful love song with a great beat, a strong melody line and creative backing vocals by ex-Beach Boy Brian Wilson.

Jeff Lynne produced:

"Don't Go Where The Road Don't Go" and "After All These Years." Discoveries Magazine said that, "Lynne's production style has been the key ingredient to many hit albums." A few years after his work on TIME TAKES TIME, Lynne's considerable talents were tapped for work with George Martin on the Beatles Anthology albums.


Written by: Richard Starkey with J. Warman, G. Grainger

This is another track that could have gone to Number One. This song is a powerful rocker with an attitude, possessing a music line that's on fire and a driving beat. With words close to Ringo's heart, this number produced standing ovations when performed during his 1992 ALL STARR BAND tour.


Written by: Richard Starkey with J. Warman

A superb track, and included on the cassette single, this fine rock song has great lyrics driven by Ringo's dynamic beat and a satisfying melody. Time Magazine calls it a "mesmeric thumper." Beatlefan pronounces it a "punchy rocker.

Phil Ramone produced two tracks on the album:


A lovely but not too gentle rock ballad that has an easy swing and great style.


Written by: Richard Starkey with J. Warman

A haunting collage of sounds and images, this unusual track is a feisty, spirited, in your face rocker that delivers its passionate truths with a vengeance.

Peter Asher produced one fine song for the album:


This is a quiet track with intriguing, shifting rhythmns, excellent drumming and lyrics with some tart truths that give it relevance and bite.


In 1995, Ringo toured with his third ALL STARR BAND, to great reviews and wildly enthusiastic, appreciative audiences. In 1997, Ringo took a fourth ALL STARR BAND on the road. It has been reported that a CD of the 1995 tour and a CD of the 1997 tour and possibly a video tape of the 1997 show is in the works.

The 1997 ALL STARR BAND tour featured knock out performances by Ringo Starr, Peter Frampton, Gary Brooker, Simon Kirke, Jack Bruce and Mark Rivera. If you saw this show, then you already know that you experienced one of rock's finest moments !

Ringo could well be at the peak of his professional musical career. It has been reported that Ringo will soon go back into the studio to begin work on a new solo album due to be released later this year!

If you saw Ringo's shows, the video tape and CD's will allow you to experience the magic again and again. If you didn't see his shows, they will enable you to experience outstanding, unforgettable performances by top, seasoned rockers. You don't have to take MY word for it. Go back to the Home Page of this web site, and go to where it says,

"For more information on the tour that was recently completed"

and click on the CLICK HERE on that page. Then click on the "Fan's Reviews of the Concerts." The consistently glowing reviews speak eloquently for themselves!


The 1995 Tour CD

The 1997 Tour CD

The 1997 Video Tape of the ALL STARR BAND SHOW (when it becomes available)

Ringo's upcoming album (due out later this year)

This isn't about money. Ringo has plenty. It is about what all musicians want and need, live and breath -- the respect and positive response of their fans to their work!

So don't wait for the radio stations to play songs from Ringo's new album when it comes out. It could be a L O N G wait! Like TIME TAKES TIME, his upcoming album may not get the air play it needs. TIME TAKES TIME deserved to be a smashing success. You and I --Ringo's friends, can make sure that this time, his new album's sales reflect his fine effort and generate the success he deserves!

Ringo Starr is giving us the best that he is. When he joined the Beatles in 1962, he brought with him a magic that belongs to him alone and which touched the hearts of millions of fans all over the world. Blended with the magic was warmth, a unique charisma, superb talent, a great voice, a sparkling sense of humor and an innovative, creative drumming style that defined rock music and set the standard for both contemporaries and for later generations of rock drummers. In the years since the end of the Beatle's era and right up to today, Ringo continues to bring joy to multiple generations of fans worldwide! He has earned our trust, loyalty, love and respect.

Pam Dupre --
a first generation fan of the Beatles
and the man -- Ringo Starr
E-mail address: