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Do Another American Tour!

My favorite Ringo song is Yellow Submarine.When I saw Him in concert
(this summer in Delaware) he played it! Near the end of the concert we
went up front, and during the encore I got so excited I screamed I love
you, Ringo! He pointed at me , then he laughed and walked away. I'm 12
years old and I've been a Beatles fan since I was a baby. My parents
would play Bungalo Bill and I would sing along to it. I love Ringo so
much I even put an octopus' garden in my bedroom.I got a fishnet and
hung it in the corner of my room, then I got beanie babie fish and an
octopus and put them on the fishnet! I just read that Ringo is planning
a tour for 1998, but he may not come to the U.S.! RINGO, PLEEEEEEASE
COME BACK IN 1998 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
And, anyone that reads this, please send Ringo a message to COME BACK !
~ Brittany Hutchinson

Ringo - 'The Most Gorgeous Man'

Ringo Starr is the most gorgeous man on this earth! Although he may be 57 yrs. old, he is the most sexiest 57 yr. old I've ever seen. I will always love and adore him. His sexy blue eyes and smile just make me melt and always will. I can't wait to see him again in concert. One of these days hopefully I will get lucky and get to meet the most gorgeous man on this earth.
~ Rachel - Spring, Texas

Ring Is 'The Best'

I'm 15 years old and me and one of my friends are slightly obsessed
about The Beatles. Even though her favorite is John, I'm proud to say that
my favorite one is Ringo. Don't get me wrong. I love them all, but Ringo is
the best!!!

~ Danea


Fan Likes Ringo

I absolutely love Ringo! He always was my favorite Beatle and I love his solo work. The only album I have heard the whole way through is "Ringo" and it wonderful. Keep in mind I am only 16 years old. I haven't really had the chance to hear much else. I don't listen to regular music a normal 16 year old would like, alternative or rap or crap like that, I listen to my parents music, the great stuff like Jopplin, Doors,Beatles,Pink Floyd, and things like that. Earlier this year in May I had the privilage honnor or seeing Mr. Ringo Starr and his all Star band and it was the best concert I had ever seen. Thank you Ringo. Thank you for being there.PEACE.


Praise for Ringo

I've been learning to play drums for two years now, and when I listen to music I always pay special attention to the drummer. As far as I'm concerned, Ringo always played exactly what the song called for, which makes him not just a good drummer, but a great drummer. Mike Rosmore


Loves Ringo

I LOVE Ringo! He has always been my favorite of the Beatles! I am so happy that there's a web page all about him! Now I can know everything about my Richie!! Actually everything I have is either Beatles or Ringo! I have posters, books, records, calanders, pictures, cd's, songbooks, movies, almost everything there is! But still I'm not happy. What would make me the happiest girl in the world would be for Ringo to go on tour again! I missed it the last time and I'm so sad I just want to cry! I hope Ringo would like read this or something and be conviced to go back on tour...but then thats just hoping.


Stole The Shirt Off His Back

In 1965, I was a 17-year-old girl in New York City, completely in love with John Lennon. My best friend's father was a chef in the hotel where the Beatles were staying and allowed us access into the hotel through the kitchen door. After a few dollars changing hands, we set off in search of John...to abbreviate a pretty long story...John was no where to be found, instead we incountered Ringo sleeping peacefully in his room. Until that point I had never even considered him handsome, but suddenly I was confronted by the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He looked like an Angel, with a youthful glow and the face of an innocent child. I felt very guilty at the realization that he was a vulnerable human being, just like everyone else. He took a deep breathe and began to awake, as he opened his unbelievably georgous greenish eyes, my friend grabbed a shirt from the end of the bed and we ran out. I have felt guilty about this incident my entire life. So Ringo, if you ever wondered what happened to the white short collared shirt with the raised stripes, it has been very loved and well taken care of. I hope in your big heart you can forgive my friend and I and all the others like us who did these things to you.
(Editor's Note: Ringo's eyes are really really blue; but this is Crystal's story, not mine)


Has Always Loved Ringo

From the very first time I saw Ringo I knew that I had completely fallen in love with him! Who couldn't love him with his big, beautiful, blue eyes, his cute lopsided smile, and his adorable nose!! He is so sweet and funny and kind-hearted!!! Do I even have to mention that he's the best drummer in the whole world??!! He definetly made the Beatles what they were!! Without Ringo I don't consider them the Beatles!!! I have so many ringo pictures and posters hanging up in my room you can hardly see the walls!! I even bought a drumset so that I could have another reason for watching him!! I've even painted Ringo Starr on my fingernails!! I know I'm pathetic but I can't help it! I've never loved anyone as much as I love Richie!! I have a picture of him when he got married to Maureen...and every time I look at it I cry!!! I really hope he goes on tour again i really really do!! I HAVE to meet ringo some time in my life I just HAVE to!!! Well can just go on and on about Richie but I don't want to bore every one!! All I can say is I love Ringo and I always will!!!


The Most Gorgeous Man On Earth

When I first saw him I thought that Ringo was a little wierd looking,but after a few minutes I realized how stupid I was to insult the most gorgeous man on Earth. His goofy little smile. His big, sexy nose. One look at him and the world "adorable" comes to my mind. He is the epitimy of handsome.
There is nothing that can make me happier than to see his big, beautiful, blue eyes staring back at me, even if it is a picture. Richie is, without a doubt my favorite Beatle. I have loved him ever since he was a baby, up until now(if that's possible, considering I'm only 13). Every stage of him was gorgeous, wether you could cleary see his face or not(meaning he had a beard or mustache). Whenever we made anything in art, be it paper mache or drawings, mine were always of Ringo.
My locker contains nothing but pictures of Richie(and the other four along with him in some photos). I listen to nothing but the Beatles and Ringo as a soloist. However at, school, I seem to be the only girl in love with Ringo. Most have, to my surpise, fallen for George, while some like Paul, and a few like John. I however love Ringo more than any man in the world(as in men I am not related to in any way).
Beatles posters adorn my walls. I have everything Beatles. And everynight I fall asleep to the sound of Richie's voice. Whenever I hear his voice, I am incapable of moving. Some people at school don't understand how I can be so in love with Ringo, who is 43 years my senior. What I don't understand is what there is to understand. Ringo is Ringo, who could possibly not love him? It's not like age has turned him into some ugly old man(anyone who thinks so needs to get glasses). He is still as cute as he ever was!
Ringo was the heart of the band. John Lennon said so himself. Of course, what can you expect from someone who looks like such a sweetie? The bottom line is: the band would definatly not been the same if it wasn't for Ringo. It was not only his drumming, but his image that made the difference between good humored little Ringo, and bored looking Pete Best. No one else could even hope to achieve what Ringo did sitting behind those drums tapping his feet and bobbing his head.
Seeing him with Barbara is enough to break my heart into pieces, maybe someday the awe will wear off a little and I'll be able to pick the pieces back up. Until then I guess I'll just sit here thanking God for being kind enough to share Ringo with all of us.
--Megan in West Virginia


Ringo: An Inspiration

Ihave always been a Beatles fan and Ringo has always been my favorite. But it wasn't until after the Beatles that Ringo truly inspired me as an individual artist. He has this song called "Drumming Is My Madness" but I believe that it's the magic that comes from inside him and makes the drumming so brilliant. The true inspiration Ringo has given me though is the way he was able to clean himself up, and lay off all the junk. And continue to stay sober for almost 10 years. That in itself is truly an accomplishment.
Imyself used to travel with a rock n roll band, so I know how easy it is to pick up those nasty habits. I have been 3 years sober myself from a 13 year old habit. Kicking the habit(s) and focusing on getting my life back together has been the biggest challenge life has ever dealt me. I would love to thank him for sharing this with the world. So people like myself can hear this and think ,"If he could do it so can I" WOW! thank you Ringo for the Inspiration.
We love you!


Ringo's Her Favorite

I'm going to Ringo's tour on May 14. When I finally got tickets I thought I'd die! Ringo has always been my favorite member of the Beatles. After reading some of the comments I realize how friendly and down to earth he really is. If he ever acknowledged me in any way during the concert I'd probably drop dead from shock! He is the best and will always be number one in all of our hearts ( including mine!) !


Longtime Fan

I have been a Beatle fan since I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show. I was 12 and in 7th grade. They changed my life. Ringo has always been and will always be my favorite. He has never gotten the credit or the acclaim that he deserves. He's had some rough times and has survived. Your web site really get to the heart of the man, the person and the musician, as well as the Beatle and the celebrity.


Better Than "Two Hairdressers"

You had to be there in the '60's to fully appreciate what an impact The Beatles had on the world at the time. I was only 4 years old when they first played the Ed Sullivan show in 1964 but I still remember the event and how HUGE it was! They were THE thing. I'm not saying that people who weren't around yet can't understand or enjoy The Beatles. Far from it! But the climate of today's music and it's direction seem very fragmented to me. In the '60's it was easy to see and hear that the cutting edge was clearly represented by The Fab Four.
This brings me to Ringo. I think drummers, by nature, hold an attraction to wanna-be musicians partially because it appears (unfairly) to be the simplest instrument to master and besides...you get to beat the heck out of something in the process! Ringo has a remarkably unique sound and no one could have been more suitably matched to The Beatles' style than him. In retrospect I cannot imagine anyone else fitting in so perfectly with their sound and embelishing their gifted writing as Ringo did/does. He has a very understated approach to the drums which, to me, takes confidence and special skill. When Ringo does a fill it means more than most drummers, especially those who overplay in an attempt to sound clever. He tends to focus more on the beat and adds fills only where they are needed. As a beat keeper he is metronome-like in his precision and I believe this in itself is an outstanding talent. Ask anyone who has ever played with a percussionist who can't or won't keep steady time! It's not as easy as it sounds.
Ringo is also a personality. He is the average Joe who has achieved far above average things. He has that Buddy Holly quality that makes the rest of us Joes (and Josephines) feel that we can accomplish anything if we follow our hearts and dreams.
Mr. Starr is often underrated as a drummer but very much appreciated by at least one generation of fans and musicians who could not picture The Beatles or the '60's without him!
Larry D.


Admires Ringo

I really love Ringo. He is a great drummer and musican and I like a lot his songs. With the Beatles, he was as important to the band as John Lennon or Paul McCartney. Maybe he was not as good musican as they, but he kept the band in unity. Also Ringo made the other Beatles relax and take the things not too seriously. Many people say that The Beatles could have been as succesfull as they were without Ringo. I do not agree with that. I am sure that Ringo Starr was as important as the other three.
His solo carrer was good, his music was always in good tune. I have almost all of his albums. I like them as I like the ones of Paul, John or George.
Jose Antonio Alanis
Monterey, Mexico


It's In The Genes !

I think there are certain things a person is just born knowing. In all of my 15 years on this planet I don't think I was ever once specifically told who the Beatles were. But I knew. I knew if I heard the names John, Paul, George, and Ringo, I'd know they were the Beatles. It's probably because my parents have been Beatle freaks ever since there were Beatles, and maybe I just got some kind of gene passed down to me!
Thing is, even though I knew perfectly well who they were, I didn't care. I listened to the trashiest music on the planet-until November of '95. When my parents dragged me into the room to watch the Beatles anthology. I'm serious, they actually physically dragged me. I complained so much about not wanting to watch it because "I hate the Beatles, you know that."
Five minutes into the anthology, I was hooked. Talk about your life changing event! I loved every minute of it. And which Beatle did I fall in love with? Ringo Starr. The best drummer on the planet. He can do amazing stuff on those things that I've tried for hours to duplicate and I can't even come close. Besides that, he just seems like the sweetest guy. He really loved the other three-probably because he didn't have any real brothers or sisters. I don't either, and so I know how he felt about his friends. I love the way he refers to them as his brothers! Ring o is just an amazing, sweet, funny guy-the type of person I would want to be friends with.
Let's not forget that although being 56 years old he's still cute as a button! He doesn't even look. To me, even though my quest to meet him will NEVER end, he'll always be a friend, a friend I've never met, never spoken to, never even seen in person, but a friend nonetheless. Always be my little Richie!
I feel like I sort of have to meet him, now, because in the summer of '95 I turned down the oppurtunity of a lifetime. I was given the oppurtunity to go to his concert, front row seats, go BACKSTAGE AND MEET HIM AND GO TO DINNER WITH HIM THE NEXT NIGHT offered to me by one of the people who worked at the festival he was performing at. And you know what? That was pre anthology. I still thought I hated the Beatles. I didn't go. I had the oppurtunity to have dinner with the man and I didn't do it! Yes, I have kicked myself many times for that one. Many, many times.
Anyway, I just want to say that Ringo is the greatest drummer on the planet and an all around great guy. He will always be my hero and NOBODY loves this guy more then I do! Keep rockin, Starkey, and don't go where the road don't go.


The Concert Was A Thrill

When Ringo came to Seattle I was thrilled. He gave two concerts at the pier. I went on the second night, when unfortunately he did not have an easy crowd. However, this left room for me to shine.
I waited in line for five or six hours and somehow managed a front row seat. When Ringo asked if there were any young girls in the audience, I screamed my lungs out, and despite the gaggle of girls behind me, no one else screamed.
A spotlight was put on me, and Ringo said "Meet me in my trailer" followed immediately by "No, no no, don't do that" Because he probably realized I would. Then he sang "You're 16, you're beautiful and you're mine" to me.
I was 16 at the time. It was one amazing night.
Love, Luck, and Lollipops,


He "Talked" To Me, Too

I was also at the Ringo concert in Seattle. I was as close to the stage as I could get, with only two girls in front of me. The second I saw Ring, I started to cry, and kept it up At one point of the concert, when it was kind of quiet, a group of friends and myself yelled, "We love you Ringo!!" His response was, "I don't know what you said, but thanks." Now, when ever I meet anyone who says they are a fan of Ring or the Beatles, I tell them Ring talked to me.
That night, I found out just how nice Ring's fan are. I don't think I've ever gotten so many hugs at one time before. And I didn't even know half of the people who gave them to me.
Tour again Ring!


The Drums Were The Thing

Ever since I was 3, I listened to Beatles music. I never understood how they got so good. They just had that certain thing I liked. Now I'm 13.
It ended up I realized that it was the drums that were so awesome. I finally understood why I liked them. It was because of Ringo. The one and only best drummer. I wanted to play like Ringo, so this Christmas my parents bought me a 5 piece drum set. Ever since I got it, I have been trying to play like Ringo. I've done really good on it so far but I just cant play like him. I've realized that It's nearly impossible to play like Ringo.
On a scale of one to ten, he'd be a ten. It's amazing by how much skill he has. I cant believe how he can make such good sound out of a 4 piece drum set! My whole family thinks Ringo is awesome and I hope to someday play like him. So this letter goes out to the one, the only, the awesome, Ringo Starr.
Dan P.


Ringo and The Beatles Appreciated

I just wanted to say that I agree with others who are around the same age as myself (16) and who are told that they can never fully appreciate the Beatles. We can appreciate them just as much as anyone else can. Their music stands the test of time and As far as Ringo is concerned, I admire him not only for his musical talents and accomplishments, which are phenomenal, but also for his levelheadedness and sincerity as a person. Even after 30+ years of fame, he is still the same person he was back in the early days in Liverpool.
That is especially commendable today when every new group that has two hits in a row claims to be "the new Beatles". The Beatles were the best and will continue to be the best as long as people enjoy listening to good music.
Kristen Merrill


Ringo "Changed Me"

Being a fan of Ringo has changed me personally. It shows that maybe he wasn't the greatest with the most recognation as the others, but in my thoughts Ringo was the best. Not everyone can say the same. Ringo is the drummer with the beat. I don't know one other person as a talented as Ringo. I think of Ringo, not so much of a beatle, just a blest drummer.
Laura W.


Ringo: The Coolest

Ringo is the COOLEST ,Nicest(complete opposite of paul)...Person! He is the kind of person you want to know for life...a real kindred spirit. Ringo....if you read this...I want to tell you I love that song "Photogragh". That's my FAV song! I'd love to see you in concert sometime! I only saw the Kinks in concert(and I did'nt get to see all of that! :-( ,my first concert too). Ringo...YOU and Dave Davies are my FAV guys! I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Jennifer (USA)


Praise for the Beat

Ringo's steady beat is really the drive of the Beatle sound, I think. It's too bad that he was overshadowed by the more showy members of the fab four--his talents as a songwriter and singer were often overlooked. I love Ringo's voice! It's fuzzy and soulful.
=) Wendy (Diva in Training)


60's "Screaming Meamy"

I'm a 46 year old Beatle crazy woman who was a screaming meamy of the 60's when they first hit the shores of the US. I can remember sitting in front of our black and white TV and laughing with my parents about those 4 boys with the long hair.
Something unknown soon happened and I was totally absorbed by the Beatles and especially drawn to Ringo, with his sad, puppy dog eyes.
I was lucky enough to see them in Toronto when I was 15. Then a few years ago Ringo and the All Starr Band came to St. Pete,FL where I now live. I couldn't get tickets, but I found out where they were staying and sat in 1 of the hotel's bars for several Well, I never got to see Ringo, but I recognized his son Zak and plopped myself down next to him and shared a few minutes with him talking about his dad and the rigors of touring.
I still haven't given up hope of one day meeting Ringo himself...a lifetime dream. For now, I'll just have to keep looking at the poster hung in my livingroom.
Becky Anderson


Praise For Ringo I'm a 22 year old Student, in Ottawa Ontario. The Beatles are my favourite group of all time, because of the music they produced, and the personality they had. Ringo is my favourite fab, because after seeing all the possible videos on the fab 4, he seems to be the one joking all the time, and just having a fun time. I like to joke around and have a fun time too!
Keep on the good work Ring!
Mike Koopmann

Young Fans Love Ringo

Your page is great. It's good to know that there are others that are just as obsessed with Ringo as I am!
You got a lot of 13-year-old fans checking out your page. They say they're in love-hate. They don't even know what love is! I'm so much older and more mature than them (17) and I definatly know that I am in love with my Ringo!
I would kill to have been able to see The Beatles live in concert during the 60's. I saw Ringo with his all starr band in 95. That concert was the best show I've ever seen.
If there is a 97 tour, I'll be the first in line for tickets. If he doesn't come back to Detroit, I'll run away from home and go to the nearest city he's playing in. I could type all night about my love for the large nosed Beatle. Your page has kept me occupied for quite a while, and my attention span isn't too big. That's a pretty big accomplishment.
Kelly O'Hara


Loves Ringo

I love Ringo Starr. Everybody else is writing that too, but their love is not as big as mine. I can't describe my feelings for him, because if I did, it wouldn't be enough.He is the most perfect creature that has ever been borned, and I love him as nobody else does.I am Ringo's biggest fan, and I would do anything for him.
I Anne Mari


Ringo Is the Greatest

Ringo is the greatest drummer EVER in rock 'n' roll. No one has more feel and timing than Ringo. He has set the standard that studio drummers must follow -- play the song, set the feel. He can swing, play with dynamics from a gentle ballad to a balls out rocker.
Drummers who criticize him end up trying to play like him without even realizing it. Good to finally see him getting some real recognition in his lifetime.
Nik Everett


Praise For Ringo

No matter how much praise anyone can give this guy won't be enough!!! I am only 13 years old but I am a total Beatle fan and I love Ringo!! He is a wonderfull person, drummer, actor and singer.
The first song I ever heard him sing was "Act Naturally" and I find that it really fit's him. He was so wonderfull in" A Hard Day's Night" (A.H.D.N was his qwn saying to!!!) and in "Help". I have an interview with him on the Mike Douglas Show and I must say he is funny!! He has such a great personality!!
I love his song's "Dont't Pass Me By" and "Octopus Garden" ! I am always telling me mom that if I had one wish I would want to meet Ringo Starr.
As soon as I was introduced to the world of the Beatles I went through my mom and dad's old records and wow I found one of Ringo's record's!! I used to watch " Shinning Time Station" just to watch him as Mister Conducter!!!!!!
I read on the home page Ringo was going on tour in 1997!! Well I live in a small place where only a few concert's come through and I wish that he would come here!!! (but dosen't everyone?)My deapest regret's to anyone who can not find any talent in him!! Do you have your brain in check???This Page was a great idea!!
Sarah O


Bridging The Gap

I am 31 years old and have been a Beatles fan since I was 13 years old. I have never had the opportunity to see any of the Beatles perform live. However, a group of my girlfriends and our moms did attend Beatlemania when I was in highschool. Ringo is my favorite Beatle.
The Beatles were something my parents and I could discuss and agree on when I was a teenager and we couldn't discuss or agree on anything.
I now have a 4 year old son who loves Ringo, the conductor, on Shiny Time Station as well as listening to The Beatles with me, his mom. My son doesn't know who The Beatles are, he just knows that he likes the music. Most likely The Beatles can help me and my son bridge the generation gap in the future just like they helped me and my parents in the past.
Lisa Werner
Lecompton, KS


Ringo's The Greatest

Ringo is the greatest drummer alive. I wish I could meet him since I'm only 11 they don't do any more concerts. I'm really glad they did the anthology. You can't really explain Ringo because he is so great.
Michelle Stupka


Born Too Late? -- Nah

Hello! I am so glad to find someone who thinks the same about Ringo as I. First off, I am probably younger than you thought. I am 13. My name is really Tricia.
I have been told before that I was born too late to be a Beatle fan and I can't like them as much, or I don't know as much. I am probably more educated than most adults on the beatles. I have read all the books about them in the library and I have done 2 reports on them. I want to keep in touch.
Yes, Ringo was the sweetest of the Beatles and said he was the only one who wanted to continue touring when they quit touring. He presented Paul McCartney with flowers at a concert. And the fact that I am a drummer also just makes me like him even more.


Page Praise

Thanks for maintaining this great web page for Ringo. I would like it very much if Ringo did any song composed by his dear, late friend, Harry Nilsson. In particular, I've always liked Ringo's version of Easier for Me (from Goodnight Vienna).
Robert Turnage
Sacramento, Calif.


Ringo Is Loved

Ringo Starr is undoubtedly the best drummer ever to walk the face of the earth. The Beatles will forever be the Number 1 band of all time. Ringo is so cute, and funny. I will always love you, Ringo!
Deb Cheney


Don't Underestimate Ringo

Don't ignore Ringo's abilities as a songwriter!!!! Over the years he has some nice tunes, always (well, almost always..) with an ear for the catchy tune. It's a pity that his late seventies albums were killed by the flat tin-can disco sounds and poor mixes that Atlantic (and Arif Mardin, may he never get peace) forced upon him. Some of the songs he wrote were actually quite good even then.
Your Ringo pages were actually quite pleasent reading, and Ringo is a person worth all all the positive attention we can give him.
Robert Djurhuus Wasa


A Bit Of Praise

Ringo Starr was the base of the Beatles. He was the nicest and friendliest of the four. Keep on touring!!!
Hans Hawrysz
a second generation fan


Kind Words For Ringo & The Page

Hi. I'm 13 and a mega fan of the Beatles. Your pages on the web totally rock. Ringo is my favorite Beatle, and I saw him in concert this summer in Virginia. Unfortunately, I couldn't get backstage at the concert, but I still loved every second of that night. I just want to tell you that your info rocks and keep up the good work.


Loved The Concord Show

The folks at Concord really enjoyed the show. It started off fun when the video projection system was turned on the audience between the acts and put up a lot of shots of folks having fun, teasing the camera, etc. and then there was the guy taking a big puff on a joint, and everybody but he knew he was on TV!
He heard all the laughing, and when he saw himself up on the big screen, he tried not to exhale, which was funny in itself.
The show was great, but I was surprised that Ringo did not introduce his son or Mark Rivera, not even at the end.
He did say, "it's gettin' hot in here" once, which was odd, since it was an outdoor show....
Billy Preston got a great response, and the audience really surprised me with its strong response for all the Randy Bachman numbers.
Although John Entwistle was a treat for me, I'd have to say he went over with the least response. But "Boris the Spider" was a thrill!
The crowd sang loudly with Ringo on Yellow Sub and everyone left with a good feeling.
We were lucky to see him before the Tour canceled. I>Kenja


A Young Fan

I'm 14 and I'm in love with the Beatles. Ringo has always been my favorite out of the Fab Four. Besides being adorable, I admire him as a person, and I think he's hilarious. Ringo will live on forever as a teen idol!! Is there any way I can write to him without going through some fan club? I'd be much obliged if you could send me some information.


Ringo's Drumming Defended

People who say that Ringo is not a good drummer, don't realise what the purpose of music is; to affect the soul, not to fit a mathematically perfect spread sheet. Those same people are responsible for todays perfect, souless, rock music, which everyone complains is not as good as the old stuff. The reason the old stuff is so much better is because you had people like Ringo playing it. And he could do things that todays drummers cant even touch. Listen to "Twist and Shout", or the explosion of sound as "Long Tall Sally" kicks into high gear towards the end. Ringo isn't a good drummer? Come on..
John Hopkin


Paved The Way

Let's put it this way, where would Phil Collins (ex-Genesis) be if it weren't for Ringo? All it takes is a short listen to Abacab to hear the influence Ringo had on Phil. I love Phil Collins, but I love Ringo even more because he was in the right place at the right time ‹ the crowning touch that the Beatles were looking for.


Ringo Underrated

I wonder if Apple will ever release the leftover tracks from "BEACOUPS OF BLUES".The "CAN'T FIGHT LIGHTNING" bootleg CD is incredible."JUST A DREAM" should have been a bonus track on "RINGO THE 4th".
Ringo is getting stale by singing the same songs at his concerts.1995 was a disappointment as compared to 1992.
I used to work at a radio station in Port Jervis N.Y.(WTSX)and I wasn't allowed to play certain songs,especially if they weren't "hits".I used to sneak on"DON'T GO WHERE THE ROAD DON'T GO","DOWN AND OUT","I'M THE GREATEST"(I always announced that one as a "BEATLES" song!!!),"EARLY 1970"and I would sneak in my own CD's when thay weren't looking!!!!!!!!! People loved it!!!!!!!!! They were also THROWING OUT a bunch of their obsolete promo cd's.I found "YOU NEVER KNOW"just before they trashed it!!!!!!!!!!
Like wow,Dude!!!!!!!!!Ringo is VERY underrated as a drummer and songwriter.More power to him!!!!!!!
See YA Later,
Gary Owen


Thanks Mom

I love the Beatles and Ringo is my favorite. He is the best drummer I have ever heard. He is the most adorable of them all. I give thanks to my mom for getting me interested in the Beatles. If it weren't for her I wouldn't have realised the Beatles and Ringo's drumming were so fabulous.


Ringo Appreciated

For several years I found myself obsessed with Stu Sutcliffe and Pete Best. I wanted to know what they were all about and why they didn't stay, etc. I learned all I cared to about Stu, but Pete still remained a mystery to me. In my lack on knowledge, I accused Ringo of stealing the position from Pete and often took pleasure in calling him "the only one who WASN'T a Beatle. Fortunately, I discovered Ringo's incredible talent and wonderful personality before this lasted too long. Ringo is an amazing and extremely generous musician. I went to a concert of his with a friend and took great pleasure in taking full advantage of the back stage passes she had acquired. I had intended to get in good with Ringo ( a dream my friend assured me would never become a reality ) and then drop a bomb by asking him how it felt to steal fame and fortune from an innocent like Pete Best. Fortunately, I met Ringo and heard the story of his induction into the Beatles. I became so fond of Ringo that I felt the need to personally apologize from having called him a fame-stealer. Although I know Ringo doesn't recall me, for I only sat from several feet away and "met" him, I am grateful to this day for the opportunity to know what an amazing and wonderful man he is.
Melissa Minsker


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