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Ever since I've heard about the Beatles, I've been a fan. My friend and I listen to their music, collect toys, CD's, records, everything you could possibly imagine. My friend is a fan of John, but to me Ringo, is what held the band together. Without Ringo's talented drumming the group would have no beat, and a lot less fans. My hero will always be Ringo, no matter how old I get, someday I hope to be as good a musician as he is.
~ Laura of New York

My mom has been a Beatles fan forever, since she was "14 years, 6 months old.."..I've heard all the stories about John, George, Ringo, and her favorite..Paul. So when she read in the paper that there was going to be a special one-time showing of "A Hard Days Night" at a theater near us she could hardly wait to go see it, and bring me along to share in the excitment. Anyway..when the movie finally started rolling, my mom wasn't the only drooling over a Beatle. I'm only 17 years old but Ringo..damn!! You are so hot!! Well, I just thought I would let you know...email me back if you get a chance babe.

Family Drummer Loves Ringo

Our entire family are great fans of The Beatles, but Ringo Starr has struck us all through the eyes of our son Albert. Albert has been a fan of Ringo's since he was 1 1/2 yrs old, when he saw him as Mr. Conductor on Shining Time Station. We told him Ringo played the drums in a band called The Beatles. He has also been drumming since he was 3 years old.

He has idolized Ringo since the day he found out he played the drums. He now has several Beatles albums, and all of Ringo's Albums. Albert started playing "Love me Do" on a homemade set of drums consisted of an empty 5lb drywall bucket topped off with an old pie tin my husband ran over with his truck to give a symbol effect. He has quickly progressed to a full size five piece set, metallic blue, and now plays better than many adults we see and hear play. Albert has memorized every move Ringo makes with his head, as well as facial expressions, while playing and singing Ringo's songs. We recently saw Ringo and his All Star Band in concert, which added to the excitement and joy his songs, and drums bring us all.

How many six year olds do you all know who want to dress up for Halloween as Ringo Starr? Albert did, right down to the boots! We would like to say thank you Ringo for bringing the beat to our sons fingertips. You would be as proud as we are of him, if you saw how he has cloned himself after you.

With love and thanks,
Lori, Gary, and Albert Francis
Milford, NH (11/25/2000)

Summer 1965 Remembered

I know that this page is for people who have met Ringo, but I saw him perform in Houston, TX in the summer of "65.  Saw him perform is the proper word, because as a wide-eyed youth of 9 years old, seeing him was all there was.  You've heard the story;  at that time The Beatles music
was barely audible.  What I remember most was seeing Ringo playing with such glee and gusto.  His drum riser was shaking violently with each kick-drum attack.  Another distinct image was all four Beatles laughing alot at each other and laughing at/with the audience.  Another thing was
John beating the old electronic keyboard with his elbow and looking for reaction from everyone. A splendid time was guarateed for all!
~ Kelly Perkins (4/24/2000)
Tyler, TX


Nobody Can Compare

He's a genius.  His playing, whether he's just keeping time or doing one of his brilliant fills is ALWAYS recognizably Ringo.  There's never any question that it's him.  He's probably the most easily identifiable drummer on the planet and his exquisite musical taste does in fact set him far apart from a lot of drummers that have come down the pike since the sixties.  The Beatles did not make Ringo,  but he sure knew how to shine a spotlight on the rest of them by his outstanding musicality and mature approach to being a part of something huge instead of just  bashing away like a show off.   How many 23 yr old drummers have you heard lately that  would know how to play to that kind of musical phenomenon?  How many 35 year olds have you heard that would
have been up to that kind of gig?  NONE.  You can pick just about any Beatles tune and find an excellent example of Ringo's drumming.  My own absolute favorite Beatles tune showing some AWESOME fills, that literally make the hairs on my head stand up every time I hear them is "Here Comes The Sun".  His extraordinary sense of timing and just...genious is all OVER the place on this one.  No one could do that one right but him, NOBODY!!  
~ Rick Scott


Likes Ringo's Drumming

I have always loved Ringos drumming but I had forgotten how great he was till the other day. I got in the mood for some early Beatles so I put on a few CD's and It overwhelmed me at the kick-ass drums this guy laid down. Just GREAT!!!

~ Freddy Mayes (10/18/98)


Wishes He Could Drum Like Ringo

I'm tired of hearing about "Is Ringo a good drummer or not?" Anyone with an ear for good music can easliy see why Ringo changed the whole music scene. He is a great person and an exelent drummer. I wish I could play like him. I will be forever trying. Thanks Ringo for your talant.
A huge fan everysince the beginning in the USA,

~ Steve Hawkins (4/23/98)

Praise For Ringo's Drumming

The various defences of Ringo's drumming are right on. If the 70's and progressive rock hadn't happened his reputation would have never suffered. Comparing him with, say, Neil Pert of Rush just doesn't make any sense, yet that's how the "reader's poll" mindset worked back then. And, finally, as a recording musician myself, I know that the thing Ringo was/is most often slammed for, the role of "just" being a timekeeper, is just about the best, most useful thing you can be. The
rest is just fluff. Clearly, Ringo considered himself an accompanist, and a good accompanist is a t

~ Scott Brookman (4/16/98)

Been A Fan Since She Was An Infant

I am a 32 year old Beatle fan, I have been one since I was an infant... I was weaned on thier wonderful music, and still hold a deep admiration of them.
As a small child, 5 or 6 years old, I found myself drawn to Ringo out of all of the Beatles. Why? Maybe because of his warmth, kind eyes, witty sense of humor and talent. Also, we share the same astrological sign, Cancer, and our birthdays are even a day apart, mine July 6, his July 7! :-)
I still love Ringo the best, and admire him for those very same qualities. He seemed to be the calm in the storm of the Beatles break up, and that grounding factor that the others needed.
I have never met Ringo, but hope to someday. I just want to thank him for making the lives he has touched all the much brighter. You are indeed a "Starr", Ringo, in every sense of the word!
Love you!
~Polly Weifenbach

Ringo The Most Important

Just like any other logical person, I love the Beatles, and of course the adorable Ringo.  For the past few years I've been obsessed with the Beatles because of their uncompromising charisma.  Ringo is characterized at times as the stupid Beatle, which is totally untrue and unfair.  He is the most important of the four, because he was the one that tied them together.  He wasn't bossy like Paul, have a sick sense like John, or a extrordinary passion like George, but he was a little of all of them and was the middle man.  Ringo's charm and wit are what he will always be remebered and cherished by. 
Ringo is an idol for all.  When I had an oppurtunity to see his All Starr Band in concert at the Universal Amp., I was thrilled.  However, to my dismay, my school band had a competition, crushing my dreams of seeing this wonderful man live and in person.  Never have I argued with my parents as a had when I found out I couldn't go.  Ringo, let alone the Beatles mean that
much to me. May Ringo's precious legacy be remembered in rock history forever.

Samantha Alexandra  Malisos, 14
Arcadia, California

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