2nd Amendment: the difference between politians and rulers!

20,000 gun laws don't work!

38 REPUBLICANS voted for the "Assualt Weapon" Ban...

A government that ignores the 2nd Amendment can ignore any law.

A government that outlaws guns is an outlaw government.

All the gun control we need was enacted in 1791!

Am I a law-abiding gun owner?  Hmmm, what is the law TODAY?

an American who doesn't support so called 'sensible' firearms laws.

A need for self-defense is not a call for gun control.

An INALIENABLE RIGHT cannot be licensed!

An unarmed society is a society that must live in fear of government!

and lead us not into interpretation, but deliver the Constitution...

Any government that fears arms in the hands of its citizens,SHOULD...

Ban Ignorance, Not Guns!

Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed.

By the gun we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

Declare "Open Season" on Constitution Deconstructionists.

Defend the right to keep and arm bears!

Did a patient ever die in surgery from the slip of a gun?

Deterrence, not disarmament.  Arms ARE deterrents.

Disarm?  Sorry, I'm an American.

Don't buy the lie!  Gun control is PEOPLE control.

Eliminate forgery!  Ban pens!

Ever wonder why they don't call it an ANTI-Crime Bill ?

Every 12 seconds, someone proves Sarah WRONG!

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

God our Creator gives to each unalienable Rights.

Governments never disarm themselves, only their slaves.

Gun control can WORK!  to enslave the people...

Gun Control: Government dentists pulling your "teeth of freedom"!

"Gun Control" is a Crime.  REVOLUTION is a BIRTH RIGHT!!

Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

Gun Control is People Control

Gun Control: Those who have the guns have the control!

Gun Control works, ask any Communist Country!

Gun control works.  Ask Schindler's Jews.

Gun-Grabber Guts...the rarest substance in the universe.

Gun owners are the Jews of the 90's in a fascist America.

Guns Didn't Make America Unsafe - Congress Did!

Guns equal power.  And the government wants all the guns.

Guns only have two enemies: Rust and Politicians.

Guns - today's leading cause of statistics!

Have Government -- Need Gun!

How about a 7-day wait period on buying Congressmen?

I believe in Santa, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Gun Control....

I may be paranoid...but they still want to take my guns!

It doesn't say..."shall not be infringed, much".

It DOESN'T say "the right to keep and bear SPORTING GOODS!!


Lexington and Concord were the first gun control protests!.

Liberals and bandits both want the population unarmed. Coincidence?

Liberals are more comfortable seeing 2 men French-kissing than armed.

My concealed weapon carry permit is my birth certificate!!

New game, new rules.  WE change the law.  YOU're outlaws. - Government

Of course gun control "works." The question is for whom!

Register shareware, not guns!

SECOND amendment, but maybe the FIRST domino.....

Second Amendment related "sporting use": Tyrannicide.

Self Control, Not Gun Control!

"Shall not be infringed."  What part don't you understand?

Smile, you still have 9, err 8, err, 7... rights left...

Technicality: A liberal's view of the 2nd Amendment.

"The average American is crazy." - Handgun Control, Inc.

The ballot box if possible, the bullet box if necessary.

The Constitution protects the people from government.  Guns ensure it.

The 4th, 5th, 9th & 10th amendments ALSO protect RTKBA.

The PEN is mightier than the SWORD? Where's the 15 day waiting period?

The law of self-preservation is surer policy than any legislation.

The right to buy weapons is the right to be free.

The 2nd Amendment doesn't say "...only these firearms..."!

The 2nd amendment guarentees all the other amendments.

The 2nd Amendment is in case the government ignores the other 9!

THE SECOND AMENDMENT is my gun permit!

The 2nd Amendment is to assault as the 1st Amendment is to slander.

The 2nd Amendment: It's not about guns, it's about freedom.

The Second Amendment was burned side by side with the Davidians.

The Swiss are armed. The Swiss are free and at peace. Think about it.

Those who would be enslaved, must first be disarmed.

Thought Crimes, Political Cleansing and Gun Control go hand in hand...

Time to lock and load, Time to take control...start again...-Bob Seger

Trust no government that wants to disarm its citizens.

Tyrants like an unarmed populous.

Well, of course *ARMED* peasants tend to be uppity!

What part of "shall not be infringed" don't you understand?

When guns are outlawed, gun control advocates will be unarmed victims.

When Guns are Outlawed only the Government will have Guns!

When the 2nd goes, the rest are only dominoes!

Yes, I'm paranoid, and they DO want to take my guns away!

@FN@!  Did you order a pizza from the BATF?  It's here!

$(classified) for 'Operation Sheepwalk.  Hmm, What's that?

(4:00am) KNOCK KNOCK.  Who's there?  "BATF, NOBODY MOVE!"

1836: Remember The Alamo.  1993: Remember Waco!

4th Amendment search warrant - It's not a Discover Card!

99 Jackboots,70 Patriots...Bang! Bang!  41 Jackboots, 68 Patriots...

A police state is great, so long as you're the police.

Abolish the ATF...Save a life near you!

Address all flames to dkoresh@waco.org

Amazing fact: The Federal Gov't is exempt from most laws they pass.

Any government that spies on its honest citizens,can NOT be trusted.

ATF Agent burned trying to steam open PGP message, details at 11!

ATF! - OPEN UP!  I think we have a warrant!

ATF Lesson #1: Dead defendants are the easiest to convict

ATF Lesson #2: Never let good judgement ruin a good raid.

ATF Lesson #3: Undercover agents are to be ignored.

ATF Lesson #4: Surving warrants peacefully makes bad TV.

ATF Lesson #5: "Dynamic Entry" makes good TV.

ATF Lesson #6: Always "forget" to hit the record button.

ATF Lesson #7: When firing from above, shoot into windows

ATF Lesson #8: Lie to obtain funding and equipment.

ATF Lesson #9: Don't worry, you can't ever be fired.

ATF motto: "Let God sort out the innocent!"

ATF: Heck,we didn't know gunfire from helicopters would kill people!

ATF Raids!  Coming soon to churches near you!

And the BATF went in to "protect the children".

Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!...or warrants!! - BATF

BATF: Bad Attitude Towards Freedom

BATF = Basically, Another Truckload of Fascists.

BATF: Bastards Authorized to Take Freedoms

BATF:  Brutalizing America Through Force.

BATF: (B)ullsh*t (A)uthors of (T)otal (F)abrication

BATF: Burn All Toddlers and Females

BATF = Bullets Abort The Fetus

BATF: Bureaucrats Are Terrified of Firearms

BATF: Bureau of Assassins, Terrorists and Fire starters

BATF - "Constitution, we don't need no steenking Constitution!"

BATF:  Gestapo wannabees!

BATF- Government sponsored gang activity.

BATF - Kind of like an armed Postal Service...with an ATTITUDE!

BATF Jack Boots - with the unique kitten-shaped tread.

BATF Motto: One down, nine Amendments to go!

BATF: The Crips and Bloods with close air support.

BATS: Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Salestaxes

Bureau of Alcohol, Religion and Fertilizer (BARF)

Black face mask, submachine gun, silencer, It's the BATF!!!

Blam!  Blam!  Click...Click...  um...  "Stop, ATF!"

Bureau of Alcohol Speech Tobacco Assault Rifles and Drugs

Click!  Squeeee...WE'LL NEVER TAKE YOU ALIVE...eeze...

Cult (n): A Religion with no Political Power. (See Waco)

CULT - (n.) - The church up the street from yours.

Don't blame me, I was just following orders! - SS troopers or ATF

Does your religion have the approval of the BATF?

Drive defensively - Buy a TANK!!

FART: Firearms,Alcohol,Religion & Tobacco (formerly ATF)

FBI Agent burned trying to steam open PGP message, details at 11!

FBI Agent Lon Horiuchi:  Will Murder Women for Food

F.B.I. = Federally Barbequed Infants

FBI Lesson #1: Elevate rumour, downplay fact.

FBI Lesson #2: Make deal, break deal, cover tracks.

FBI Lesson #3: "extensive research" = 2 anadotal reports.

FBI Lesson #4: Misrepresent Misunderstandings.

FBI Lesson #5: Tanks thru the doors is not "an assault."

FBI Lesson #6: 400+ ferret rounds are NOT enough CS gas.

FBI Lesson #7: Gas the children to save the children.

FBI Lesson #8: Flatten the building to save the children.

FBI Lesson #9: "My tank didn't run over any phone lines!"

FBI Snipers shoot at babies at diapers!

For a good time, report your local gun-banner to the ATF.

Gun owners: the men in brown shirts will help you into the ovens.

Guns don't kill people, BATF agents do.

Guns don't kill people, FBI agents do.

Hand me my jackboots.  I'm going looking for kittens.

He who dies with the most toys is a victim of ATF.

Hmmm... I don't remember leaving any tanks on the lawn...

Hostage crisis. Reno sends in B-52's. No film at 11.

I don't like police states.  Can I join a fire station state?

If the Jack-boot fits.......wear it!!!

If you are not free to leave, you are under arrest.

If you saw a burning ATF agent laying in a ditch, what would you do?

Improve mail delivery...  mail the mailmen their pay!!

It's 10 PM...Do you know where your BATF agents are ?

Jackbootedemperatorthugaphobics United for Gov. Shrinking

Justice!  Not merely a way of life, but a Department!

Keystone Kops + Gestapo = BATF

KNOCK KNOCK!! "BATF,open up or we'll kill your children!"

Know thyself.  If you need help, call the C.I.A.

Le stylo est sur la table - Beware the passing tanks!

Legalize free-enterprise murder. Why should only the government do it?

Let's get the FEDs with the R.I.C.O. Act!

Let God sort out the ATF!!

"Light questioning, that's less than 10 stitches" - BATF

Line noise porvided by the BATF's tap on @n@...

Lt. Frank Drebin was in charge of Waco operations.

Nothing is as dangerous as a mystic Association.

obviously some unnamed agency's sick sense of humor...

Oh, Agent Dork, when I said "Search me" I didn't mean it literally!

Oh Great! A graduate Of The B.A.T.F. School of Firefighting.

Only a fool follows orders without knowing why!!

Poison Gas: Instrument of Death - Dachow, Auschwitz, Waco...

"Remember the Alamo"........"Remember Idaho"........Remember Waco!"

RICO means never having to read your Miranda rights.

Round Up the Good ol Boys at the ATF and Disband Them!

Ruby Ridge rule #6: It's okay to kill those at society's fringe.

Ruby Ridge rule #5: If they won't shoot at us, shoot back anyway!

"Say hello to the CIA, dear..." 

Send the BATF to Bosnia.

Since Waco I lost my taste for toasted marshmallows...

Smile - you may meet a person who will play with your life.

So WHY in HELL does the FBI have an office in MOSCOW?

Sometimes the Government has to kill kids in order to save them.

Striptease: BATF watching citizens strip down their M-16s.

SWAT team in place?" "Yes." "Let the Olympics begin..."

The government has added this message to my dossier.

The only kind of seizures we want from the Feds are epileptic ones.

The only "terrorists" in this country are the ones with badges!

The Second's about HUNTING?  What, BATF agents?

The US is not a free country. Ask the IRS or the BATF.

These were the 'hi-tech' FBI guys, you see!

This is America.  This isn't a police state - Juror, Waco

Thugs w/ guns are bad, but thugs w/ guns and *BADGES*...Uh oh!

Treasury Lesson #1: Time dims memory.

Treasury Lesson #2: Differing stories makes Brady evidence

Treasury Lesson #3: Brady evidence exposes lies.

Treasury Lesson #4: Exculpatory evidence is bad.

Treasury Lesson #5: Draw conclusion 1st,find evidence 2nd

Treasury Lesson #6: It's only a lie if you get caught.

Treasury Lesson #7: "... it worked in Seattle..."

Typical Government - $500,000,000 for a plane you can't see.

Waco: America's FIRST Tieniman Square.  Where's the NEXT one?

Waco: how do you like your religion? Original Recipe and Extra Crispy?

Waco lesson #1: Kill them before they burn you alive.

Waco lesson #4: Declare them a cult, then kill without mercy.

Waco, Texas, the Tienamin Square of America

WACO: The FBI Forbade Them Surrender...Then Massacred Children & All.

Waco was just another Indian village.

WACO: Washington-Approved Cook-Out

"We already *know* who your friends and family are." - AT&T and ATF

We don't care.  We don't have to.  We're the Feds.

We don't need no stinkin' badges - IRS

We have you surrounded, don't make us play acid rock!!

Welcome to the ABTF, here's your ski mask.

Well, they ARE Jack-Booted Thugs, Dammit!!

WE'RE FED-UP!!!  And We're Not Gonna Take it Anymore!!! 

Whad'ya mean, I need a license to do that??!

What if we ALL dressed like the ATF???

What is a cult?  Not enough people to make a minority.

"When only Cops and the Military have guns, IT'S A POLICE STATE!"

1911M1A - 911 for the Do-It-Yourselfer

911 is no protection.  1911A is!

911 or grab a gun? .45 or 45 minutes?  Is HIS gun loaded?

1st we shoot all the lawyers, 2nd we strangle them, 3rd..

A handgun responds faster than 911 for crime problems.

A gun holstered to my hip deters more crime than any law.

A Gun is inanimate, therefore it CAN NOT cause crime. Only PEOPLE do!

A person has a fundamental right to defend themselves!

After Gun-Control will we just have drive by slappings?

An armed society is a polite society!

Armed women deter rapists over 400 times each day.


Blaming the gun for murder is like blaming the typewriter for libel..

Call the cops. Call an ambulance. Call for pizza. Which comes first?

Crime causes gun control laws, gun control causes crime.

CRIME CONTROL: Fire a warning shot into his HEART!

Crime: Law defines.  Police enforce.  Citizens prevent!

CRIMINALS - GUNS = CRIMINALS    Any questions?

Criminals and liberals want an unarmed populace. Coincidence or not?

Criminals acquire guns illegally regardless...!

Criminals LOVE gun control, it makes their job much easier.

Deny guns and deny the right to self-defense!

Eliminate repeat offenders: declare them game animals.

Ever notice there's no crime at a shooting range?

Forget Gun Control, I Want *CRIMINAL CONTROL*

FREEZE!!!!! Unhand that tagline or I'll shoot!!!!

Gang Banging?  Isn't that what they do when they shoot each other?

Gangs don't kill people with legally purchased guns.

"Get the shotgun.  That'll learn 'em."

Gun bans work! Just look how safe New York City and Washington DC are!

Gun Control: A criminal's best friend.

Gun Control: A lame excuse for criminal control.

Gun Control - All criminals support it!!!

Gun control - Federally sanctioned suicide.

Gun control laws protect violent criminals.

Gun Control Laws make honest citizens helpless and defenseless.

Gun control protects criminals from work related injuries.

Gun control "protects" you from being able to shoot back.

Gun control treats the symptom, not the disease.

Gun control - unilateral victim disarmament!

Gun free zones are free for crime zones.

Gun registration??!  How about registering gang members instead!!

Guns are not evil, people are.

Guns cause crime like cars cause vehicular homicide.

Guns cause crime like Freedom of Speech causes lies.

Guns cause crime like seat belts cause accidents.

Guns cause crime like wet streets cause rain.

Guns don't murder people, criminals murder people.

Have you ever heard of an armed robbery at a gun show?

HCI -- (H)elp for the (C)riminally (I)nclined

HCI stands for Help Crime Increase!

He who goes unarmed in paradise had better be sure that's where he is.

Help clear the court system: Legalize Dueling!

Help win "The War on Drugs"! Shoot first, spare no mercy... reload.

How about a "Crack cocaine for guns" buyback?

How come pizza gets to your house faster than the police?

I don't need none o dat schoolin long as drugs is profitable!  *BANG*

I had to shoot him, officer!  He was about to hurt himself!!

I  Dogs,  Cats, and  Criminals.

If criminals want guns, let them ship 'em in with cocaine.

If guns cause crime, all of mine are defective.

If guns cause crime, do matches cause arson?

If guns cause crime, then flies cause garbage.

If guns cause crime then video cameras cause kiddie porn!

If guns cause crime, why do we arm the police?

If we lose the Second, the rest of the Amendments are academic.

In the USA, they have Duck, Geese and Tourist seasons...

Is there a lawyer in the house?  ...  Any more?

It's people, not guns or knives that kill.

It's the criminals, not the guns stupid!

Just like today's youth, bringing a knife to a gunfight!

Keep your guns and turn in a criminal!

Keep your weak hand on your wallet, your other hand on your .45!

KNOW guns and be safe...NO guns and nobody's safe!

Laws don't stop crime...Armed Citizens do.

Lawyers:  the best argument against gun control!

Less than 1/5th of 1% of the guns in the US are misused in crime.


On my property, -I- am the police power, understand?

One lawyer can steal more than a hundred men with guns.

People who kill people give guns a bad name.

Protect your car: Use a club!

Self defense: to be neither victim nor victimizer -- Claire Wolfe

Should I get a gun for crooks or a Handycam for cops?

So many lawyers, so few bullets!

Stop violent crime! Make MURDER illegal!

To Burglar:  STOP!!! Please read this HCI brochure while I call 911!

Take a BITE out of crime:  ARM the citizens (victims)!

Take Back Your Country:  Shoot a Lawyer!

That which does not kill me better make damn sure I don't get back up!

The 1st step to burglar-proof your home, Clean your gun.

The most common element in crime is CRIMINALS.   Not guns.

The problem isn't repeating rifles, it's repeating offenders.

Three words that quell riots: "Shoot to Kill."

To deter crime, place a gun nut behind every dead bolt.

The victim had 37 stab wounds...foul play is suspected.         

Vermont: Least gun control and crime.  DC: The opposite.

Wait! I'm a PEACEFUL burgler!  It's NOT a REAL gun!  

Want to end the drug war?  Make sure all gang members are well armed.

Warning to criminals: Don't bother running. You'll only die tired!

Whapped upside the head with a lime...another drive-by fruiting!

What's the best defensive gun? The one you have WITH YOU!

When in doubt, go for the attacker's eyes.

When 911 won't work -- then .357 will!

When outlaws are outgunned then... no more outlaws!

Win the war on crime.  Arm the victims.

Yeah, I fired a warning shot...in his chest.

"You dial 911 and I'll dial .357"

You will get a fair trial, after which you will be shot.

You should have to defend against criminals, not police.

100% of gunshot victims are shot by people with weapons.

.357 Magnum: A .38 Special with an "attitude"...

.45 ACP - When you care enough to send the very best.

"500 people, 1 gunshot and _everyone_ says they did it? Put suicide..."

64,999,999 Gun owners killed no one yesterday.

67 Million gun owners can't be wrong...

7.62 X 39 FMJ...from Russia with Love.

99% of all guns have killed fewer people than Ted Kennedy.

A big enough gun will adjust any attitude.

A crate of UZI's, a carton of whiskey...lets go to Disneyland!

A .45 beats a royal flush EVERY TIME!

A gun is like a parachute. When you need it you NEED it!

A gun is like a seatbelt; when you need it you NEED it NOW!

A kind word and gun gets you more than a kind word alone.

Airborne lead is unhealthy, especially in 200 grn. chunks.

Any time, any place, our snipers can drop you.  Have a nice day!

Anyone coming for my guns better be prepared to meet God.

Apt natural. I have a gub.

armed, dangerous, and off my medication....

armed with a fully-automatic .38 special assault revolver...

armed with a fully-automatic .357 assault revolver...

ASSAULT is a *behavior*, not a *device*!!

A weapon in every hand, freedom on every side.

Better get a bigger gun, cuz I'm not dead yet....

Better to have a gun & not need it, than to need a gun & not have it.

Beware!  This is a known habitat of gun-toting rednecks!!

Big guns. We need *BIG BIG GUNS*.

Black Talon: when you care enough to send the very best!

Blessed be the pessimists, for they hath extra ammo!

Blind them with a laser, then SHOOT THEM!!!

"Bother", said Pooh, as he shot three IRS agents padlocking his home.

Bother, said Pooh, It's your husband and he has a gun.

But do you trust the *government* with semi-automatic assault rifles?

But it's NOT an ASSAULT Weapon, it's a DEFENSE weapon!

Buy American! Remington, Winchester, Colt, Springfield, S&W...

CA bumper sticker: To change lanes, first pull out your 9mm...

Carry concealed...because cemeteries don't take bail.

Check again to make sure it's loaded.

"Check your gun at the door, Festus." -- Joel Robinson, MST3K

Choose Life - Carry a firearm!

clipclopclipclop**BLAM**clipclopclipclop - Amish driveby shooting

(C)1996 Wild Bill's Machine Gun Shop and House of Wax.

Cops have bigger guns.

DANGER! DANGER! Gun Store Ahead, Hide Wallet!!

Don't ban guns. Ban postal workers.

Don't drink. You might shoot at tax collectors and miss.

Don't judge a man only by the caliber of his gun.

Don't laugh, my other auto is a 9mm!

Don't make me break out the clown mask and the high-powered rifle.

Don't shoot til you see the tape on their badges!

Don't shoot til you're sure you're not on the same side!

Don't try to scare an armed man. Success will get you a tombstone.

"Double tap" has nothing to do with draft beer or dancing.

Even Gays with guns don't get bashed!

Every time they mention gun ban bills, I buy more guns.

Excuse me pardner, while I clean my assault rifle...

Eyes open, mouth shut, safety off.

Famous last words: "Is that a gun Yoko?" - John Lennon

Fastest Gun In The West: Everett DeReady

Fatal stupidity with firearms is Darwinism at work.

FIRE!! BANG!! OOUUUCH!!!!! Whoops!  Is anyone down range?

Firearms are for hunting... tyrants.

Firepower is a frame of mind, and a full magazine.

Follow thy loading instructions lest thy breach rise up and smite thee

Forgive us for shooting those who trespass against us.

Formal wedding;  White shotguns...present arms!

Four boxes keep us free: [1] Soap  [2] Ballot  [3] Jury  [4] Ammo!


Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate in a pile outside.

Freeze!   Assume the Ctl-Alt-Del position.

Full Auto - When you don't have time to aim each shot.

gang of 12 year-old Boy Scouts armed with semi-auto assault bb guns...

G=Guns PG=Plenty of Guns PG-13=Over 12 Guns R=aRsenal NC-17= ONE Hole!

S&W LadySmith:  The ultimate in feminine protection.

Save pennies. Make your own bullets!

Secondhand Smoke is most dangerous when it comes from a gun.

Send lawyers, guns and money. -- Warren Zevon

Send lawyers, guns & money, the shit has hit the fan!

"Sex is like a gun.  You aim, you shoot, then run."  - Aerosmith

She wanted a fur coat so he got her a trap and a gun.

"SHOTGUN WEDDING"  .. A case of "wife" or "death"!

Shoot low, boys, they're riding shetlands!

Shooting someone with a small caliber is downright disrespectful.

Since they banned teflon bullets, I use spray-on Pam.

Skeet shooters do it 25 times in 8 positions.

Smith & Wesson - My Two Best Friends

Smith & Wesson - the ORIGINAL point-and-click interface!

SOLDIERS do it with a machine guns.

So many Jerks, so few bullets!

........ So many targets.......... And so little time.........

Some men are alive simply because it's against the law to kill them!

Somehow I don't feel like killing anymore...

Sometimes I miss my ex...then I reload.

So what if you who karate!  I know Gun-Fu!

Speak softly, and carry an Autoloader.....

Speaking without thinking is like shooting without taking aim.

Squirt guns don't squirt people.  .  .  kids do.

Take away our guns and we'll fight tyranny with rocks.

Take your powder, take your gun, report to General Washington!

That which does not kill me had better be able to run away damn fast.

The family that shoots together -- shouldn't be messed with!

The founding fathers intended us to have AK-47s.

The government took my guns, I'm safer now, Thanks Fuhrer!

The light at the end of the tunnel is a muzzle flash.

The prototype of all guns was a bow and bullet.

The things that you see when you don't have a gun...

The ultimate Turn on.  When they shoot at you.. and miss!

There aren't enough guns in the world to make socialism work.

These boxes keep us free: ballot, jury, soap and cartridge.

They can have my gun when they pry it from my cold dead fingers.

They can have my guns...158 grains at a time!

They're not assault weapons--they're civilian defense arms.

Things in this room do not react well to bullets.

Think guns cause murder?  Why not at shooting ranges?

This computer is protected by a 357 Magnum. You guess what key !

This country was FOUNDED by religious nuts with guns!

Those who beat their guns into plowshares'll plow for those who don't.

Those Who Live By the Sword get Shot by Those Who Don't.


Trespassers will be shot, survivors will be shot again!

Trust a government which won't trust me with a firearm?

Try to take our firearms and we will take your life.

Turned in all my guns and got an autographed picture of Jane Fonda!!

TX Driving: To change lanes, first pull out your .357...

Unknown to the Wicked Witch, the squirt gun was loaded.

You scream!  I scream! We all scream for M-16!

You sick puppy! It's time for your shot...like the one Old Yeller got!

Want my ammunition?  You can have them one bullet at a time.

Want my guns?  Come into range and get them!

Watch out!  He's got a pun, and he's not afraid to use it.

Warning! Driver carries no more than $50 worth of ammunition.

"Wasting Areoflot Planes with BB Guns" - Nelson

We aim to please and shoot to kill!

We must treat a firearm's power with caution.  

We should forgive our enemies--after they've been taken out and shot!

We were meant to be armed, the Lord gave us a trigger finger!

We're not hunting ducks... we're hunting tyrants.

Well, I'll Be A Gun Of A Fish...

Well, let me just say this... **I'm NOT giving my guns up!**

Whadja expect? This was a country founded by religious nuts with guns.

What manner of wand that, which spitteth iron pellets?" <**BANG**>

What this country needs is "kinder, gentler" assault rifles.

What's got 500 balls and screws rabbits?  A shotgun!

What's our secret ingredient?  A free man and his rifle.

What will you do when they come for your NEIGHBOR'S guns?

When guns are outlawed, how'll we kill liberals?

When guns are outlawed, Outlaws will overthrow the government.

When governments fall, people like me are lined up & shot.

When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun...

When in doubt, EMPTY THE CLIP!!

When lunatics impose gun control, only lunatics will have guns.

When they come for your guns, give them the bullets first.

Without a gun, the flag you're waving may as well be white!

Yes, that is an SKS, and I AM happy to see you.

You don't shoot to kill, you shoot to live.

"You have PMS and a Handgun? I'll go quietly."  - Smart guy

You live with the statistics... I'll live with a .45!!

You may be redneck if you have a gunrack on your bicycle.

You may be redneck if you keep a pellet gun by the front door.

You mean you took a *shotgun* to a UFO sighting?

"You might have your principles, but I have a gun...I win"

You never need a gun until you need one badly.

Your honor, I shot him because he waved with too few fingers.

Baseball, Hotdogs, Apple pie, NRA!

Before we met I was angry. Together we're a movement!

For every person that speaks up, there are 1000 that don't.  We COUNT!

Hello CitiBank? You support gun control? My cut up card is in the mail.

I'm the NRA, militia, a voter, and pissed off!

I'm with the NRA, and if I can't vote twice, I'll shoot you.

I'm the NRA, and I don't JUST vote...

Join the NRA or GOA or SAF or CCRKBA or..? Join and make a difference!

My computer is even faster then Paul Revere's horse.

Never say "I'm game" at an NRA meeting!

Now is the time for YOU to join the NRA. 1-800-352-4NRA

NRA Headquarters:Check jackboots at door before entering.

NRA INSTRUCTORS: Teaching gun control the RIGHT way...

Paul Revere'd the Right to Bear Arms.  How about you?

Paul Revere Net - But now it's not the British we have to worry about.

Paul Revere Net - Because the Gun-grabbers are coming!

PRNet: Lurker-friendly! Questions? We got answers! Or we'll get 'em!


The New NRA...A Granny with a GUN soon puts Liberals on the run!!


"...a civilized nation has full gun registration." - Adolph Hitler

A free people ought...to be armed... George Washington

Armed Women = Polite Men. - Charles Curley

Attorney General Reno didn't know what SWAT stands for.

Bill and Al's Bogus Adventure: Gun Control!

Bill Clinton's favorite vegetable: James Brady

Bottom line: Sarah Brady & HCI wants ALL firearms banned.

"But I don't WANT to defend myself . . . " - Brady law supporter.

Charles Schumer: A DNA sequencing error between a dinosaur and a Slug.

Charles Schumer is an example of why some animals eat their young.

Charles Schumer is the wreckage from an accident his parents had!

Charles Schumer's little black book contains only names ending in 'MD'

Charles Schumer for N.Y. Governor! Get him out of our House!

Charles Schumer still alive?  Proof that gun owners aren't violent.

Charles Schumer's oily comb should be declared an EPA hazard!

Charles Schumer's soul is an overflowing dung heap.

Child's Play 5--with Chuckie Schumer as the evil doll after your guns!

Clinton at a war memorial? Like Chuck Schumer giving shooting lessons.

Clinton is a real big gun...of small caliber and immense bore.

Clinton, is good at grabbing women, & guns...nothing else.

Clinton *is* helping the economy: Gun & ammo sales are UP!

Clinton's hair turned nearly white, when he saw Reno in the light!!

Does Janet Reno care if children smoke?

Does Lorena Bobbit have a license for every knife she owns?!

Don't you dare forget your history...T. Nugent

Due to bad association, Reno, NV is changing it's name.

every man be armed. Everyone who is able may have a gun. - P.Henry

Every man, woman, and child should own a gun. - Rush Limbaugh

"Free men have arms; slaves do not." - Wm. Blackstone

G. Gordon Liddy: "Headshots. Headshots. Kill the sons of bitches."

Gimme $50 or I'll tell Janet Reno you're a cult member.

God created man, Colonel Colt made them equal!

"Government's a disease masquerading as its own cure." - L. Neil Smith

"Gun registration is not enough." -Att'y Gen. Janet Reno, AP 12/10/93

Guns don't kill, Ted Kennedy's car does!

Has anyone seen Janet Reno lately?... Have you looked under my tires?

He who hesitates, meditates in a horizontal position.-Ed Parker

"Hell,I don't want Klinton and Schumer here either" - Satan

Hello Bill Clinton, I'm your surgeon, and I'm an NRA member...

Hey Janet Reno, Branch Dividians are in the White House!

Hey Sarah Brady!  Kiss my SKS!!

Hitler thought private gun ownership was a problem too.

Horrid mischief would occur...deprived of the use of arms. - Paine

I am amazed Charles Schumer's knuckles don't bleed when he walks.

I hope they name something new after Charles Schumer: a disease!

I am Janet Reno of Borg.  You will be incinerated.

"I represent Angry Gun-Toting Meat-Eating People!" - Denis Leary

I support capital punishment.  Let's start with Janet Reno!

I wouldn't spit in Schumer's mouth if his guts were on fire.

If birth control doesn't work, there's always the Janet Reno foldout!

If bull$hit was music, Charles Schumer would be a brass band!

If Charles Schumer only said what he THOUGHT, he'd be speechless.

If G. Washington grabbed guns like Clinton, where would we be now??!!

If Ron or Nicole had a gun, would O.J. have needed a trial?

If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he'd puke on Sarah Brady!!

I'll give up my guns when the Pope's wife takes the pill!!

In "Ted's World" the bad guy gets killed. - Ted Nugent (R&R gun lover)

In Ted's World the bad guy gets killed. - Ted Nugent, NRA Rep.

It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong. - D. Koresh

"I take full responsibility" means "Don't blame me." J. Reno

James Brady = Predator 3 -- he attacks if you have a gun

Janet Reno: Chief meter maid of Clinton's D.C. Loon Platoon.

Janet Reno doesn't have enough qualifications to be a meter maid.

Janet Reno: Himmler in a skirt, except Himmler had better legs.

Janet Reno is "Big Sister!"

Janet Reno is a SCUD, all the PATRIOTS are out to get her.

Janet Reno-Williams -- "The Destroyer"

Liberty is NOT the highest value. -- Mike Beard, CPHV

Love cannot be taught to an attacking assailant. -- Ed Parker of Kempo

Mars Needs Women! (But they're willing to settle for Janet Reno.)

May the fleas of a thousand camels infest Janet Reno's crotch!

Mommy, if Janet Reno can start fires, why can't I?

My gun has killed less people than Ted Kennedy's car!!

NEWS FLASH! Sarah Brady decapitated in dungbeetle attack!

No free man shall ever be barred the use of arms - Jefferson

Notice to HCI: No gun *EVER* pulled its own trigger!!!

NRA Life Member JFK was shot by ACLU Member L.H. Oswald!

Nice tank, Janet!  Is there a raid on civilians tonight?

One Gun, One Bullet, One Foot...Schumer with a gun...

"One man with a gun can control 100 without one." - Lenin

One who is truly skilled avoids being hit as much as possible-E.Parker

Only the dead have no need of self defense. - Charles Curley

"Our goal is to not allow anybody to buy a handgun." - M. Beard, CPGV

Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun - Mao Tse-tung

Posted by Citizens Committee to Horsewhip Charles Schumer

President of the Nat'l. Water Gun Association, Wayne La Perrier.

Proof that gunowners aren't violent...Charles Schumer is still alive.

Reno, NV renamed to Dogpoop, NV for better reputation.

RENO & POTTS, sitting in a tree, G A S S I N G.

Reno's not 2-faced, if so, why would she wear the ugly one every day?

Rep. Dingle calls them as he sees them: "Jack-booted American Fascist"

Rerun the Strausburg Trials using HCI members!

Sarah Brady...because sometimes Ipecac isn't enough.

Sarah Brady in see-through cammies...fool-proof birth control!

Sarah Brady is as useless as windshield wipers on a duck's a$$.

Sarah Brady is to guns as Tipper Gore is to rock music.

Sarah Brady:  The woman of Hitler's dreams.

Sarah Brady! Up Saturn! Up Jupiter! Up Uranus!

Sarah Brady's father had sex with a plant and raised a blooming idiot!

Sarah MUST be an only child.  NOBODY's so horny to risk having two!

"Schumer leads a rich fantasy life!" - Rep. Newt Gingrich

Schumer Name-game! Chuck, Chuck, Bo Buck, Banana Fana, Fo F-...whoops!

SCHUMER: Satan's Charles Has Undermined My Earthly Rights

Schumer Syndrome: Unatural fear of armed law-abiding citizens.

Schumer was such a sleazy child his bath toys were a toaster & radio.

Schumer's not a vulture...more like something a vulture would eat.

Schumer's surgeon must be great!  The lobotomy scars hardly show...

Send Sarah Brady for a ride with Ted Kennedy.

"Shake & Bake", Janet Reno's recipe a la Waco.

SHAKES the CLOWN 2 with Janet Reno as Shakes & Chuck Schumer as Clown.

So what's Hertz charging for "good rental tanks" Janet?

Someone turn the key off...Schumer's mouth is still running.

The 1st country Hitler conquered ... was Germany with gun control.

The Davidians Door is stored beside JFK's brain.

The Doctors should have thrown Schumer out and kept the afterbirth.

The gun Clinton went duck hunting with would be banned.

They want to disarm you - refuse to be disarmed! - Liddy

Turns out Clinton DOES want to take away our guns.

WACO - The BATF's reply to Patrick Henry.

"We can make safer guns: safer bullets" - J. Elders.

Welcome to hell, meet Sarah Brady, your case worker.

When firearms go, all goes - we need them every hour. - Washington

When guns are outlawed, Janet Reno will still have tanks!

When Schumer was born the doctor slapped his mother.

Where can I get a celebrity hunting licence like O.J. has?

You can't spell "HypoCrIte" without HCI!!!

"You gave me Schumers, I asked for Trojans."

"You'll work harder with a gun in your back" - J. Biafra

* <- Official Tagger's Deadly Ninja Throwing NerfStar.

A LAW rocket beats four Aces!

and there I was--armed with a "cop-killer" potato-peeler...

and things that go bang in the night...

Anyone who gets in my way gets a napalm enema!

Best way to a man's heart...crack the 3rd and 4th rib...

Bombs don't kill people.  Explosions kill people!

Clip-clop..clip-clop....Clip-clop... (Amish drive-by shunning)

Cold steel and hand grenades: how God MEANT man to fight!!

Excuse me, while I change into something more formidable.

FACT: A liberal will blink when struck with a hammer.

Famous Last Words #20: "Then we just clip this little wire here..."

Fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.

Feminine Protection?  A chartreuse flamethrower?

Forget patience! I'm gonna kill something...

"Ginsu _MY_ASS_!"  - Lightsabre Corp.'s Logo

Grenades, ammo, flak jacket....ok, I'm ready to post.

Happiness is a warm phaser.

Heck, even Jello can be violent in the wrong hands...


Here is my fist, please run towards it very fast.

HEY!  I thought it was my turn to fire the missles!?!

How do I set my laser printer to stun???

I have come here to kick ascii.

I know karate, kung-fu, and 47 other dangerous words.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

If guns are outlawed, can we use swords??

If you can't speak softly, just use the stick.

I'm going to the post office. Anyone seen my Kevlar vest?

In a pinch a stone ax still works......

It went *ZAP* when it fired.

It's a chain saw. I always carry one for emergencies.

It's a hockey stick. I always carry one for emergencies.

I've come to kick @$$ and chew bubble gum! I'm all out of bubble gum.

I've turned my Laserjet into a death ray!

Just because I have this chainsaw, doesn't mean I did it ...

Let's get some beer and dynamite and go fishing.

Knife, schmife!  I want a Swiss Army CHAINSAW!!

More nukes, less kooks!

Nice tagline there...  Too bad if something were to *happen* to it...

Nobody ever forgets where they buried the hatchet.

Nuke 'em til they glow, then shoot 'em in the dark!

Peaceful Coexistence my Fantail!  Phasers on Maximum!

Phasers don't kill people...Unless you set them too high.

Phasers on "Blow the crap out of 'em!"... FIRE!

Please excuse me while I recharge my flamethrower...

Real men don't set for Stun!!

So many liberals... too few flame-throwers...


Superior firepower is invaluable when negotiations start.

Support your local politicians.  Use a strong tree limb.

Survival tip 3, what you lack in numbers, make up with firepower.

Switch blade laws stop stabbings too...uh huh...

The Light at the End of the Tunnel Could be a flame thrower!

The most dangerous weapons in homes?  The TV sets!

The way to a man's heart is with a broadsword.

There are no dangerous weapons, only dangerous men.

There are 2 types of people:  Weasels and Weasel-Slappers!

There is no Power like Firepower.

There's nothing a concentrated phaser blast can't solve.

Those who live by the sword KILL those who don't.

We have phasers; I vote we blast 'em!

Well, whip me gently with a chainsaw!

What this country needs is a good 5 dollar plasma weapon.

Whips don't torture people, people tor...well, you get the idea...

Gun Show = Income Dispersal Center.

I carry a pistol because my AK-47 won't fit in my purse.

64,999,999 Firearms Owners Killed Nodody Yesterday

RKBA Prescription-Take 2 assault rifles and you won't need to call me.

Warning: Driver only carries 20 rounds in spare clip.

Feds dress like Ninjas?  Sure, Ninjas were just paid assassins anyway.

You're a cultist if you believe in the Second Coming of Christ. -Reno

You're a cultist if you have a strong belief in the Bible. -Janet Reno

You're a cultist if you have a strong belief in the 2nd Amendment.Reno

You're a cultist if you distrust Big Government. -Janet Reno

You're a cultist if you donate often to a Christian cause.-Janet Reno

Better to be caught with it than caught without it.

I do keep my powder dry...it's my brain that's wet!

What Internet porn?  It's just Gun Smut...

Shoot a game of Golf?  Sure! Er, are quail loads good for golf?

Santa Anna raided the Alamo:Santa Clintonanna raided Waco!

Better to hit with a .223 than miss with a .308.

Dial 911 and scream and bleed and die while waiting for the cops...

Dial 911 and die waiting for a cop.  Dial .357 and the criminal does.

The right to arms is freedom's insurance policy.

One brick at a time, with a gun handy to guard the worksite.

Annoy a gun-grabber: recite facts!

Bury your guns if you have to, but don't give them up!

Buy one gun a month and piss off a Liberal...

Can Janet Reno's FBI budget be considered "matching funds."

Citizens owning guns are governed; all others are ruled.

Crime Control: 45ACP.  Crime Control Lite: 9mm +P

Crime should be dealt with by armed citizens.

David won 'cause Goliath took a knife to a gunfight!

Defended by the letters C,O,L & T, and the numbers 4 & 5.

Disarmed and ill-informed?  Your government likes you that way.

Does she or doesn't she? Only her armorer knows for sure!

Don't mess with hillbillies that own high powered rifles.

Ever see an anti with a "no guns" sticker on his house?

Excuse me Mr. Criminal while I take this $%#! lock off my gun!

Fear the man with only one gun.

First the SECOND; second the FIRST; then the rest...

For real feminine protection, try a firearm.

Feminine protection is a 9mm LadySmith.

Good Lord!  It's a cookbook! --(FBI manual)

Goliath would have won if there'd been "sling control".

Gun Control is 1/4 MOA or better.

Gun owners are `special', like the Jews in Nazi Germany!

Guns = Power and the government demands a monopoly.

HCI doesn't need accurate numbers -- just a "gosh" number.

Hey Sarah!  I'm the Gun Lobby!!! 

Hunt WITH your kids, not for them.

I got a gun for my husband... Darned good trade, huh?!

I not only campaign, I post on computer networks!

I waive immunity and claim my right -- I go armed. -- RAH

If at first you don't succeed, kill witnesses and burn site.(BATF)

If gun control's so good, why do its advocates lie?

If we ban cars, people won't die on the freeways.

If you can't trust me with a gun why trust me with a car?

If you own a gun, you should belong to the NRA.

I'll control my OWN guns, thank you.

I'm a burglar's worst nightmare -- an armed citizen!

I'm the NRA and I vote, campaign and post on BBS nets.

Koresh wasn't Christ, but the government isn't GOD, either!

Live by the sword, die by the sling!

Live with fear and danger?  Leave her and go hunting today.

Luke 22:36 "...he who has no sword, sell his robe to buy one."

Most criminals should be dealt with by armed citizens!

"Nobody needs a gun like that!" he said, surrounded by body guards.

Nothing will preserve liberty but downright force.--P.Henry

Slaves are not allowed to own guns.

Silver and gold have I none, but hot lead give I thee.

Travelling unarmed is like boating without a life jacket.

Do something political now or forever lose your piece

64,999,999 Firearms Owners Killed Nobody Yesterday

... can't we... can't we all just get a long gun?"

Blessed be the pessimist for he carries extra ammo.

I still miss my ex but my aim is getting better.

It's not mugging, it's coercive solicitiation of funds.

"Dear God,  They have Weapons!" - SS trooper, Warsaw, 1942

One if by land, two if by sea and .357 if through the window!

We must live UNITED lest we die IGNITED!

... "Without the sword, the law is only words."

If used properly, a bat makes a great assault weapon.


Bayonettes are just EVIL ... We must reduce drive-by stabbings!

An equal opportunity flamethrower.

"Arrow??  What arrow!?!?"  }}}}------------->   THUNK!!!!!

DANGER! DANGER! Gun Store Ahead, Hide Wallet!!

Don't try to scare an armed man. Success will get you a tombstone.

"Don't shoot, I'll drop my gun," the criminal said disarmingly.

"I represent Angry Gun-Toting Meat-Eating People!"

I'll huff, and I'll puff, and ... Nahh, I'll just call the BATF!

When all your weapons fail...bite them!

Liberals say: Give us more money, and we'll protect you better.

Problem with shooting skeet, cleaning and cooking them!

I don't dial 911,  I dial 357!

Sleep warm, love well, and carry a big stick.

To disarm detonator, cut the red wire.  But first, cut the blue one.

Vermont:  State with lowest crime rate & no gun laws.

New York, where they've legalized shootings...

The Company loves misery.

There is no such thing, as limited infringement.

If 50 million people do a stupid thing, it's still stupid.

HUNTERS do it with a bang.   

GESTAPO: Government Enforcement Streamlined To Assist Police Officials

You tell 'em Hunter, I'm game.

We Speaketh, And Ye Shall LISTEN! -- NRA

Limited Infringement..like being a little bit pregnant.It IS or ISN'T!

GUNSHOWS - that's where you'll find real Patriots!

The Terror(ist) Bill - Janet Reno's 007 License has been renewed!

What in some is called liberty, in others is called license.

I'd rather hit with a 9mm than miss with a .45!

A good sense of humor is your best weapon.

A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

15 cents of every stamp is for ammo.

And yet another victory for Truth, Justice, and Automatic Weapons.

Blow your mind - smoke gun powder.

Bubba's Gun Shop.  Discounts for Post Office Employees.

I still miss my ex-husband...but with this new laser site ...

Honk if you've never seen an Uzi fired from a car window.

If free speech includes topless dancing, why not carrying handguns?

Will Work For Ammo.

Send lawyers, guns, and money!

Gunfighting Rule #1 - You must have a gun.

Guns don't kill people, it's the bullets. Guns get them going faster.

Safe sex is wearing your .45 to bed.

Law of Combat:  Automatic weapons - aren't.

Musical Gunfighters: The Okay Chorale

The best defense is to stay out of range.

A sucking chest wound is natures way of telling you to slow down.

Yes, this is a gun and I'm NOT glad to see you!

Your superior intellect is no match for our puny weapons.

"A right DELAYED is a right DENIED." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

All who love liberty are enemies of the state.

Enslavement is like old age, it creeps up on you.

If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

Is YOUR church BATF approved?

Just because they have uniforms doesn't mean they're sane.

Pre-emptive laws are the hallmark of tyranny.

Life is anything that dies when you shoot it!

The 2nd Amendment arms patriots, not sportsmen!

Who are these people, and why do they want my guns?

Better to "gun-proof" kids than to "kid-proof" guns

You want me to debate Charles Schumer?  Sorry,I only debate humans.

Is Janet Reno really the best man for the job?

Save me from people who would save me from myself!

Better to hit with a Buick than to miss with a Peterbilt...

Elmer Fudd was a better shotgunner than Bill Clinton.

Charles Schumer: Too big for his britches...too small for his inseam.

But if we LEGALIZE it, we can't take your HOUSE!  

KNOCK KNOCK!! "BATF! Open up or we'll shoot your children!"

I'm thinking of going metric...I'll start with 9mm...

Schumer dies..they give him an enema..they can bury him in a shoebox.

SPSSS - Society to Promote Schumer as Synonym for $h|thead!

Pretend you're a mugger, @fn@. I wanna try something.

Concealed Weapon: the one your wife doesn't know you bought yet...

Load thine own ammo, and shootest thou none other...