Files and Software

Reloading - zip file on reloading ammo.

Bullet Holes - a cute little freeware program that lets you "shoot" holes in your screen with your mouse, escape drops you out of it.

Shotgun - wav file of a shotgun shell being racked. It's great to use in Windows under the "load file" sound setting.

Ricochet1 - wav file of a long rifle ricochet.

Ricochet2 - wav file of a quick rifle ricochet.

Tommygun - wav file of a rat-a-tat-tat.

Firearms Icons- zip file of gun icons I've collected.

Animated Weapon Cursors - get rid of those silly hourglasses. Here are some guns, scopes, crosshairs and various other weapon related cursors.

Weapon Sounds - 23 sounds I've collected in a 357K zip file. From a cannon and explosions, to shotguns, rifles, and a pistol.