What I Believe...

The United States Constitution is (or at least, it is SUPPOSED to be) the absolute law of the land. Any laws, rules, or regulations that conflict with the Constitution are illegal, immoral and/or unethical. We have too many lawyers, making too many "laws", making too much money for themselves and their friends.

You don't have to be a Christian to agree the Ten Commandments are about as good as it gets toward advocating good behavior without infringing on individual freedom. Liberals hate this because it is just too simple, and would put thousands of lawyers out of work.

This is the REPUBLIC of the United States of America, not the FEDERAL United States. Federalism limits individual freedom.

We should repeal ALL national gun laws. Criminals do not follow laws, and the rest of us abide by them already. We have a God-given (not government given) right to protect ourselves, our families, our friends. Gun laws only serve to make future victims of law-abiding citizens.

The death penalty is the only effect and fair way to deal with murders. The Commandment is "Thou shall not murder" not "Thou shall not kill."
Citizens should be allowed to have the option of carrying firearms to ward off potential murderers. Failing this, murderers should be killed as soon as possible after the trial. None of this appeal after appeal nonsense that only benefits lawyers.

Animals are not "people". They are not our equals. They are here for whatever use we see fit, be it food, fur or friend. Wasting animals is a shame, but it certainly isn't a sin, and shouldn't be a crime.

Feminism is just about the worst thing to happen to women since the snake in the Garden of Eden. I LIKE being a woman, and I like men to be men. Relationships between men and women are confusing enough these days without NOW's lesbians trying to blur the lines between the sexes. Man bashing is just plain SEXIST!

The IRS is a rogue agency that needs to be completely overhauled, if not abolished. Our tax system is VOLUNTARY, but you'd never know it, as the IRS has been allowed to terrorize us, confiscate property, or even put us in jail for not paying this VOLUNTARY tax! In order to pay for the essentials (not privileges) the flat tax is about the only fair way.

Taxes should be mainly used for defense. Education, Medicare, and federal land care are not rights, but PRIVILEGES, and should all be privatized. Social Security has to be privatized if it's to be saved at all. Charities should be put back in the hands of the people...and they will handle it just fine (as they used to) if they aren't being sucked dry by high taxes and constantly being convinced that the government "will take care of it".

We should withdraw from the United Nations and all other globalist groups. The UN has been run by communists/socialists from its inception. (Look it up if you don't believe me.) Being the world's police is not our job. We should also put an end to all foreign aid.

We should repeal the minimum wage and re-establish the right of individuals to freely enter commercial and employment agreements without interference from Washington. Small businesses are a part of what made America great. They need to be encouraged, not to have taxes and regulations choke the life out of them.

There should be NO quotas or preferential treatment of any kind in any area. Affirmative action is extremely racist.

Women have no business in ANY occupation that requires the lowering of requirements so they can get in. If they CAN pass the tests and/or requirements, okay, they've earned it. But no matter what, I still believe women have no business in combat, or even training with the men. It causes a distraction at the least, and is a waste of tax-payers' money.

Homosexuality is not a disease. It is just plain WRONG!

Alcohol and drug use are not diseases. They are moral life decisions. It's no one's business what adults do to themselves as long as they don't harm another in the process. No government (especially one as morally bankrupt as ours) has any business legislating morality. Confiscation laws are just "legal" theft.

We should end limits on federal campaign spending (a limit on any kind of donation is an infringement on free speech). Enforce bans on foreign contributions and require full disclosure of political contributions.

We should end all federal disaster relief without an act of Congress.

We should appeal all presidential directives and executive orders

We should eliminate all government subsidies - direct or indirect -- to individuals or corporations.

We should abolish the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife, the Federal Emergency Management Administration, and the Federal Communication Commission.

The NEA and Public Broadcasting should not be subsidized by the federal government. If the people want them, they WILL pay for them. If they don't want them, it's a waste of money. I am an artist, but I still think it's wrong for tax dollars to pay for "art"...ANY art! Obscenity really isn't the issue, although paying for it does makes it even more insulting.

...These are my opinions,  and I'm stickin' to 'em.