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Kia ora, howdy and welcome y'all to my web site! You are visitor number since the 9th of March, 1996.

I am an expatriate New Zealander now resident (legally) in Dallas, Texas, USA, (home of "da Boys"). I would like my website to be of particular interest to other global travellers who moved overseas for the "big O.E." (overseas experience)(just about anywhere is overseas to New Zealanders) and never made it home again. Perhaps some of you ended up settling in your adopted country as we did, or just kept on travelling. So, for those displaced persons living "abroad", people interested in relocating, global travellers, or just the insatiably curious, I offer my humble pages for your inspection, criticism, and suggestions. All would be welcome.

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Globe The new meeting place on the net - Expatriate "O.E." (overseas experience) Forum where people just like you can meet each other, access each others' websites, and present personal perspectives about living in different countries. You don't have to be an expatriate to list your URL, just interesting and openminded. I will add a short description of your site if you provide me with details. Just e-mail me!!!

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