cdcoverbig.jpg (28511 bytes) Paper Cut

Dangerous Beauty (Ode to Michelle)
Paper Cut In My Eye
Filter Packets
Love Cubed
Flame Me
She Doesn't Do It
Morracon Wedding Song
Waif of the Laugh



All songs Written by Ibox

David Haberschon
Craig Norom
Timothee Duggerly
Roy "Hambone" Malone

1998 Intermittant Records
All songs published by Tomorrows World
Producing, Programming, Mixing and Mastering by "Hop Hip" Sewnottus
Executive Produced by Reginald Ringwald III

Recorded at The Echo Chamber, Forney TX, Mid-1997

* Recorded in Craigs Apartment
Mansfield, TX, Early-1995

Recorded live at Club CooCoo, Tulsa, Ok, 1997

Photography by Reed Roberts
Layout and Design by Roy and Bubba

Extra Musicians:
Bob Randall - Xylophone
Dimpy Stewart - Tamborine
Allison Beal - Harmony Vocals
Craig's Mom - Dishwasher