All songs Written by Broose Dickinson
1 and 10 co-written with Chicky

1997 Carpe Diem Records
All songs published by Symposium Arts
Producing, Programming, Mixing and Mastering by Charles Reeves
Executive Produced by Alan G. Restrepo

1,2,3,6,15 Recorded at Chicky World Service, Austin Tx, Mid-1996

4,5,7,9,10,11,12,13 Recorded at the Hotel New Yorker
(15 Floor Collective) New York, NY, Early-1997

8 Recorded live at Club Dada, Dallas, Tx, very late-1996

Photography by Mark Trew
Layout and Design by Broose and Alan G. Restrepo

Musicians: Broose sings and plays most of the guitars and
various other stuff. Chicky plays keys and does some other
stuff. Jed Newcomb plays lead guitar on 1.
Scott Sasser plays drums and Rich Brotherton plays
lead guitar on 2. Mike Byrd plays bass on 2 and 3.
Jon Dee Graham plays slide on 6. John Scully plays
percussion, Owen Kinser plays bass and Brad McLemore
plays lead guitar on 8. Owen Kinser sings background
and plays bass on 9.