I am 45, married, former U.S.Marine, with two children. We share our house with two cats who believe it belongs to them. I like anything that goes fast and have tried most things that do.

I raced motocross in Texas for 10 years with mixed results. Falling off or crashing apparently doesn't win style points. If I owned a car that went faster or handled better, I'm sure I'd be dead by now. My wife indulges me, but has to occasionally (ok,all the time really) reminds me that I am no longer the kid. She's correct of course.

My most recently discovered love is skydiving. I've been at it about four years and find it to be everything anyone could want in a sport. The people and the comradarie are the best. I jumped successfully until the 8th of October 1995 when I hooked in (see QT movie) after videotaping a tandem. Yes, the earth is incredibly hard! You make 602 good landings and the one your friends talk about is your unsuccessful 603rd. I've made 65 jumps since my accident and did ok. I even competed with the tenway team Subconscious, (We placed 3rd). I'm looking forward to getting back in the air full time after my orthapedist finishes with his surgeries, (I think I've paid for his summer house in the Bahamas).