Friends of Bluche

  "Friends of Bluche" is an association of alumni, teachers and friends of the Swiss boarding school, Ecole des Roches. The international school existed from 1955 until 1985, at which time a fire broke out in the boys' dormitory destroying major portions of the school and most of the school records. After this unfortunate incident, the owner of the school decided to rebuild it as a hotel management school.
  "Friends of Bluche" currently has 300 active members. The association of former students and friends is publishing a newsletter and organizing a reunion. Since 300 is a small fraction of the 3000 students, teachers and friends who were associated with the international school during its thirty year existence, they are trying to locate additional members.
  Students who attended Ecole des Roches came from a wide diversity of backgrounds. Their parents were often with the State Department and other US government agencies, oil companies in the Middle East, and businessmen from a variety of countries. They are most interested in tracking anyone down. If any of you have friends, acquaintances, or siblings who attended Ecole des Roches/Pres-Fleuris your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated.
Should you have any questions, contact:
Henri Noach, President,
Katy Jackson Cantor, Treasurer,
Kim Campbell, Coordinator Americas,
Martha Fouts, Newsletter,
Les Winslett, Alumni Search/Directory,
(Please note: Ecole des Roches is not to be mistaken with the hotel management school, Les Roches).