Permanent adoption ___ Conditional adoption for period: _____ Foster only _____
Cat's Name ____________Breed/Color_____________ Age_____ days/mos/yrs
Male/Female Today's Date__________
THE ADOPTER(S), __________________________ AGREE (initial each par.):

That if this is a conditional adoption, either party shall have the option to decline permanent adoption for any reason at the end of the conditional period.

To provide fresh water and quality cat food daily, and a litter box that is cleaned daily.

To pay all required pet deposits and allow the original owner to verify that payment.

To notify the original owner ___________________of any problems encountered in the cat fitting into its new home (by people, other pets, or the cat), and to discuss solutions.

That if any problems cannot be resolved, OR if the cat is unhappy in the home for any reason at any time, the original owner has the absolute right to remove the cat and refund the fee.

To keep the cat indoors at all times, and to isolate it from all other pets until adopter is certain that the cat is safe with them, and to protect it from small children.

To always transport the cat in a hard-sided cat carrier at any time it must be taken outside the home.

To timely obtain any shots now due and which become due; to have a kitten spayed/neutered by 4-6 months of age; and to provide written proof of such to the original owner. Also to get recommended shots annually, as well as prompt medical care when needed.

That adopter will never transfer, give, or sell the cat to another individual or organization, but will return it only to the original owner if the adopter cannot keep it for ANY reason. Adopter agrees to never give the cat to any organization that euthanizes.

To notify the original owner if the cat is lost so they may help to find it; and to post notices in vet clinics, the city shelter and other animal shelters, and to place an ad in the newspaper, and to notify FIND-A-PET (Dallas), 214-827-4357.

To keep a flexible or break-away collar on the cat (over age 6 mo.) and ID tag with adopter's name/telephone number, and to check the collar regularly to make sure it fits comfortably. To consider microchipping the pet if not already done.

To allow the original owner to follow-up on the cat (by phone or in person at their option) to assure compliance with this agreement, and that adopter's failure to comply with any provision gives the original owner the absolute right to repossess the cat.

That adopter will not have the cat declawed without discussing it with the original owner, will provide a scratching post for the cat, and will first make a reasonable attempt to train the cat not to scratch furniture.

That adopter relieves the original owner of all liability and responsibility for damage or injury to persons, property, or other animals caused directly or indirectly by the cat, and adopter confirms having been advised of the cat's current health and any known pre-existing conditions, and that adopter is adopting the cat "as is" and agrees that the original owner does not give any warranties, express or implied, of temperament or health of the cat.

Adopter attests that the cat is being adopted as adopter's personal companion pet; that it shall reside with adopter at his/her primary residence; that it shall not be used for any other purpose, including rodent control, religious purposes, sporting purposes, training purposes, medical research, product testing, nor to be sold or donated for such purposes.

MEDICAL: Spayed/Neutered? Y/N If "No", Adopter agrees Spay/Neuter is DUE NOT LATER THAN: ____________________ Adopter's Initial ________.

Vaccinations Received/Copy of Vet Document: ____________________________________________
Vaccinations Due and Dates Due __________________________________________________________

Adoption fee: $ _________ Paid: Date _______ By: Cash__ or Check Nr. ______

ADOPTER(S):  Name(s)__________________________________________________
Address_____________________________City _________State____Zip___________  
All Telephone Nrs (including cell)____________________________________________
Drivers Lic. Nrs.(both) _____________________________State_____Exp.__________ 
Places of Employment (both)_______________________________________________
Work Telephone Nrs.( both)_______________________________________________
E-mail ________________________________________________________________
Reference contact (name/tel. no.)____________________________________________
SIGNATURE(S) AND DATE____________________________________________

ORIGINAL OWNER'S NAME ____________________________________________
Telephone Nrs._________________________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________
SIGNATURE AND DATE______________________________________________

If you want to copy and use this form, do not send it direct to the printer. Best to
highlight the page (use your cursor and drag down entire page to highlight in blue),
then hit "file" and "copy", then go to your notepad or word processor and copy it into
a new document (hit "file" and "paste" and "save"). You can then print it out in the
correct 8-1/2X11 format and look better than it does here.

NOTE: The above form is a SAMPLE ONLY. A responsible Adopter should be willing to agree to its provisions. However, NO LEGAL GUARANTEES ARE MADE BY THE PAGE OWNER AS TO ITS LEGALITY OR ENFORCEABILITY. It is suggested that you check with an attorney for that information before using it.

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