Why "Free to Good Home" Could be a Death Sentence

Free bait to train fighting dogs.

Free bait to train racing dogs.

Free fish bait.

Free reptile food.

Free money from the research lab. (NOTE: This is NOT a myth folks.)

Free sacrifice for satanic rituals (or rituals of other "religious" groups).

Free animal for malicious pranks.

Free animal for some beginning psychopath to torture.

Free animal abandoned to fend for itself and indiscriminately breed other unwanted and neglected animals.

Free "toy" for a child to play with and then to be abandoned because the parents don't want it.

Free to a home which was looking for a "free" animal because they can't afford to pay much and don't realize it costs money to care for an animal. (NOTE: To a home that can't feed it properly, house it properly, or give it proper medical care, including spay/neuter.)

Now you know why rescue groups always charge adoption fees for pets and why they always screen very carefully before adopting. "Free" is all too often seen as "worthless" in the eye of the beholder. People value things which they perceive as worth something, especially money.

PLEASE don't offer your pets FREE to a good home. You are their only hope for a safe, secure, and happy future. PLEASE charge at least what it costs you for any vaccinations given and for spay/neuter. A responsible person will consider this a fair price.

If the pet is not yet fixed, investigate low-cost spay/neuter in your community. See "Low Cost Spay/Neuter" on our main page. You should not adopt an animal out that has not been spayed/neutered.

Require a written ADOPTION CONTRACT to protect the animal. To help in screening possible adopters, use an ADOPTION APPLICATION. Rescue groups use both of these. See our main page for examples of both which you may print out and use, and edit as you like.

NOTE: Volunteers who work endless hours to save pets from the horrors of abuse and homelessness bring this message to you. Thanks to Ahimsa, Inc. (of Texas), 1875 Ottinger Rd., Roanoke, TX 76262-9136, (817) 379-0969, for permission to reproduce the above list (notes were added by page owner).

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