Your Pet Is Lost - What To Do

A collar and tag with your telephone number on your pet is THE NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR in ever finding your pet again. Another safeguard is having a tiny microchip embedded under your pet's skin in the neck area which allows vets, pounds, or research facilities to identify the pet if the collar and tag are lost.

IF YOUR PET IS LOST, YOU MUST TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY! If your pet ends up at the city animal shelter (pound) or SPCA, time is running out fast. IT MAY HAVE ONLY THREE TO FIVE DAYS TO LIVE! Apologies for "yelling" at you, but this is very important!

Put up signs in your neighborhood describing your pet or, better, with a photo (date it).

In Dallas, Texas, call PET TRACK, 972-391-5770.

Also call the following, and then hand-carry a photo to them:

NOTE: Pounds may keep "adoptable" pets a few days more (but don't depend on it). "Adoptable" usually includes animals that are younger, healthy, non-aggressive, or full-breed. A scared animal (most cats) may seem aggressive. An older dog or pet with a health problem (ex: runny eyes or diarrhea) will likely be "put down" right away.

NOTE: SPCAs don't keep animals much longer than a pound, and euthanize animals whether healthy or adoptable within a week or less. This is all animals, including strays and pets that people take to them hoping to find new homes. Don't count on it! (NOTE: If you love your pet, place it yourself or find a NO-KILL shelter in your community Here is a list for the Dallas Metroplex.) The majority of animals in SPCAs are euthanized. (But see The San Francisco SPCA.)

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