No-Kill Shelters - Dallas Metropolitan Area

Legend: *No shelter, works from foster homes; #Animals accepted from municipalities only

NOTE: WHEN YOU CALL ONE OF THESE, ALWAYS VERIFY THAT THEY ARE INDEED A "NO-KILL" SHELTER, AND ASK EXACTLY WHAT THAT MEANS. It may vary and may mean they only contract out euthanizing of animals which are not adopted within a certain period of time. Most of these will have sick or very aggressive animals euthanized, meaning technically there are no true "no-kill" shelters. However, these keep healthy, adoptable animals until adopted. If you have a sick animal, you should first have the animal treated yourself (if a stray) and then it will be adoptable. Many organizations cannot afford to do this.

Also be aware that any of these organizations may be "full" and unable to take another animal. In that case, try to find another no-kill organization or to find it a home yourself. You may be referred somewhere else, even to a city shelter. If they refer you somewhere else, always ask if it is a no-kill shelter or a city shelter where the animal may be euthanized. If you must take an animal somewhere, an SPCA where they attempt to adopt animals out would be better than a city shelter!

NOTE: You can obtain THE SAVE-A-LIFE GUIDE, a book containing the names of all the rescue groups and individuals in the North Texas area (many more than those shown below), by contacting Ahimsa, Inc. (Texas). A link to their website is shown in the last paragraph below. You may also find links to websites of some of these groups on our main page.

Legend: *No shelter, works from foster homes; #Animals accepted from municipalities only

Adoption & Rescue Club - 972-562-4357* Animal Angels - 940-683-8106 Animal Protection Advisory Network (APAN) - 214-528-4935 Animal Rehabilitation Center of Midlothian - 972-723-9409 Animal Rescue League - 972-420-0641* Arlington Humane - 817-467-2511/468-0444 Best Southwest Humane Society - 972-293-4357* Carrollton Humane Society - 972-447-1180*# Companion Pet Rescue - 214-359-1241* Coppell Humane - 972-462-1121*# Denton Humane - 817-382-7387* DFW Humane (Irving Boulevard) - 972-253-3333 Feral Friends Animal Rescue and Assistance - 972-934-0590* Flower Mound Humane Society - 1-888-PETS-TO-GO * Frisco Humane Society - 972-691-PETS (972-691-7387)* Fuzzy Face Pet Rescue (Dogs) - Fort Worth - (Metro) 817-654-3288* Golden Retriever Rescue - Dallas - 214-750-7331 Greyhounds Unlimited - 254-582-0364 HART's Great Dane & Giant Dog Rescue - 817-651-2336 Help for Helpless Animals - 214-381-6781* Homeward Bound - 817-792-5122* Humane Animal RescueTeam/Irving - 214-332-9535*# Humane Society Adoption & Rescue League (ARK) - 972-562-4357 Humane Society of Dallas County (Dog and Kitty City) - 214-350-7387 Humane Society of Lewisville - 972-317-2555 Humane Society of North Texas - 817-332-5367 Humane Society of the U. S. - 972-488-2964 Kittico Cat Rescue - 214-826-6903* North Ellis County Animal Awareness Program (NECAAP), The - 972-878-6674 Operation Kindness - 972-418-7297 Pet Lady Rescue - 817-444-7293* Pet Rescue Society - 817-572-3220 Protective Animal League (PAL) - 817-679-0817 (Arl.) Sachse Pet Pals - 972-495-9645 Shar Pei Rescue - 940-536-1284* ( Siberian Husky Rescue - Dallas - TBA STARS (Save The Animals Rescue Society, Inc.) - 972-459-9181 Texas Cares (rescue for cats and kittens only) - 972-633-2287* Tiny Paws (Orphan Kittens) - 972-226-7478* Town and Country Shelter Rescue - 817-346-4578 Weimeraner Rescue of North Texas - 972-994-3572

1.  Kathy Rogers -  bird rehab - 972-225-4000 (See Rogers Wildlife, Inc. below)
2.  American Union of Homing Pidgeons - 1-800-333-8557 
3.  Second Chance Horses - 214-563-2551 
4.  Heard National Science & Wildlife Sanctuary (Wildlife) - 972-562-5566
5.  Wild Animal Rehabilitation & Rescue of North Texas (Wildlife)- 817-243-0177
6.  Dallas Cage Bird Society/Project Haven (bird rescue) - 972-323-1074
7.  Fort Worth Nature Center and Refuge - 817-237-1111
8.  Ferrets First Rescue and Shelter - 817-596-0558
9.  For Pig's Sake - Adopt A Pig - 972-878-7718
10. Maranatha (birds) - 972-272-7402
11. North Texas Rabbit Sanctuary - 972-205-1881
12. On the Wing Again - 972-842-2805
13. Project Haven (birds) - 972-323-1074
14. Rogers Wildlife, Inc. - 972-225-4000
15. Wild Care - 817-237-8500
16. Wildlife Ministries International, Inc. - 817-921-6795
17. Serenity Springs  Sanctuary (esp. Pot-Bellied Pigs) - 940-964-2318

1.  Spay Neuter Your Pet (SNYP) - 214-349-7697
2.  Emergency Animal Clinic, Dallas (11201 Greenville, just south of I-635),
3.  Animal Connection of Texas  (not a shelter, but for legislative action) - 
      972-373-7867 or 972-373-STOP     (check out this site!)
4.  American Veterinary Medical Association - 312-885-8070 
5.  Dallas County Vetrinary Medical Association -972-669-9237
6.  Texas Veterinary Medical Association - 512-452-4224
7.  American Kennel Club (NY) - 212-696-8200 
8.  Dallas Coalition of Animal Owners - 214-341-8699
9.  TEAR (Texas Establishment for Animal Rights) - 972-623-6170
10. The Queenie Foundation, Inc. (educational programs on protection of animals) -

NOTE: The above numbers were not verified. If you cannot reach a number, check the telephone
book or operator, or with your local veterinarians. Some of these may be the numbers of
individuals where groups work from foster homes. If you cannot contact the group, please
notify me by e-mail. The Save-A-Life Guide mentioned above has many area groups listed,
If you would like to volunteer to help an organization or become a foster home, contact
the organization directly. If you have a group not listed here, please
provide the details to me by e-mail. If you are listed here and wish to be removed or want an error
corrected, please notify me by e-mail. Thanks.

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