Snickers - The Fox Terrier

This is my dog Snickers. She is a toy fox terrier and just turned 2 on July 4th,2000.  I estimate that she only weighs  6-7 pounds and is nearly a foot tall.

Her personality seems to be the same as the more common Jack Russell Terrier and she seems to think she is as big as one too!

This is what is said about a toy fox terrier's personality:

Fun, friendly, feisty and fearless sum them up! Toy Fox Terriers are alert, bold and brave for their size, comical, courageous, curious, energetic, intelligent, loyal, playful, sensitive, spirited, stubborn, and love to please. They train as easily for obedience as for tricks (they have been used as circus dogs) or the show ring and remain playful all their lives. They can be friendly, wary, reserved or even timid with strangers so Must be socialized very young. They can be scrappy with other animals so should be introduced to other household pets (cats included!) at an early age, preferably on neutral territory. Unless trained, they may bark, dig, or chew destructively if left alone too long or too often.   

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