Fox Terrier

Some information about the Toy Fox Terrier Breed:

The Toy Fox Terrier  is a live wire! This sturdy breed was developed in the 1920's and used to hunt rodents. They became UKC registered in 1936. They are quite intelligent and independent thinkers not to mention entertaining to boot.  TFT weighs between 2 and 7 pounds. They are white with black or brown markings. They are good watchdogs and make great playmates; they love children. However, small children may be a bit to rough for them to handle. This breed makes an excellent house dog. Brushing their coat will keep them shiny and healthy looking.  


I have some pictures of Snickers that I took at my house a few days ago. (July 2000). There are also some pictures in my photo album on my web page.


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