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December Sun

Bottle the warmth
of late August sunshine
stow it where no one
will guess

When the midwestern
storm attacks
uncap the bottle--
stay warm
until the thaw.

copyright, 1993

Giovanni Greco
Giovanni Greco's Poem Page

Certain moments

Would that
certain moments
could last forever,
a tune
that pierce your heart,
the sight of a landscape
cliffs and ocean,
a kiss
from the person you love,
blissful moments.
Would that
certain moments
could last

Stan Wotring

Perpetual Garden

A flower may
bloom in different
colors or at
different times.

Variety provides
the beauty. Individuality
suffers for the
sake of the aesthetic.

Accept the moment,
we all die
the same

Emil Sargsyan

Somewhere (far, in another dimension)
I might touch a stem (rising to form a blue flower)
of my dreams (of)
somewhere (in another dimension)
I might feel the crisp wind on my eyes
so free of complications
And you- so pretty like
the flower I touched and the wind I felt.

E. R. Trimble

The Final Bastion

With each and every morning
Comes a gift of borrowed breath,
And solemn reaffirmation
of the cycle of life and death.

Yesterday is a dimming memory,
And tomorrow, a fleeting thought;
Today is a resurrection,
What a dying moment sought.

The mind seeks the future
To raise profound conclusions,
But too old are the shadows,
Too near gnomonic allusions.

This moment is all there is,
A thin rope of falling sand,
A continuum of time and hope
In God's eternal hand.

What is known of supernatural
Is almost nothing, save belief,
Though Faith, Love and Charity
Point beyond this pain and grief.

Nothing's clear about the purpose
For the teeming life on Earth,
-Just survival of the fittest
That comes with every birth.

All the study, all the reason,
For ages and ages, eons old,
Give not a clue, hint or secret
That confirm illusions told.

This moment is all there is,
A thin tope of falling sand,
And fervent prayer to pass from here
To God's eternal land.


A candle was lit when I was born
In a house upon a hill;
My cries of birth were happy sounds
That pierced the night so still.

The candle burned with hot bright flame,
Its rivers of wax ran down;
My arrival settled most quietly
Over the sleeping people in town.

All through the dark, the candle burned,
Shorter and dimmer, its light;
The flame flickered in the molten wax,
But it lit the blackness of night.

Then came the sun and shine of day,
And hurry and scurry about;
The candle that burned so faithfully,
Too short, had flickered out.

And so it is, our lives will shine,
As a glowing candle's wick;
-But life is short and melts away,
Like wax on a candle stick.


I am the Victim

I've walked down
This street.
But I feel like a clown,
Because I'm afraid, a heart beat.
No one...
No where
To run.
Is this the right way?
I'm in dispare
I sweat, I look
Where am I?
I hear the laughter
I prey to God
I hear the running
I fall.
They've got me,
They push me down,
I scream,
But no one's around.
They hit me.
This is not why I came.
It's dark.
Is this a game?
I think not.
I'm tied down
I bleed,
I pleed,
For my life.
Is there an escape?
I see faces
Unknown to me
I feel pain
I see blood
I look up, it's rain.
They abuse me
I ask for freedom
But, that won't do
No, no, that's for them to chose.
I see the blackness hover over me,
Is there a way...
To get free?
Places where are forbidden...
Are now shown
Is there no one,
That'll hear my tone?
My cry for help?
My body is stipped
My soul is played with
"God," I say, "is there way?"
My flesh is ripped.
The crys,
The lies,
What now?
Will I die?
The pain is never ending,
The blood is always flowing
The tears keep going
Is there a reason to live?
Now that I have nothing left
To give?
They've tooken my soul,
And ripped it in two
Can I forget?
WIll they regret?
But now I know
It's over.
I'm there
Still alive
But why?
I'd rather die.

Karin Tang

The Burning Love

My heart is jumping
When I see your sunshine face
My brain is singing
When you call my name
My love is like a volcano
Waiting to explode
I go speechless
When I try to express my burning love for you
I want our love to grow
Now that I know you love me
So that our love would, as a good masterpiece, become immortal

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