The PRO-2004 scanner can be used to receive cellular telephone
conversations. Originally, the scanner was able to receive in this
band, but at the last minute, it was decided to delete cellular
coverage from the PRO-2004.

The procedure to re-instate the cellular band is simple for anyone
with a pair of cutters, and a phillips screw-driver.

1. Remove the four screws from the back of the radio, and slide
off the cover from the chassis.

2. Turn the radio upside down. You will find a metal box-like sub-
chassis in the center of the main chassis. Remove the cover and
you will be looking at the CPU, a 64-pin integrated circuit.

3. Examine the component side of this board, and you will find a row of
diodes and resistors. On one end of the row you will find a diode
labeled D-513.

4. Clip the accessible end of D-513, and pry apart the ends so they
don't touch. You have just restored cellular coverage to you scanner.

5. If D-513 is not there, it may be located on the underside of
the circuit board.

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